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Finally Australia slipped to number 4 in the ICC test ranking and for the first time we have a no1 test team other than Australia. Since the ranking started, Australia has dominated the ODI and Test rankings. Although South Africa has replaced the Australians a few times at the top in this period in the ODI’s and this time they have been at the top for quite some time. But in the test matches such an incidence had never happened. This is the first time Australians have lost their no1 spot and making it worse for them is that they have directly slipped from no1 to no4 position. Now Sri Lanka is no2 and India is no3 and Australia at no4.

Last month Australia slipped to no3 in the ODI rankings as well their lowest ever in this format since the rankings have started. A series loss against England has cost Australia a lot in the Test format now. Well they knew that only a series win could keep them at the top. Now with the Sri Lankans already having a very good series against the New Zealanders the gap between the no2 and no4 can increase. Reaching the no1 spot again looks a bit difficult at the moment but it is always possible for a team like Australia.

I guess the downfall started with the retirement of stalwarts Glen Mcgrath, Shane Warne, Justin Langer and Damien Martyn in the same series. Somehow they managed to keep their position for some time but with the Retirement of Adam Gilchrist and now Matthew Hayden this was sure in the coming. And now the Australian team does not at all look the invincible that it did earlier. India showed the way by defeating Aussies 2-0 at home and then the South Africans beat Australians in Australia, one of the biggest victories for South African cricket. I guess that it will take some time for them to come to the top again, but with a team like Australia nothing is impossible. I hope that India makes it to the top but the road to that spot is not going to be easy as the next series India plays is going to be against the Sri Lankans and then the South Africans, the present no2 and no1 teams. Well I end with wishes to the Indian team and I am also happy that finally we have seen a change at the top of the test rankings.

The current rankings are as follows:

ICC Test Championship
23 Aug 2009

    Team                     Rating

1. South Africa             122
2. Sri Lanka                 119
3. India                       119
4. Australia                 116
5. England                  105
6. Pakistan                  84
7. New Zealand           82
8. West Indies             76
9. Bangladesh             13

ICC ODI Championship
18 Aug 2009

    Team                     Rating

1. South Africa            127
2. India                      126
3. Australia                 119
4. England                  111
5. New Zealand           110
6. Pakistan                 109
7. Sri Lanka                104
8. West Indies              78
9. Bangladesh              55
10. Ireland                  27
11. Zimbabwe             26