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Dravid on completing his 28th Century

In all the news that India saved the test match last week and Sachin Tendulkar crossed 30000 international runs there was another player who achieved a great feat in the same match. He was Rahul Dravid who touched the 11000 run mark in test matches. The fifth player ever and only the second Indian to do so. In this match he went past the 11174 runs tally of Allan Border. He now has 11182 runs and is only behind Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and Ricky Ponting which itself speaks of the heights he has gained in the past decade.

He made his debut in 1996 and in about 13 years he has become the third highest run getter in Test matches. His ODI record is also nothing less where he has amassed 10765 runs. He has generally crossed many milestones very quietly, actually without many people noticing it. And now one can only see him among the top. With the form he has shown in the past two matches 12000 run mark does not look a distant dream. A milestone only Sachin Tendulkar has achieved so far.

He has been the backbone of the Indian team for a long time now, and has truly justified the nickname “Wall” given to him. He has bailed out the team on many occasions, one of the most recent examples being the last test match where India for 30 odd for 4 wickets and then he hit 177 to reach a total of 426. He has also contributed many times in the victories a few examples being his 233 at Adelaide against Australia in 2004 series can never forgotten neither can be his 190 against the same opponents at Kolkata in 2001, where from having a follow on he partnered with VVS Laxman scripted history and one of the most amazing wins of Indian Cricket. The most recent being the second Test match against Sri Lanka where his 144 has helped India register its third biggest win and also its 100th Test match victory.

In the end I would like to salute his contribution to Indian cricket and congratulate him on his recent milestone. Also I hope that he does cross many more and give us many more moments to cherish.

Dravid on his way past Border


Well just when the show script started suggesting that Armaan might come back to the show I came across this article at India forum. Now with a few secrets getting revealed and a few about to be revealed soon, it looks as if the older interns might just be on their way back. For example, now the new interns know that Atul was there in the hospital last year as well and also the mystery about Yuvraj’s brother also coming up which might just come out in a few days or so, this article only brings disappointment to everyone.

“According to the producers, he used to tell his wife Shraddha Nigam before their separation that he was leaving for a 9am shoot but would only reach the sets at 4pm.

However, the production house suffered as Karan spent much lesser time shooting than he was committed. Now, the producers, Cinevistaa, have filed a complaint against him with CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes Association) and will sue him to cover their losses of about Rs 2 crore.

Cinevistaa’s Managing Director, Sunil Mehta confirmed that his company has written to CINTAA complaining about Karan Grover. About this, he said in the press, “We’ve written to CINTAA telling them about Karan’s behaviour and the fact that we plan to sue him. He used to come at 4pm for a 9am shift and would leave by 10pm. My company has suffered a loss of over Rs 2 crore. We definitely intend to sue him. Shraddha was scandalised when my son told her that he has not reported for work, when she thought he’d left for a 9am shift.”

He further added,” At one point in time, we had thought of making a film with him as the lead actor. Now, Karan’s film with Mukesh Bhatt is not happening. Success, fame, adulation and power went to his head, I guess.” added Mehta.”

Well I just received a comment about this on my previous post asking if this is true. After that i have been trying to search for some information, and I have across this post on India forums which definitely seems to be a genuine source.

Really if the show producers are going to sue Karan that means he just may not return to the show, also if his film is scrapped then this is also sad news for his fans. I am not sure what is happening in his personal life, but I guess it is actually destructing his professional life as well. I hope that this bad period of his life ends soon and he comes back with flying colors soon. In the end I hope that if this news is true which I expect it to be, the producers end up making a sound agreement with Karan and he does come back to the show.

Sachin Tendulkar with VVS Laxman

30000 runs is a huge number that Sachin Tendulkar has achieved in the span of 20 years. Crossing the 30K mark is something I am sure would never have dreamt of when he had started to play for India. 

Over the years he has been one of the players who have performed consistently, and that too for a span of 20 years is something remarkable. He never been dropped from the team because of performance and this speaks highly of his consistency at the international level.

He became the first player to reach 10000 and 15000 run mark in one-day internationals, 12000 run mark in test matches and 30000 run mark in international cricket. I believe that if he stays for 2 to 3 years more definitely he should cross the 20000 runs in ODI and 15000 runs in test match cricket. It’s not only runs but the number of centuries that put him ahead of everyone. He has 43 in test matches and 45 in ODI and 88 overall. Now well 30065 runs in international cricket along with 88 centuries is known as a great record. Next in the numbers is Ricky Ponting with 24057 runs and 66 centuries, which I feel is a long distance behind.

What is amazing is that Sachin is far ahead from the next best. He has 17178 runs in ODI is highest with the next in line being Sanath Jayasurya with 13377 runs, a huge 3800 runs behind. He has 12877 runs in test matches and next in line is Brian Lara with 11953 runs, but since he has retired, the next in line is Ricky Ponting with 11345 runs which is also about 1500 runs behind Tendulkar.

The type of cricket he has played in the past 20 years is exceptional. I hope that he does continue for a lot many years and crosses 40k or 50K run mark in international matches and 100 or 150 international centuries. With the kind of cricket he is playing the 50 century mark in either form of cricket and 100 centuries in international cricket do not look very difficult to achieve. I end with wishing Sachin for this spectacular feat and also wish that he gives us many such moments to be happy of in the near future.

Sachin celebrates his 43rd Century