Is Karan Singh Grover coming back in DILL MILL GAYYE?

Posted: January 23, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in Dill Mill Gayye, Karan Singh Grover, Television Personalities, Television Shows
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Is Karan Singh Grover coming back to Dill Mill Gayye. This has been one of the questions many people have asked me during the past week. There have been many rumours this week that he is set to return soon. I am not really sure how really true it is. In the meanwhile I have been searching over the net for any clue on this. I have found a few instances. I am pasting it over here.

“With Riddhima finding the truth about Armaan, she now goes searching for her love in Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye..With this, we wonder whether Karan Singh will stage a grand comeback to the show or not..

Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye, produced by Cinevistas will see a big high point when Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) comes face to face with the real truth behind Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) leaving her.

Riddhima will be crestfallen when she gets to know that it was her father Dr. Shashank (Mohnish Behl) who had lied to her that Armaan had walked out of her life when she was lying unconscious after the bullet injury. And Riddhima had got to believe that Armaan could not take the extra baggage with the doctors telling that she might be handicapped for the rest of her life after the bullet had hit her spine.

But with the truth being out, our source tells us that Riddhima will go ballistic, and will run helter-skelter looking for Armaan.

According to our source, “The next few episodes will see the truth being revealed to Riddhima. And after this happens, the back story will be shown wherein the creatives are planning to give a justification to why Armaan readily agreed to go out of Riddhima’s life. With the back story coming out, we will see a furious Riddhima going against her own father. Her only aim now will be to get Armaan back in her life”.

“Also, another turning point will be when Dr. Siddhant( Karan Wahi) will also get to know that Riddhima and Armaan love each other. This will bring a major twist to the tale”, adds our source.

Now comes the major question of whether Karan Singh Grover will return to the show as Armaan or not!!

To this, our source states, “Talks are surely on with Karan. The channel and production house are keen to get him back. But nothing is confirmed as of now”.

We tried contacting Karan, but we heard that he has gone to his home town right now, and will be back to Mumbai on 25th January.

When contacted, Palki Malhotra, Script Head, Cinevistas told us, “Yes, the viewers have been waiting patiently for more than four months now, to see Armaan’s comeback. But I can only tell that Armaan is and will always be an integral part of Dill Mill Gaye. We have always lived with the memories of Armaan-Riddhima love story, but wanted to play on another track of hate between Riddhima and Sid. The upcoming track will show a mellowed-down Siddhant”.

When asked Palki about the big question of Karan coming back, she stated, “Well, I can only tell you that Dr. Armaan might come back, what with Riddhima desperately searching for him. But I cannot tell you whether it will be Karan Singh Grover or someone else who will be back as Armaan”.

We tried to probe in, on whether Karan has been approached for the show, and she was quick to say, “I can’t comment on this right now”.

However, our source insists that there is a bright chance of Karan coming back to the show…

Now let’s see whether we get to see Karan as Armaan, or we get to have a totally new Armaan….

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh”

Well I have been pasting news from this source for quite some time on my blog for any updates. And with this news coming from it makes me feel that this possibly can be true. But I really don’t want to start dreaming already. But yes with this I can make out one thing that we will have Armaan back to the show. But will it be Karan Singh Grover or someone else that is not really sure. I just hope it is Karan who comes back.

I also received a couple of comments on my blog stating that Karan is set to return on the show on 1st of February. Here are the comments.

“oww good news armaan is came back seriosly i am so happy 1st february armaan is come back” comment number 12


“Hey guys, Armaan is coming back to dmg in February. It shows on” comment number 27

Well I have not found any decent clue at it as yet, but I will definitely wait for 1st Feb hoping that all this is true.

Well now coming to the show, the show has taken many turns since the return of Riddhima. First it was Tamanna who left the show and then the creatives tried to create a similarity in between both the Karans (Armaan and Siddhant). For example, even initially Armaan had gone to the jail because of Riddhima. Secondly there was a basketball match with a kiss bet that happened in both the cases and both of the times it ended in the same abrupt fashion. Thirdly the creatives tried to get a small girl for treatment to Siddhant. Remember earlier they had got a girl for Armaan who made him realise that he loved Riddhima and tried to get both of them together. Because of all this I was just hoping that my thoughts do not come in real. Now with the u-turn the story has taken, it looks that Armaan might come back to the show and Siddhant will have to leave (looks like there can only be one Karan at a time). But I still am scared because even Armaan had left the hospital earlier because of a fight with Riddhima and then later returned. I hope that the creatives are not doing the same thing again.

Well I am not really sure of what is in store for us in the coming episodes, but I can just hope that “ALL IZZ WELL” and we well get Armaan back on the show and, will be able to watch the Armaan-Riddhima chemistry once again. Also I will keep on updating everyone with any news that I can find out on this.

  1. sonali says:

    hey Karan singh grover,
    I am really happy that you are coming back in dill mill gaye and it will be really exiting to see riddhima and armaan’s chemistry back in dill mill gaye
    i love you armaannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sayoni says:

    hey karan,
    i will love it if u r back as arman in dmg. without u d serial was a mess and with u and riddhima being back together will indeed be a treat.
    i will be waiting . but if u don’t come back as arman i think i will stop watching the show.
    so u better come back.
    i love u arman.

  3. kritika says:

    Hey! Armaan ples come back
    witout u riddhima is nothing. n witout old interns dmg is soooooooooo

  4. koyal says:

    I hope we can see Armaan vry soon in DMG……….. Ple’z Armaan
    come back for ur Love Riddima……..

  5. Kritika says:

    Hi! Armaan ples come back………….witout u Riddhima is nothing
    n without old interns DMG is sooooooooooooo boring.

  6. siri says:

    what the hell is hapening in DMG…
    itz gonna be like a trash if they pair up siddanth and ridhima….
    armaan and ridhima are soul mates….so cv’s plz dont pair up sid and ridz to insult true love…
    bring back armaan and get ar and rid married!!
    hopefully karan comes back…plzz…come back we love you!!

  7. hahahahahahaha says:


  8. Madhulika says:

    Hope karan comes back…..Touch wood….

  9. ibad says:

    I wish arman come back soon

  10. ibad says:

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz come back i miss you so much.

  11. KARAN KE DIVANI says:


  12. WEWANTKARAN says:

    HEY HEY HEY If the producers actlyy care about their audience then they should know how much we all really loved DMG all because of the old cast they are trying to make it interesting by adding SID and RIDS together but this wont work … WE DONT WANT ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT KARAN SINGH GROVER! and this a treat if you PRODUCERS dont bring KARAN back as ARMAAN then alot of people WILL STOP WATCHING DMG!!!
    I LOVE KARAN AND THE ONLY PURPOSE WE WATCH DMG is because of the hope of him coming back. And If he doesnt then we will not waste our time with SID or NAINA OR YUVI AND THE STUPID NEW CAST.

  13. waii says:

    pls cum bk karan we miss luv u dmg isnt the same without u pls cum bkkkk and pls atleast tell us something if ur cuming or nt to dmg

  14. anonymous says:

    guys do you really think that the producers and directors don’t want armaan back? they are not that stupid to not realize that bringing armaan back will up their TRPs. the only problem is that they dont get along well with KSG. haan, ye alag baath hai ki unko apni personal mamla professional life mein nahi dikhani chahiye. yet they are trying to get KSG back depsite their differences. and also the only reason they started this sid and ridz track is to have it as back up. they have a track ready if they are unable to get armaan back. otherwise trust me, i dont think they are all that thrilled to see sid and ridz together either.
    and what i dont get is why is everyone jumping down only the directors’ throats. i mean koi tho KSG ki nakhre dekho. everytime someone tries to get in contact with that idiot, he either tries to avoid them or is unavailable or gives them stupid and rude comments. dont get me wrong here. i also am a huge fan of KSG’s work. but i dont think he really gives a damn about this show or us. otherwise he wouldve said something. so what im saying is that he doesnt deserve our priceless admiration and love.
    Also if the producers are really struggling to get KSG back, then i would like to tell that dont worry about it. he is not worth it. no one needs him anyway. all we want is armaan. so get some other new good actor back as armaan. i know the viewers will take a while to adjust to it. but if they adjusted to 3 new riddhimas, i think theyll be able to adjust to one another armaan. besides we like armaan and riddhima’s chemistry, not KSG and Jennifer’s.

  15. xeb says:

    HEY HEY HEY If the producers actlyy care about their audience then they should know how much we all really loved DMG all because of the old cast they are trying to make it interesting by adding SID and RIDS together but this wont work … WE DONT WANT ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT KARAN SINGH GROVER! and this a treat if you PRODUCERS dont bring KARAN back as ARMAAN then alot of people WILL STOP WATCHING DMG!!!
    I LOVE KARAN AND THE ONLY PURPOSE WE WATCH DMG is because of the hope of him coming back. And If he doesnt then we will not waste our time with SID or NAINA OR YUVI AND THE STUPID NEW CAST

  16. anonymous says:

    oh please. the producers care about the show more than ur f***in KSG. face it, ur KSG does not want to come back to DMG. i agree that he was the jaan of the show. DMG is where it is becauz of him. however, him not coming back is not all the producers fault. i mean if i were them i would totally sue that idiot for not showing up to shoots as well. so whatever is happening is sort of his fault. and besides as i have said, depsite the tensions between them and KSG, they are still trying to get him back but KSG has an attitude. i agree that this new DMG is crap but what the f**k do you want the directors and producers to do? just shut the show and wait and wait for that arrogent shit of person, KSG to finally decide he is in the mood to shoot? i mean this is unreasonable. if KSG and other interns come back to the show, i assure u no one will be happier than me. however, it isnt gonna happen becuz of KSG obnoxious and rude attitude. in which case, i think they should experiment with a new armaan. if it doesn’t go well, then they can go ahead and shut their show. but i at least want them to experiment.

  17. harsha says:

    hi ,arman please come back and never leave someone alone like this becus all of us love u and will be always there for u at any time. and wish u a happy life forever with the one to whom u love.

  18. shweta says:

    hi,karan singh grover come back and never live us alone.we all wants to see you in dmg afterall we love you yaar!

  19. KARAN KE DIVANI says:

    karan plss cum bk


    karan plz cum back
    no arman=no ridz
    no AMMY&RIDZ=no romance
    no romance=no T.R.P
    no T.R.P=noD.M.G
    no D.M.G=serial baandddddddddddddddddddddddd

  21. vanshika says:

    heyyyyyyyyy karan i’m dam hppy tht ur cumng wn u left the show sb boring tha main video bhi krti thi earlier i used to do cliping of dmg as memories bt wn u go i do;t wnt dmg bt now i’ll surely do clipings tum hjaan hoooooooooo dmg tum nhi toh dmg nhi loveeeeeeee u u knw i’m learning french soo j’aime beacoup means i love u n i’ll met uknw my sis’s frnd had met u bt he wnt to south africa par jb vo ayege i’ll surely tel him ke apse ek bar mila de pls 1 time maine ek bhi episodes mis nhi kia dmg ka if any prblm occur main college ki chutti krke dkhti thi so i knw everythng abt i also saw sbs roozzzzz ke shyd kbhi u’ii cum i a despirate pgllllllllllllllllllll fan of urssssssssssssssssssss plsssssssssss cumbck fast at least ek fan ke liye jo itna krte h rply i’ll be hppy alot lagega i watch uuuuuuuuuuuu plss shonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  22. niharika says:

    hi i know u r coming back soon i hav seen ur promo(music band)
    hope u will come back soon
    love u n miss u a lot!!!!!!!!

  23. hp says:

    vvvvv happy and exited to see u back

  24. anonymous says:

    haey we know that u r coming back in dmg
    in serial ridz ko ap ki wapsi ki khabar hi nai hai
    ap k khayalon mai koi or khoya hua hai
    i mean to say suvarna(sid sister)
    or doosri taraf ridz ko apni shadi ki pari hai
    but your promo is very interesting
    ap ki dimagi halat kaisay theek ho gai
    bataya gaya tha k kuch salon mai ap ki yardasht chali jai gi
    kher just laeve it
    waisay kya dmg khatam ho raha hai
    kher is ko bhi choro
    serial mai ap ki ridz ki mulakat kaisay ho gi
    any clue
    plz is ka bhi promo chala di jiye
    kya ridz apni shadi tor de gi
    and for promo we r waiting
    miss u a lot

  25. viju says:

    thanku arman fr being back on show i luv u a lot may be more than riddhima. please comeback and steal riddhima from siddhant. she looks beautiful with u i wish so and please bring back others on dmg like rahul muskaan luv u

  26. akshita says:

    hey karan!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u simply rok the show man!!!!!!!!!!kya entry maari thi yaar…………….i wish u all d best!!!
    luv u….muaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

  27. Ashu(Ashu) says:

    I LOVE U KARAN WAHI Plz DMG chodkar mat jana, U r great husband for Ridhima. Armaan jaise deewane gali k har mod pr khade rhte h, or apne junoon me wo sab kuch krte h, jo Armaan kr rha h. Sid jaisa husband milna bhut mushkil hota h. Is show bs ek wo hi to dil se saccha banda h. Agr wo hi chala gaya to, log husband-wife k sacche rishte me vishwas nhi karenge. Mai ek request, hath jodkar DMG ki maker team se krna chahti hu, Plz hmare Sid ko door mt karo DMG se. Vaise isme bhut hadd tk galti Ridhima ki bhi hai, use ab Armaan jaise insaan ko bhoolkar Siddhant jaise caring, loving, or intelligent Husband ko apnana chahiye, or agr wo aisa nhi krti h to, wo Nihayat hi Ghatiya, characterless, cheap or galat ladki hogi jise, ye bhi nhi pata ki saccha pyar akhir hota kya h.

  28. Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

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