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Well this is as much as a surprise as was the exit of the old interns from the show. Finally Jennifer is coming back on the show. I had almost lost hope that the creatives of the show are going to bring back Armaan and Riddhima. And so this news has come as a very good surprise and will get down as a good New Year gift from the show to its fans.

I found an article that gives this news, and as earlier I have posted a lot of posts from this place I will do it again. I really find this source very much trustable as I have always mentioned in my earlier posts, so I do have a reason to be happy these days. Here is the post.

“Jennifer back to Dill Mill Gaye…

Fans of Jennifer Winget have a reason to smile, as the actress is back as Riddhima in Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye…

Well, seems like fans of Jennifer Winget have already got whatever they wished for even before the New Year began!!

Yes, you heard it right!! Jennifer Winget aka Riddhima is back to Star One and Cinevistaas Dill Mill Gaye. The ardent watchers of the show would remember that Dr. Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) and Dr. Riddhima have not been shown on the show after the introduction of the new cast. Before the new interns came in, it was shown that Dr. Riddhima had to be taken to a bigger hospital with more specialized facilities as she was critical after she had a bullet injury.

According to our source, “Jennifer resumes her shoot for the show tomorrow, and her entry is expected to air on January 1st, 2010. However, it will only be Riddhima making a comeback to the show, and there is no such talk of Armaan getting back as of now!”.

When contacted, Amitabh Raina, Creative Head, Dill Mill Gaye confirmed the news and said, “Yes, Jennifer will be back to the show on January 1st. However, I will not be able to reveal any detail”.

January 1st will also witness a high point with Dr. Shashank (Mohnish Behl) facing a major setback to his professional career. For the uninitiated, Yuvi (Sehban Azim) has entered Sanjivini to destroy Shashank, as the senior doctor had earlier paralyzed his brother on the operation table while performing a surgery. He befriends Naina (Neha Jhulka) just to get closer to Shashank and his dream project of opening a new clinic.

And if sources are to be believed, “Yuvi will plan to set the clinic on fire, and this particular episode will be aired on January 1st”.

We tried contacting Jennifer Winget, but she remained unavailable..
Source: India-Forums”

Also I have mentioned in one of my last articles that Jennifer has to come back to the show and it is just the matter of time. And I guess that has been justified now. Although there is no news of Karan Singh Grover coming back to the show, which does leave a question mark and a little disappointment, but at least we can feel happy that Jennifer is coming back and this can be a start of the road for the old interns returning back to the show.

I am eagerly waiting for the 1st Jan episode now and I do hope that this time our emotions are not played with as it had happened the last time around.


CAT 2009 – The fiasco or is it?

Posted: December 7, 2009 by Shishir Gupta in CAT, Entrance Exams, India
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CAT 2009 – A fiasco or is it really? This is the question that has been coming to my mind since Saturday 6th Dec. I appeared for the Exam on that day and I would say that the exam has been a nice experience if nothing else. There are a few good points with a lot of bad points as well, but just because this is the first time it is taking place.

I guess the major chaos was on the first two days, since people did not expect such faults from the premier examination in the country. it would have been disappointing for a lot of candidates to go prepared for the exam and end up not giving it because of server crashes or other faults. I guess it is the management to blame as they should have conducted many mock tests themselves on a large basis as it was happening at the real time (about 1 lakh appearing at the same time). Probably they must have taken care but these problems should not have happened in the CAT exam.

I think there are a few flaws as well in the exam. How can the management make about 20 different set of papers and make them of the same standard. As they can’t have the same question repeated in the exams and maintaining the same level of difficulty on such a large level looks very difficult to me. Secondly they have said that one cannot disclose the questions to others (I do wanted to debate on three questions that came in my exam but I would prefer to wait about one more week before disclosing them on net), but I did not understand that how can the management stop people discussing about it on the phones or on face to face talks. One of the worst things that I could report is that one of my friends told me that during her exam the server crashed for everyone out there and it almost took the computers 15 minutes to reboot. In this time most of the people reconfirmed their answers. My friend told me that she herself could correct her two answers. I think that is unfair advantage. Probably she would be a clear 8 marks ahead of others when she should not have been. That is what has been one of the bad points of the examination.

Now let me write about my exam and about the few good points. My exam went well, I would not say very well or that I may be able to clear it but yes it was good for me on a general basis. Since it was almost a week that the exams had begun and with all this problems happening around, I was prepared for the worst as well, something that the candidates giving their exam on the first two days would not have been. Secondly I liked the question paper, it was easy (something one does not expect from CAT). This means that the cut off will go much higher this time around. I liked the smart play in the questions, as generally for the Data Interpretation section a graph or table is followed by 3-4 questions, so if one solves the data he can solve 3-4 questions easily. This time the graphs had just 1-2 questions. So everyone had to do all the calculations to end up solving just 1-2 questions. Which I think was a smart path chosen, as making the number of question less did not affect on the time consumed over all. And the best part I liked about the exam was that the paper ended exactly in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Not even an extra second was provided. Also one could choose the time to start the exam as well. My exam started at 3 pm (the complete batch at that centre) instead of 3.45, this meant that we were free by 45 minutes before the scheduled time (which was far better than just looking at the monitor of 1 hour). One thing I did not like about the question User Interface was the QUIT button they had provided. I did not understand what exactly was the need to have it in first place. Probably no one would have used it. Secondly it was placed next to the NEXT button. And on top of that it did not give any intimation before quitting, if by mistake a candidate presses the quit button instead of next his exam will get over without even giving an intimation of “do you want to quit or not”. Which I think was the most careless part undertaken by the management.

I have heard a few rumours that the exam will be conducted again for everyone. I think that is not fair on every ones part. The people who have been lucky this time and have given a good exam will feel cheated. And if it does not happen again then the ones who could not give the exam properly because of no fault of theirs will feel cheated. So I think this is also a very debateable topic. Although personally I would not want to give the exam again, but if it happens again I will be happy as this time around I will be able to give a much better performance.

Overall I would say that my experience with CAT was not bad, in fact it was good to some extent. I and do hope that the results are also that pleasing in the end.

India have finally reached the place where they had reached probably only in the dreams before. Yes India is now No.1 in the ICC Test Rankings, a brilliant feat to have achieved. I would say it all started with Sourav Ganguly who made the team realize that it can win matches overseas as well with wins in West Indies and Pakistan. Later Dravid proved him correct with series victory in England and also registering its only test match victory on the South African soil. Later Kumble took the position and showed his character down under in Australia. Then stepped in Dhoni where he helped defeat Australia 2-0 at home, defeated England. Went to New Zealand to win its maiden test series victory and now after defeating Sri Lanka at home, he has lead the team to the No.1 spot in test matches.

Coach Gary Kirsten joined the team 18-20 months back, and since then has coached the team to the top. Well this series has been one of those were there have been a few outstanding performances, but overall in every match every player contributed towards a win. Every player stood up to be counted and that is one of the qualities of the champion team, and that is why it has reached the position as well. Dhoni too has been a remarkable captain. He has captained the side in 10 test matches and has won in 7 of them and lost none. Although people will still question his abilities as he has not proved in conditions of South Africa, Australia or England. But I feel when he does tour there he will prove his mettle there as well. The combination is great with likes of MS Dhoni coming in at no 7 to bat and yes finally it looks that India have got the combination to pick 20 wickets regularly. Even overseas the teams will think twice before preparing a green top in front of Zaheer, Ishant and Sreesanth and the calibre of Indian batsman. Yes the spin department is not as strong as it was when kumble and Harbhajan bowled in tandem but yes with the likes of Pragyan Ojha and Amit Mishra it does not look that weak as well.

India has had a shy to the No.1 spot in ODI’s having been there 3 times in the last three months but they haven’t managed to stay there any long. Hopefully this will not happen in the test matches and they will stay there for a long time. But with just 2 matches to play in the year it is more of unfortunate for them as Australia and South Africa (the other contenders for the No.1 spot) will be playing a lot more matches.

This series has been very good for India. Sachin crossed his 30000 international rum mark (although missed his 13000 test runs mark), Dravid reached 11000 test runs, Sreesanth and Zaheer made great comebacks to the team, Sehwag became the only Indian to score 6 double hundreds (although he missed to become the only player to score 3 triple hundreds just by 7 runs), Dhoni took his 100th catch to become only the third Indian keeper to do so and also scored 2 test centuries in the series to become the only wicketkeeper captain to do so, Gambhir became one of the few batsman to score four centuries in 4 consecutive matches. Apart from the individual feats India registered its 100th test victory in the series and yes to top it all it has become the world No.1 test side for the first time ever.

With all these records coming in the series, I can realize what a memorable series it has been for the country. Anyways in the end I would say that I am very happy for what the team has achieved and hope that it can maintain its position for a long time. And in the end I would like to congratulate the team for its great achievement and hope that they give us many more such moments to be proud of in future.

The ICC standings as of  6th Dec 2009

ICC Test Rankings

    Team            Points
1.  India                   124
2.  South Africa         122
3.  Australia             116
4.  Sri Lanka             115
5.  England               105
6.  Pakistan               84
7.  New Zealand        80
8.  West Indies           76
9.  Bangladesh           13

 ICC ODI Rankings

     Team            Points
1.  Australia              130
2.  India                    122
3.  South Africa          119
4.  New Zealand        112
5.  England               109
6.  Pakistan              108
7.  Sri Lanka             106
8.  West Indies            76
9.  Bangladesh           55
10.Zimbabwe            26
11. Ireland                25
12. Kenya                   2