Shraddha Nigam on her divorce with Karan Singh Grover

Posted: January 30, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in Dill Mill Gayye, Karan Singh Grover, Television Personalities
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Well I have been reading a lot over the internet for the past few days. I have been trying to look for some news on Karan Singh Grover’s where abouts. It is at this time when I just came across one of these articles. I am pasting it here for everyone to read.

TV actress Sharddha Nigam, who divorced Karan Singh Grover, said in one of her interviews that there was a lot of pain. Here’s she is talking about the painful phase and her furure plans.

What prompted you to take this step?
“There were a lot of things. Like marriage, divorce is not a decision you can jump into. You can’t just wake-up one day and say that I can’t put up with all this shit and give up. It was thought about clearly as the marriage. I am a very regular Indian girl at heart. So, I wouldn’t end a marriage in a moment.”

Are these rumors true that Karan Singh Grover had link ups with Jhalak Dikha La Ja choreographer Nichole and Dill Mill Gayye co-star Jennifer Winget?
“Honestly, if you went through something so painful like I have, you would face many things. I still have many questions that I have no answers for, so giving you an answer would be equally difficult.”

So, then why did she walk out on her marriage?
“I have always been true to myself. Honestly; divorce to me was like a death sentence. But all I knew was that I was standing up for myself. I don’t believe in blame games, but I do believe that people who aren’t true themselves have to go through pain, maybe not immediately but eventually.”

Did you have parental support?
“My parents stood firmly by me in every decision I took. They were very understanding and supported me throughout and there was no pressure for anything. I salute them because it’s tough for any parent.”

Ok, then did Karan Singh Grover’s parents support you?
“It is tough for all parents involved in this. The space I share with his parents is also something I share in reverence. It was a beautiful phase that I shared with a lot of respect and regard.”

In one of his recent interviews, Karan admitted that you guys were still good friends, what do you have to say about it’
“Well, I think there has been some misunderstanding or miscommunication in that article, I don’t think he would say something which is not quite true.”

What about your career?
“I always planned to return by the end of 2009. The reason I took a break was because I wanted to enjoy my marriage like every girl does and its just incidental that my divorce is happening at the same time that I had decided to come back. I am doing Rohit Roy’s film which I finished before I got married and now I am looking forward for its release. Not only this I am also looking forward for a chat show too.”

I dont understand why is all this suddenly coming up when we all are expecting the return of Karan in Dill Mill Gayye. Why are such news again surfacing is the biggest question in my mind. Well I just hope all is well with Karan and he does come back to the show. Also I wish both Shraddha and Karan for their future lives(I mean now their seperate lives).

  1. rahila khan says:

    u have done good karan singh grover.she was not so nice because she was not beautiful.i don’t want to hurt u bco’z I LOVE U

  2. Roopse shah says:

    karan rahila is right.sharadha is not a perfect girl 4 u..u r so sweet n handsome n she is not smart..i dont like her too..

  3. dhara says:

    my Arman-Karan you are right…but please i begg you to go out with Jennifer not Nicole because you and Ridzi are made for each other in DMG and realy like and if not then me!!!love ya muah…

  4. ashima arora says:

    u guys are bad if he dosnt like the sharadha why he got married to her he is just imature guy thats it he will realize this one day good luck to himm if he can cheat sharadha ofcourse he can cheat anyone its dosnt matter if its nicole or either jennifer righttttttt guysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  5. kav's says:

    all izzz well dude !!!!

  6. Shubhangi says:

    Seriously speakin, i don lyk Jenifer n Karan 2gether.. instead, i jus luv 2 c Jeny wid Karan Wahi.. t’is a qute couple,
    n cumoc guysz.. shraddha n karan hav got dere own lives.. who knows wat stuff parted dre ways.. jus cuz dey r starz shudnt deprive dem of dre privacy
    personally, i hav seen shraddha in karan arjun n i jus lov that detective-cum-girl-nxt-door..
    Dere mst b sum solid reason 4 dere divorce..
    stop playin Blame game..
    Best of luck 2 karan n shraddha in dere parted lives..

  7. dhara says:

    all of u shut up….ridz-sid ewwww jodi made is hell

  8. renuka says:

    i dont like mr. singh&jenny together in dmg i like karan wahia&jenny together they really look cute together

  9. angel says:

    you are right dhara ridz – sid ewwwwwwwww .it looks shit like mother is son
    i will say the handome that armaan had all drams act will not match him
    couse the why he looks owsome man and rids we knew that she is
    pretty but not as armaan so mke sid out and armaan in

  10. mnal says:

    i feel really
    but i knew thiz was going to happen any way karan y follow yr heart and sharda you go away from karan life yv gave him alot of pain just leave him karan y take care

  11. dhara says:

    in dmg sid-ridz is jodi made in hell….AR is jodi made in heaven…and not1 not even siddhant can take armaan-karan’s place in our hearths…

  12. SNEHA says:


  13. sur says:

    i respect ur decision karan.. and as it is ur personal matter we shudnt interfere.. all my good wishes with u.. take care, u rock in DMG.. all the best for ur future.. u r a gud person n god will surely see to it tht evrythng gud happens wid u.. luv u..

  14. neeharika says:

    dont worry karan god’s blessings and ur fans love are always with you……… everything will go right and u will suceed in life…. hope for the best for ur future……… love u karan


  16. saba manzoor says:

    hello arman i like u most nd i thnk am the most senior fanz of yours bcs i love u so mch nd dnt wry b wth ridhmma ur jodi is the best jodi in world may god bless u bth loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu my jannnnn arman:|!! and am 4rm PAKISTAN

  17. saba manzoor says:

    hello arman i like u most nd i thnk am the most senior fanz of yours bcs i love u so mch nd dnt wry b wth ridhmma ur jodi is the best jodi in world may god bless u bth loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu my jannnnn arman:|!!

  18. vidhirana says:

    hello armaan u r happy than every thing is all right bt now choose a perfect 1 4 u ok n do well choose such who trust da most n give ur all love to her i lovee u a lot n hope everything heel soon n plz b happy ur fans are always wid u llllllllllllooooooooveeeeeeeeee u sweetheart

  19. vidhirana says:

    take care armaan love u

  20. jania says:

    god bless you armaan i love u im ur big fan

  21. anamika says:

    hii armaan i mean karan its urs decesion so i dont wanna intrupt much then also i wanna say be happy just try to concenttrat in ur work and every thing will be soon fine………………… u alot ………ur fans r all all allways wittttttttttth uuuuuuuuuuu

  22. diya says:

    All foooool people beauty is not everything… character is more important

    i support shraddha…!!

  23. akshita says:

    hii karan!!firstly i m ur biggest fan in d world and i luv u soooooooooooo much..n i also luv u for breaking relations with shraddha………just try n concentrate in ur work coz u rok man!!!!!!!!!!u look sweetheart in dmg yaar really!!!!!!!!aur plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ho sake toh zara nach ke dikha mein participate karke girls ko dikha do ki boyz ke dole shole hi kaam aate hai………i know u r suffering from back injury n i pray for u to get well soon but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz agar aap znkd mein aaoge toh u gonna definitely rok d show baby!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i support u alwayss!!

  24. silky says:

    its better 2 leave dem alone cz obviously karan’s lyf depends upon his decision nt ours, its nt whether a person is gd lukin’ or not, here dey both are hurt, even though being a fan of karan i wud say if u lv him learn 2 respect his decisions also, v r nobdy 2 comment on his lyf

  25. silky says:


  26. naina says:

    karan u r mad……u dont have any rights to break someones heart…okkk nn tum ridhima or nicole dono ke saath hi aache nai lagte…infact tum hi mujhe aache nai lagte….real life mein tum bilkul bhi armaan jaise nai ho..agar tume shraadha aachi lagti nai thi to tumne shaadi kyu ki ?????in short i want to say that “i hate u”…

  27. baby says:

    i love u armaan..just take ur decession by thinking again & again..every thing gonna be all of luck

  28. poo says:

    i hate u armaan.just take ur decession by thinking again & again..every thing gonna be all right

  29. sweety says:

    armaan u break someone heart

  30. NAGMA says:


  31. Nila says:

    hmm…i think what has happened is right….but its not really about the looks and things, its about their relationship and how its all going wrong…xx

  32. kartiki says:

    karan i think that jennifer winget is best for you because i now that you both are the best friends from first time and you nows each other well because of thisyou both will live happilly because couples should now each other and dont fill bad about this divorce matter it was good that you get understand shraddha are my favoirate star in the world .iwill wish that very soon you and jennifer winget will be together wish good luck for your life.

  33. kartiki says:

    hii karan how are you feeling now are you fine .karan i have some small requeast if have got a nice partner then please tell your fans through saas bahu aur sazish .

  34. Mou says:

    Hey Karan,ur decision was right. If anyone does not trust u,how can u remain with her. U & Jenny look awesome. Plz get married. U’ll be happy. Best of luck

  35. shreya says:

    hey karan u did right also and wrong also well i have no right to say anything abt ur peronal life but i will pray for u both byee take care .

  36. jasmine says:

    hiii karan i m a big fan of u…. ur decision was right becz she doesnt trust u.. its alright be happy always

  37. hate_ksg says:

    karan is such a fu***** bastard he cheated on such a loyal wife like shraddha he is mut*** fu***** he dont deserve shraddha .beauty is not everything i tink he deserve that shit nicole or jenny .just bcoz u dont like shraddha with him doesnt mean shes bad 2moro if he ditched both jenny and nicole and slept with some1 else u will still do his goongan whatever he do u will always eat his shit .just imagine urself in place of shraddha .how much pain she been giong thru .i hat u ksg god will never forgive u go die bloddy asshole

  38. dhara says:

    WTF go nd die…dont u dare say bad things abt KSG

  39. Archana says:

    Hey! Karan i think u hav taken the rite dicision 2 get seperated wit shardha.. U nd jeeni luks gr8 in DMG,i hope ur fans would luv 2 see u nd jeeni in really life 2.. U r jus wow,i wish u luck 4 ur future..luuuvvvvv u

  40. Archana says:

    Karan! 1st of all i m archana(manali) nd i m the craziest,biggest fan of ur’s nd jeenifer. I’m really very happy 4 u,i hope aap apne fans ki umeed ko jarur sach karyenge.. Plzzzzzzzz marry jeenifer,she really luks gr8 wit u, nd jus keep on rockin in DMG.. Plz don’t let ridhima 2 go wit mr.modi.. I knw shilpa’s cumin back 2 dmg,plz ask ur director not 2 do this.. I only watch dmg 4 u nd jeeni.. I hope u’ll not embrace ur fans.. Nd plz get well soon aarman,i would like 2 see u in ZND.. Luvvvv u mmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhaaa

  41. Archana says:

    Guys karan singh grover is just the best nd i dön’t wanna listen any abusing words 4 him,those who comment on him should 1st see themself ki woh kitne pani me hain.. Nd my dear guys taali ek hath se nahi baajti, jarur shraadha ki bhi kuch fault rahi hogi so stop abusing him 4 his separation.. Aarman jus concentrate on ur carrier,nd i knw aap logo ki comments ko apne dil se nahi lagayenge..

  42. dhara says:

    i though when a couple gets seperated the samaj always blames girls(it was being said it DMG by Shashank) so y r u guys blaming Karan?

  43. tanveer says:


  44. ANAM says:


  45. shru_jazz says:

    u guys are absolutely wrong…if he dosnt liked sharadha why did he got married to her. he is just good for nothing guyz…. thats it. he will surely realize this one day.. if he can cheat sharadha ofcourse he can cheat anyone its dosnt matter if its nicole or either jennifer…….
    think abt it guyzzz…..

  46. alisa says:

    u girls dont have brain i think………………….stupid girls karan is a liar…………….he ha s cheated an innocent girl………………..wat wud b ur reaction if sumthing lyk dat happens in ur lyf?

  47. kajal says:

    shradda u are vry cute bt at the same time he is also vry nice bt we see in jhalak which is too good decision.goodluck shradda

  48. teddy says:

    mens like karan grover its good to be only friends with them. its just good to talk, laugh with them but u can’t think of spending your life. marriage is not a game or an time pass its a very important relation in ones life and as i believe its not important that u love the one before marriage or not but after marriage there should be love. i think shraddha had made mistake by marrying a person like karan. i feel bad 4 her. take care sharradha

  49. akshita says:

    hey karan! dont worry yaar shraddha is not at all for u. we all luv u and will always be there for u so plz dont worry:)

  50. priya says:

    karan you have bright future. please wait for some time and surch for a beautiful girl

  51. RUMA says:

    i luv u karan and whatever u are done this is right.shradha isn’t deserve you.

  52. hina says:

    y u got divorced baby,rather than i am always ready to marry u, i luv u soooo much

  53. urusha k c says:

    arman i really luv u and i want to say plssssssssss marry with jeeny in real life.ara yaar film main to sid [gaint] la gaya par real life main armaan hi riddima ka husband hoga .ha na armaan or karan? and if u want to make ur fan happy pls asked ur director to create love between u and jenny.ppppppppppplllllsssss.who sid kabhi bhi arman ka jaga nahi la sakta. pplllllllllllllssss throw him out of dill mill gayeee.and marry with riddhi ma ok.u both look awesome one can seperate u no even godddddddddd.ya.i wish riddhima will come in ur life and make ur life full of happiness. our wishes and bleesing is always with u.and my friend sarita is ur greatest fan.i luuvv u

  54. hina says:

    chal be saale acha hua tjhe tere biwi ne divorce de diya bechaari ki zindagi barbad kar dee

  55. Syna says:

    Wateva hapns, hapns 4 a reasn…
    karan jzz lead ur lyf…n kip entertaining ur fans..
    Wsn u ol d lck..

  56. Rhea says:

    Karan grover u r indeed gud 4 nthn ,success hz bestowed ur head..u broke f ur marige. Marige z indeed sacred…….
    U cn nvr b a woman’s man…btr join a gay party..u luk alik 1 amngst dm u btr b dr..rathr dn wrkn in DMG
    u l compliment gay associatn sir
    al d bst..

  57. Rhea says:

    U r a f*****g a******e n d suporterz who suport u,r bigst m*****r f****z

  58. sujata says:

    I cant say hello Karan, Bcos u r in twin trouble. But i can suggest u one thing. Be true to yourself and with your life partner and God.
    1. Yourself : You know what u r doing and why and all
    2. Life partner : You have to settle your marriage life with Shraddha only. Bcos no one can love you so much as she do, you knew it. And you should know her. You have to take dission with your heart but not mind or friends.
    3.God : this God only meet you with Shraddha and become your life and you get married.

    Please think about this and work. IT WILL WORK, REALLY.

  59. sims says:

    i don’t get it, what’s the big hype, why care so much about what is going on in other people’s life, even though they are celebrities, let them just be with their lives. Plus, one can’t and shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, read a book first and then decide if its really worth buying.

  60. ANAM says:

    u have done good karan singh grover.she was not so nice because she was not beautiful.i don’t want to hurt u bco’z I LOVE U
    sharadha is not a perfect girl 4 u..u r so sweet n handsome n she is not smart..i dont like her too..
    Karan, Bcos u r in twin trouble. But i can suggest u one thing. Be true to yourself and with your life partner and God.
    1. Yourself : You know what u r doing and why and all
    2. Life partner : You have to settle your marriage life with Shraddha only. Bcos no one can love you so much as she do, you knew it. And you should know her. You have to take dission with your heart but not mind or friends.
    3.God : this God only meet you with Shraddha and become your life and you get married.

    Please think about this and work. IT WILL WORK, REALLY.

  61. karandeep singh says:

    its very wrong on part of karan to ditch 3 girls on one time .I am one of his fan but now I think one shouldnot like a guy who donot have respect for his life partner.only want to say – such a worst person.

  62. ammi khan says:

    u alllllll plZZzzzzzzzzzzzz donot interfere in ma lyfe

  63. ammi khan says:

    thanXXxxxxx 4 da comments idont need ur comments i know what shoul i do

  64. ammi khan says:

    thanx 4 ua comments i don need em

  65. ammi khan says:

    i don need ua comments apnay paas rakhay saaray comments nd plzzzz don interfere in my lyf

  66. ammi khan says:

    where we can tak wid karan

  67. ammi khan says:

    yar sab bluddy bitch hain karan ki burhai kartay hai

  68. MELISSA says:

    i am alwayz wid karan nd i thnk that karan has nt done anythng he is alwayz rite……… nd i hope wt ever happens would be good 4 both of thm…….. i am alwayz there 4 karan……………. may they live happily evr after in their lives……… i love u veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much karan…………… muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..god bless u.alwayz be happy nd keep smiling…………..p

  69. I support Karan nd i think he iz rite……….. alwayz be happy karan may God bless u……….. keep smiling nd keep rocking…………….

  70. MELISSA says:

    hey KARAN…just chill my baby………. nd jst keep smiling as ur smile iz as pretty as roses nd lilies of da valley…………….. love u ….muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  71. Aishwarya Bhandari says:

    Karan u r so handsome… I luv u so much… I dont wanna see u sad… But its true dat u n shradha r not perfect… U look good wid jennifer…

  72. samiya says:

    i dont know about armaan and ridhima . but u guys have no right to say anything bad about karan wahi or anybody else dont u all have work wasting such important time in writting mad things.go study or do your job make your parents proud and stop this shit things.dont have work wating time in doing mad pagal chiza.mad people stop wasting time.and sorry for bad language but plz dont waste time u could use thins time in soo nice things so plzz dont waste time beacause it wont come back again

  73. samiya says:

    and by the way i find karan grover and shilpa look good together and karan wahi and jenniffer look good dont they???????????????????????????.thats why they are back .and they are together

  74. aditi sharma says:

    arman mujhe aapki aacting aachi lagti hai lekin aap mujhe aache nahi lagte…….

  75. Albina says:

    Hi armaan i m your greatest fan u dont know how much i like u.your birthday and my birthday is on the same day nd it is the biggest co-incidence of my life!i love u a lot nd i m frm bangladesh!whtever u r doing is right and i support u whole-heartedly!

  76. Armaan, filmy life is not real life. Be loyal to yourself. says:

    Armaan, go to hell

  77. Desire says:

    well Arman(Karan), dnt leave dmg plzzzz…. jab tak yeah show chal raha he tab tak, tum ho to ish show me jaan he.. belive me jab session 1 pura hua to mera mood off ho gaya tha per jab tum vaps aye tab se lekar aab tak ek show bhi mene miss nahi kiya he…or muje to tumare sath 1st riddhima(Shilpa anand) ke sath mast jodi lag rahi thi. mene 1to165 shows 6 bar dekhe 3 mahine me… pehle wale kya show the yaar… abhi shilpa waps aa gai he muje malum he ishilye thnx bol na tha… THnx Star one team to take back shilpa in dmg she is so sweet .. keep rocking…

  78. ridhima says:

    thats good sharadah is not good i love u

  79. jyoti says:

    i like karan very much. honestly speaking we hav no right to give any comments on his personal live but we can giving suggestions to him & it is his life & he must be do that what ever he like & also choose a right person to marry. i cant judge any girl is she looking nice or not or any thing.

    i wish karan all the best for future & b faithful to ur love

    i m with u but if u r wrong then plz say sorry to them & do ur better

    have a nice journey of love & life

  80. natasha says:

    u fukin moron,…. u can go to hell u only have a nice face and body and all those bhenji’s are back of u hahahahahaahahaa…..n ur so short hahahahahahahahah da shrtst guy i’ve eva seen….with a big chimpanzee body and ostrich legs hahahah…u suck u can go to hell u soap oprah actor hahahahaha
    in front of me u’ll look like a dwaf though m a girl …..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah u really suckk…wats ur name..??huh karan singh grover…hahahah wat a funny name..

  81. sadaf says:

    ye tumne bahot achha kam kiya karan….wo tumhare sath achhi bhi nahi lagti thi…jab mene suna k tumne shardhha se shadi ki he to i was shocked……..or jab suna k tum dono ka divorce ho gaya to me bahot khush hui….u r so hot ,rocking,dashing……or kya kahu wo tumhare aage kuch bhi nahi thi………LOVE U

  82. ria says:

    karan i think u and shraddha make a perfect match.pls don’t miss her.

  83. Stacy says:

    Hey karan,
    i am from america but i still follow your show! i dont understand a word of dill mill gayye but i still luvvv it! you are super talented.. personally wayy more than brad pitt.. tom cruise!

  84. Harpreet says:

    What are you saying!you had divorsed sharadha.Dude how can you do this.karan you will not find any other beautiful.gentle,kind, and homely girl anywhere.please pach up atall.but DONNOT date or marry that bitch Jenniferpleease.Donot you

  85. jeniffer says:

    Well done Arman, you done well by devorcing your wife and going out with your choreographer……..if you guys actually think thats a good thing then your all whores who wants to get fuked by Arman…A man who devorces his wife for another women, he is a retard cause that relationship is not gona last long.. Arman don’t even know what love is all he wants is sex from as many women possible. I feel sorry for all you people that think Arman is “right” when you know he is wrong. You girls and thos guys who said that Arman is right in devorcing are all after Armans penis…you just want to sleep with him..just like Arman did to his wife and left her for another women thats what he is gona do to his new girlfriend…or should i say whore.

  86. harleen says:

    karan is an assssshole…….he is sick………i js hate him….he dsnt deserve any good grl on dis earth,,,,n i thnk fr d sam reason god parted him from shraddha..i wud only say that karan u should js go to hellll….becoz u only deserv that place…….people lik u who cheat their partners are real losers,,,,,they cn nve be happy ……….so karan…wish u happy bad days……….

  87. Nammy says:

    You guys are the most ridiculous people I have ever seen in my life. He is such a B*****D, and completely full of himself. So, get out of your dreamy state and face reality. You IDIOTS. Thanks to those of you who really are so sensible to recognizing his true colors.

  88. Shishir Gupta says:

    I request you all to please use a decent language while commenting here. I completely agree that people have have different thoughts a particular thing and like to express it, that is why I have allowed all the comments whether they are agaiinst or for the post. But I would like to add that even if you are frustrated please write the comment in a manner that it does not contain any abusive language. We all have the right to express our feelings, but it is important that one realizes the thin line between expressing oneself and hurting the others.


  89. Priyanka says:

    Hey Karan u’ve tkn right dicision. Dat nonsnce shrdha c does’nt trust u. U shud b wid shilpa or jenni

  90. koyal says:

    the decession of departing ways of karan n sharddha is right, coz they anyways never suited eachother,,,, well it’ll be best decession frm karan’s side if he goes with jennifer. coz’ karan nd jennifer make the most wonderful’ mst beautiful nd the cutest couple on earth!!!!!!!!1

  91. Katie says:

    Oye stupid, idiot, nonsense, etc. Whatever u had done wid the sweet, cute n caring shraddha is wrong. I curse u for what u had done. U’ll not b happy in ur whole life. I know u’ll realise ur mistake one day. Bt then shraddha is not going to Forgive u. Ok bloody idiot. Go to HELL.

  92. mani says:


  93. mani says:

    OR u all girls i think tum sbka brain wash ho gya h…………ya god ne tum ladkiyo ko is world me without brain bhej diya h/……………tabhi to apni bewkufo bahri bbato se aarmaan ka brainwash kr rhi thi……………..u beches………..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllll

  94. Pooja says:

    I LUV YOU Armaan and you are best forever

  95. priya sinna says:

    arman u r the bestttttttttttttt i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  96. GAURAV says:

    hi dude, listen,all preyer’s of ksg will be good and not preyer’s of ksg will be bad.

  97. Jery says:

    karan i hope that you would find a right life partner for you and live happly.okay n best of luck.

  98. usman says:

    Karan And Shilpa Are The Best…………………………
    Jodi Of Shlipa Anand And Karan Singh Grover Is …………………………..

  99. arsalan khan bannu ghoriwalla says:

    armaan aka karan u did very well the only girl that match with u is shilpa anand my favourite………………………………………………..arsalan khan ghoriwalla bannu kot mehter

  100. Satinder Kaur says:

    u ve taken right decision karan.karan grover n shilpa anand makes the perfect couple.right u all u karan(arman)

  101. Satinder Kaur says:

    love uuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh karan.u should marry shilpa anand

  102. manpreet says:

    sry to comment on ur very personal ishu doubt m very big fan of urz karan bt i think u wrong,,,,,,,,it does n’t m,atterz ki who cumz next in ur life u shuld alwaz care 4 pupil who 1st in ur life in this case i think sharadha is right at her side

  103. monika says:

    marriage is a heavenly gift and not a game where u expect both the boy and the girl to be some prince and princess….it is most important part of life and we need to stand by it in all the circumstances….i dont know why people forget that looks will not be with us lifetime but a loyal and loving partner will definetly be dere till last breath…i wish u and shraddha were togther karan.

  104. sadaf says:

    what rubish? shrada is so sweet yaar .. karan bht e badtameez he, her kisi larki k sath chakar chalta hai. he is very lucky to have a sweet wife….. idiot karan singhhhhhhhhhhh

  105. Sneha says:

    hi armaan, i like this name, you dont know me, hamare jaise aapke bahut fan hai lekin honesty mare jaise koi nai hai, pls reply one time

  106. humera says:

    karan u nd shilpa luk vry kool 2gether………………………………dil mil gaye waz like watching only bcoz of shilpa and u……………not u and jenny……………………………..shilpa iz juzt a perfect girl 4 u…………………….

  107. naziya says:

    u r good for nothg kaan jab kaam tha tb usee use kiya n ones u got d fame u left her shame on u man shit not fit to bea man chullu bhar paani me duub ja

  108. afreen says:

    guyz plz stp interfearng who knws wt went wrng pray 4 tem bth f tem r in pain..god bless bth..luv u karan alooooooot…

  109. Arpit Kapoor says:

    karan aur sharaddha aap dono ne bahut galat kiya hai ek doosre ke saath har pati patni mei kuch na kuch miss understandings ho jati hain lekin iska matlab yeh nahi hota ki aap log divorce le lo please yaar wapas jao aur mandir mei jakar ek dosre ko apna lo fir se . ek baar fir aapas mei shadi kar lo aur ab ye galti doobara se nahi karna please meri baat maan lo aur ek ho jao fir se kyunki rishte tutne mei jyada samay nahi lagta hai lekin kabhi – kabhi rishte judne mei puri jindagi bhi kam pad jati hai isiliye ek anjaan ki baat mankar fir se ek ho jao kabhi nahi alag hone ke liye. aal the best for best couple.

  110. Astounded says:

    Wow. Some of the actor’s fans are whipped. Jeez. I respect the girl for standing up for herself. Must have taken a lot of courage! All I can say about Karan is…what a sleazebag. He was cheating on his wife with possibly two other girls…and some people are saying good job. Ridiculuous.

  111. PAYAL says:

    for all those gurls who are supporting are idiots.. retarrds.. buddhu, pagal .. u know not everything in life is a show liek dill mill gayee.. soemtimes things are real.. and fro those who said ‘karan marry jenni or shilpa” well though luck because thats not gonna happen.. and if it did.. i rlly doubt it will last long bcz karan is a fucked up two-timer.. imagine if soemoen u lvoe cheated on u .. hwo would u feeel? like srsly.. get ober DIL MIL GAYEE because this is real.. its reality .. i feele so bad for sharddha.. she’s teh one who encouraged karan to joing JDJ.. she never knew he woudl cheat on her with that slutty fucked up whore choreogarpher.. and as in for karan.. go look up the word “KARMA’ ..and start getting ready for it .. cuz one day .. you’ll go though it .. i hope someoen close to ur heart betrays yoyu .. see how u feeel .. fuck u .. i hate u .. u only have those whores who have no respect for u and all tehy wanna do is sleep with u .. ! i guess u wouldn’t mind sleeping with ur female fans.. if u didn;t hesistae sleeping with a girl u only knew for so long while being married to a WOMEN.. why would u hesisate sleeping with oen of ur fans u dont even know? go fuck urslef.. u should be ashamed.. i hate u.. i hate DMG… it sucks.. u suck.. i cant imagine.. i’ve always wanted a hubby liek armaan.. a hubby like u .. but now forget it .. u suck .. go fuck ur self.. i hope u face many hardships and struggle in urlife.. u suckkk..! I HATE YOU.. and this message from a women.. who knows better than to support a guy just because he has gud looks.. ! I HATE U .. GO DIE KARAN..I HATE U ..

  112. Swapnil (dada) says:

    Hey, hiiiii
    i’m swapnil dahifale. maharastra, distric-pune. Indapur.

    -I’m not shakespear 2write about u,
    I’m not sonu2 sing about u,
    I’m not mf hussin2 paint u,
    I’m just ur frnd 2 say i’m always with u.

    -Hey boy tenssion nahi lene ka lekin jo decion lena hai sochsamzkar lena.

    – i’m big fan with u yaar dil mill gaye me kabhi nahi chodtatha.
    -I have meet you.

    So don’t worry take care.

  113. karan says:

    Ksg fans are brainless,,,whatever he will do they will like it ,,if he will cheat then also they will love ,,whether he is wrong or right ,they will support him because he is smart,,,friends i must tell you that a poor man with no money is far better than the rich man with no heart

  114. ritikamahajan says:

    yaaaaaaaa………………………..i also agree with payal……………………bcz this is not fair with sharadha…………….i feel so bad for her.

  115. Shila Pass says:

    What a lovely blog page. I will undoubtedly be back. Please hold writing!

  116. jay says:

    karan u n jenny r perfect together………………. watching dmg was becuse of u . plz come back soon with season 3 of DMG

  117. shrada says:

    are u all nuts? you all are so crazy abt him only cuz of the fact that he looks somewhat good that’s it.
    He’s the most stupidest guy on earth someone can ever find.
    Karan is never going to prosper in his life with this kind of attitude.
    And finally all you Girls are NUTS for liking him so much.

  118. shrada says:

    are u all nuts? you all are so crazy abt him only cuz of the fact that he looks somewhat good that’s it.
    He’s the most stupidest guy someone can ever find on earth.
    Karan is never going to prosper in his life with this kind of attitude.
    And finally all you Girls are NUTS for liking him so much.

  119. shazia says:

    things wht ever be wid u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be happy leave it nd getover the bad days

  120. shazia says:

    karan forget about ur past re

  121. samaira says:

    karan, 2 b frank i never lykd u initially……bt eventually i strtd lykng u nly 4 d reasn coz d persn i love d mst in dis wrld resembles u alotttt in behaviour,style n attitude…..evn he s a big flirt……though he s lyk dis i wnt evr b able 2 4get him……n nw 2 i lyk u nly 4 d reasn wen i c u i rembr him n mis him…..though i lyk u bt i wil always b wid shraddha……wat she did is ryt……luks doesnt mattr if dat persn luvs u mre dan nethn in dis wrld……n watevr u did is wrng obviously coz if u neva luvd her y did u evn get married 2 her????!!!! u hv 2 pay 4 dis…….may b nt nw bt l8r on u wil hv 2…….

  122. mandeep kaur says:

    hi krn u tk rgt dczn she is gud 4 anodr prsn nt 4 u coz u r wrld bst prsn nd nicole z nt gud 4u coz u deserv btr dn her..m.:) i’m ur huge fan plz 2ok 2 me its my drm aftr my dad u r 2nd prsn whom i luv alot plz cum bk vd huge bg rck bang in dmg me nd ur all frnds wnt 2 qukly cum bk we al r waitng my hubby karan luv uuuuuuu,.so mch bye vd smile 🙂

  123. dola says:

    divorces dont happen 4 a single reason….so K SERA SERA

  124. shaz says:

    Hey all u guyz tht r saying that shraddha wasnt perfect 4 karan WTF!!!!
    like srsly pplz get the facts rite no1 nos why they split up, and like srsly u love him!!! Y dnt u get married to some1 like him then ull c wat shraddha was going thru

  125. richa jain, dehradun says:

    Hiiii ARMAAN, IReally is one of ur biggest fan. i watch DMG evry episode. n plz come back soon agnnnn… in DMG3 WID only n only SHILPA ANAND. Ok sweethr8….! n more thing go back to shradha nigams life. she really loves u n a swt Grl!!! : N i alwayz….. lllloooooooovveeeeee… UUUUUUUUUUUU!! So its a advice 2 u. love happens only once dear…! so jst think on it. GOODBYE… N Take cARe!! LOVE U…. HAMESHAAAAAAAA….. mmuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….

  126. sridevi says:

    guyz u can’t interfere in his life just becoz he’s a star. let him do watever he wants 2.i luv him
    but not so much 2 spoil his decisions.

  127. Sharan says:


  128. remeka says:

    well i know hw it feel wen yr luv ditch on u coz i had gone thru…

  129. poonam says:

    hi karan u look great with jenni so i request u to go out with jenni nd u r the made for each other couple nd keep smiling because i love ur smile nd i loveeeeeeeeee u soooooooooo much

  130. Nikita says:

    Karan u r just discusting every girls wish that when one of girl married with unknown person those person having responsiblity to loyal with in his relationsheep u r just discusting shame on u karan shame on u i am hundred persent sure u r not just like marrage material types i hate u.

  131. supreetho says:

    karansingh-grover is a good guy.shradda nigam likes to play with a relationship like marriage.she does not deserve karan. she married him for popularity and when she was not satisfied with it she want to take divorce(to get some attention of people). but karan is a handsome young man who have all the qualities a girl seeks from her husband.shradha is just foolish. well its good for karan because now he knows the real charecter of shradha. i hope karan marries a girl who expects only love and affection from him not popularity. she should be totally opposite of shradha. now karan is the most aligible bachler. he will surely choose a nice girl for him.

  132. shanu says:

    ya guyssss i too love armaan bt its really bad that he cheated sharda….after all physical appearance is nt everything…..n u girls out dere cud u have really tolerated dis if he was ur hubby n u were sharda………………….u need 2 think abt it……………….

  133. huma says:

    karan iz amazing guy………but divorce very bad

  134. tania says:

    please guys try to mend fences with each other again …………………………………………………………..
    u 2 look great

  135. nikita says:

    u 2 looks awsummmmmmmmmmmmm.plz.reconsider ur relation .iIluv u guys

  136. minal says:

    karan it was your good decision to leave shraddha. even i hate her

  137. minal says:

    i love you karan

  138. sushmita says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. karan u r tooooooooooo goooooooooooooood and don’t vary all is wallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ok.

  139. rida says:

    no karan u wrong she is perfect girl for u insan si surat mat dekho serat dekho plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  140. SAMIA says:

    shraddha is not right for KSG cuz she is damn ugly & KARAN is damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hot.I support ur decision & I LUV U ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  141. ADITI says:


  142. Zeena says:

    Hey karan
    Hi! First of all i want to tell u that I LIKE U…..A LOT n 2nd thing go back to ur wife karan……

  143. Gina Goes says:

    Hey Karan

  144. Devi says:

    hi karan how r u i miss u very much please say to ur director to get back u guys in DMG 3

  145. laile says:

    hello, karan, all i have to say is that you were very successful in playing the role armon in DMG. as one of you millions of fans, i hope well for your future, hope you have a very successful career,

  146. khushi says:

    u n jennifer make a great pair
    love u
    miss u
    nd no one could play yur role in dmg such efficientlyyyyyyyyyyy

  147. babita says:

    i no karan’s friend and i met him recently… karan is not giving time to her wife… that is the reason..they are together..

  148. babita says:

    i no karan’s friend and i met him recently… karan is not giving time to his wife… that is the reason..they are together..

  149. kaajal says:

    karan had a affair it was said on telly buzz and shraddha tried her best 2 save her marriage but nothing working! ashame on u karan i rekon he would do the same with jeniffer!

  150. Mamta parui says:

    hi karan how r u i miss u very much please say to ur director to get back u guys in DMG 3 love u all from dmg

  151. khan says:

    plz start ur new episod…………………..

  152. TASNEEM MALIK says:

    karan your so cute so handsome u deserve katrina kaif not jennifer…… your d most handsome guy alive aft salmaan khan… m a big fan yours…. your nose makes evry gal fall..
    nw plzzz comeback soon on small screen m jus waiting to watch you but not wit jeniffer……

  153. Sweety says:

    when they both got married …….he was nothing n she was a well known actress. after marriage she left her carrier for him,helped him to make his carrier in serials………… he got fame n all…………………ab to ye apni aukat pe aaega hi………….ab to use wo buri lgegi hi……….girls see the reality………………just because his looks u all love him.TV tak to thik but real life me sirf looks se decision mat lena please. kyuki shayad shardha ka dard nhi dikh rha but jab khud pe lgegi to sahan nhi hoga

  154. altamash says:

    karan you make good decision

  155. Rup says:

    bottom line….Karan is not one woman man….. he wants gf but not the responsibilities coming with it

  156. hey armaan tumne yeh thik nhi kiya shradha nigam k sath agar tumhe woh pasand nhi thi toh shadi nhi krni chahiye thi …………….. han uski n tumhari jodi achi nhi thi but phir bhi uski adhi lyf toh spoil kr di na tumne ………………………….. han ye sach hai k tumhari n jennifer winget ki jodi jhakas lagti hai par dear shadi sirf ek hi baar kr ni chahiye par jo hua so hua lekin iske baad kuch yehi tumhari lyf hai jennifer agar tumne ise bhi chod diya toh phir mujhe bhi pata nhi but sab sochengey k tum apne responsibilities se bhag rhe ho n han mein tumhari bahut badi fan hun ……………………………………………..

  157. Rikam says:

    Everyone knows in Andheri W what a womanizer Karan is. He repeatedly cheated on Shraddha. She was a sweet girl to have fell in love with someone who doesn’t have a soul. Guys dont idolize such people like karan. If Shraddha was cheated why do u think he won’t cheat on Jennifer.

  158. Hey ! Karan tumne bilkul theek kiya is SHRADDHA ko chod kar JENNIFER se shaadi karli ! I jus hate shraddha ! And I LUV JENNIFER ! Ur Choice Was really Awsome !

  159. Rash says:

    I do not like this guy… how ever shraddha is- beautiful or not, intelligent or not… in the end he married her and should have respected marriage! I am not a fan of shraddha too but yes i believe in marriage its not a game!

  160. shweta says:

    karan urf ammy, actually we dont have any right to comment in ur personal life, 2day u r happily married in ur life with jenny thats gud:) whatever happened btwn u and shradha was ur past..just forget it..all the best..hope for DMG3 with KaSh..

  161. bhavika shekhawat says:

    hey pls back on dmg3

  162. mani says:

    Lyk Karan ap sirf apne dil ki suno vohi kro jo alla dil chahta hai

  163. Madhuri pal says:

    I love u so much i like u i m tha big of u i want 2 meet u nd 1 time i want 2 hug u u again merig with jenifer i also want 2 this becoz i dont like shradha where u nd where she u r looking nice handsome — i really love u i love alot if u dont do merig with jennifer then i am do merig with u becoz i really love u uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm its 4 u my kran singh grover u know that arman malik is my favourate name only 4 u name that is nd again i love u uuu

  164. Salim Aqil says:

    I read all the above comments people have been making. Its so sad how most of us have started thinking today. There is no respect for the institution of marriage. I am surprised how you guys have reacted towards the whole situation, from calling Sharaddha not beautiful to actually supporting what Mr. Grover did to her. All I can say is that the charming and handsome KSG is nothing but such a player and knows how to make a fool of women.

  165. Innocent smile says:

    Its very painful when ur Love cheats u….no one can understand the pain….except her/his…bt cheatr will definately suffer in future….thats life….

  166. swati says:

    what karan did with shraddha was not gud….when he got married with her he shouldnt have an extra marital affair….it shows he can leave any girl for the other…..

  167. Hiren sukhdiya says:

    Shradha i m with u.
    Karan is cheter , thats all,
    love u shradha

  168. Hiren sukhdiya says:

    Are yar ye girls breakup pe itng khush ho rahi he, shame shame .

  169. prathiksha shetty says:

    sme gals over here do u knw shraddha haaa…hw could u comment without knowing her….ur all,r tooo glas …..if same thing hppened with u kya karte tum log….he cheated her dammm …… for marriage is a biggest decision nt a jokee…. god knws wht pain that gal is suffering through…..for karan feelings and marriage r jst joke i guessss…. i hte u karan for this….. agar ye he karna tha so y u maaried herr……dammm….. sahi bolte hai log ….. gla cn be a bst frnd and bst enemy tooo….

  170. prathiksha shetty says:

    i believe sme gals pair is gud…. shraddha doesnt looks gud…. wht wrng with u guys it was a normal affair ..ita was marriage……nt a joke..

  171. says:

    What’s up it’s me, I am also visiting this website regularly, this web
    site is genuinely fastidious and the people are truly sharing nice thoughts.

  172. nikhita says:

    i didnt expect this 4rm karan….

  173. ksk says:

    he breaks some one he is not good..i hate him…boys r heartless

  174. ayushi says:

    first of all karan i luv u vry. much..u luk too hot and handsum in. qubool hai as. asad and DMG as. arman. ur decision is rgt. shradha is not matchable to u. i like ur vry much……… happy for eva.

  175. Saima sayyed says:

    Hi armaan u r good actor but u fail in goor hasbnd so bad kisi keduniya ujar kar aap naye duniya nahi bsa sakte that is fact 😦

  176. kiran says:

    karan tmne bhut kalt kiya kiss ki zindagi karb ker di doop k mer jao

  177. jhbjnoi says:


  178. Kareenawahi says:

    Karan singh grover…..recently I came to know that sharaddah nigam was your wife……but it,s your personal matter…I have no need to interfere in it…….but I will must say ….it,s good….by the way love u soooooooooo much…….n jenifer is better for u…..anyways u r soooo good n ur all serial are mind blowing… u

  179. Kareenawahi says:

    But sweet asad(karan) ap ny aik larki ki life Barbad ki hai …..if u think u hurt her…..which is not right

  180. Kareenawahi says:

    People are saying that shraddah was not good for u…..but it,s not fear…..kal logon k sath Allah na kry Asia ho….ager aisa ho jaye to un k Bary main log kahain k wo ap k liye right nai thi … ap ko bura lgy ga…..aur ap log e shraddah ko Asia keh rahy ho…..main yeh nai keh Rae k karan ny galt kiya hai…..but main yeh b nai keh Rae k us ny sai kiya hai…but ap log galt keh rahy ho… karan ka personal matter hai …..hum karan ko onscreen like krty hain……us ki real life main kya problems hain ……unhain jan’ny ka Ham logon ko koi Hak nai hai…….by the way karan I love u so much

  181. JB says:

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    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing many months of hard work
    due to no data backup. Do you have any solutions to stop hackers?

  182. saran says:

    Karan seems to be an immature guy. In life at every point you will find beautiful girls and you cant marry all. He first left his wife then nicole and at last took the most beautiful girl from them. But if u c in last his last both relation lasted for few years. I hope now he doesnot get chance to be wife some more beautiful girl.
    And please dont judge a person from his role. They are totally different in real life.

  183. Rahul Sharma says:

    Dude Recentely i cme to khnow that shardha was ur wife….
    well i dont want to interfare in ur personal matter and plz guy stop blaming on karan or shraddha….
    its ther personal matter.. and i dnt thnk that u guys need to interfare in ther lyf..
    any ways dude besst of luk for QUBOOL HAI..
    Good going keep it up

  184. ak says:

    bt its true karan was fu***ng both woooowwww
    sorrryyy …

  185. Pplrdumb says:

    F**k u boys. All u think of are looks. But u girls are worse. Just because a guy is cute, means even cheating is Ok or what? U are no better than sada hua tomatoes.

  186. s says:

    first of all my heart break when i see so much idiot are in this world that support a b**t**d person like him and say he did good cheat his sweet nice beautiful wife. anyone that dare call shradha isnot beautiful fist go watch your own nasty face in mirror then comment on her and if u say he did good i hope same happen in your real life i hope u get a b**t**d dirty partner like karan and he cheat on u then u ll get what pain shradha went thorogh. u idiots that support him if he was ur husband and had cheated on u then stil ul support him. he isnot anything even isnot zero he is just a true ba**t**d. he deserve dirty girls like jenifer winget and that b**t**d nicol he never will see happines after wat he did to shradha . if he didnot like her why got married her he was blind. he is such a ididot that for dirty girls like jenifer and nicole left that sweet wife. he not deserve good clean wife in his life so god made him seprat of shradha . i hope he go direct to hell for breaking that sweet shradha s heart. i hope he never see happiness always in his heart feel lonliness even if again marry always feel his heart is empty and he cant be happy i hope god dont forgive him for wat did to that sweet shradha. she always suport her and wat he did same time had affair with that dirty cheap jenifer and thaat b**t**d nicol. he is cheap b**t**d iddiot nonsense. dirty cheap i hope god send u to hell i hate u b**t**d

  187. s says:

    wen shradha marred him he wasnot anything she was very famous she is such a sweet heart from a great family she has such a sweet smile in her eyes i think karan isnot so perfect his height is very short and even he doesnot have a correct six pack just idiot fan made him big he isnot anything and she was famous she married him support him let that poor begger come live in her apartment and then wat he did cheap b**t**d broke her heart changed her smile to tears. karan if a girl is corect never go in affair with a mared man jenifer winget and nicol both are cheap dirty b**t**ds that wen u was marred to shradha both of them had affair with u and as u are a b**t**d too u deserve this kind of dirty person in ur life not a family sweet girl like shradha u deserve cheap girls and u got it . i persoaly happy shardha went and is free from a b**t**d like u. ur behavior shows from a cheap background coming u not deserved her. u made for cheap girls that suport u. that jenifer and nicol both ar most dirtiest person in whole world.and if u think u are handsome im sorry for u go see bolywood star then u will understand u are nothing not face u have not body wen i see ur height i just explod in laugher he has taken himself very serious. one will be shahrukh khan that whole world isin his hand one salman one akshay aand one a small b**t**d like u. see dream ofbollywood ur size is for small role coz u are small personality. big star have big heart as u doesont have heart so u are not even human go to hell

  188. tina says:

    im just sorry for all idiot girls that say he did good in devorce sweet beautiful elegent shradha . he not deserved a lovely wife like her. shradha was his rab ne banade jodi she was the only true love in this b**t**d life. nicol jenifer both are fake and just want use him. cheap jenifer befor marriage had affair with him even wen he was married to shradha and now to just using him for publisity he deserve such fake wife like jenifer winget. shradha was so sweet beautiful nice and loved him so much by heart and that moron that loser broke her sweet heart i hope god curse u. one day u ll understand that jenifer isnot ur life partner and shradha was best but it ll be very late and u wont have chance to see her sweet face again. loser b**t**d cheater. i hope god never forgive u for what u did to that sweet wife she tried her best to save her marrige but u had affair same time with nicol and jenifer i hate all u three b**t**d . go to hell even hell is very much for such a b**t**d like u. u fake u loser u moron u wicky. god curse u all idiot fan of him if he is very good i hope a husband like him come in your all life cheat u make u cry divorce u and go in affair with any dirty girl then u ll understand what betray means and that time i want see u ll suport his wrong doing..

  189. tina says:

    my heart break hard when i see so much idiots are in this world that suport a b**t**d like him and say he did good to cheat his sweet wife shradha really sory for them. and to all those say shradha isnot beautiful first go see your own nasty face in miror then coment on shradha she is very beautiful elegante sweet cute and sexy thousand times beter than that fake ugly nikol and cheap fake jenifer that always kilo kilo make up is on her face without make up doesnot have confidence show her face any where. and for all say he did good cheat on shradha i hope same happen to ur life a b**t**d husband like him come to ur life cheat on u for cheap girls then u ll came to know shradha pain. if that b**t**d was ur husband and had down cheat n u still u suport him surely no. just one moment put urself in shradhas place he did very bad. she was such a sweet wife did anything for him brought that begger to her apartment. he wasnot anything wen they got married she was really famous. he had affair with nicol and jenifer winget. he is b**t**d he is dirty and he deserve dirty cheap women like nicol and jenifer i think god took shrdha from him coz saw he not deserved her she was such a sweet innocent girl clean and he is such a loser he ll pay for wat he did to her life i hope he go to hell and he never will see a true love again his second wife is just as fake as he is. im sure after shradha he never will feel true happines always some place in his heart will be empty that no one can fill it. he ll pay for breaking her heart and her home. u are just a true b**t**d a cheap dirty playboy. i hope god never forgive u. he is cheap so a cheap girl like jenifer came in his life . if a girl is corect never go in affair with a marred man jenifer and nicol both are such a witch they both had affair with him wen he was married to shradha i hate all them . they ll pay for wat they did to that sweet girl.. u b**t**d u moron u loser with ur cheap caractor u not deserv shradha thanks god she went and now is free from a b**t**d like him.

  190. tina says:

    any time i just see him on tv i explode in laughter coz he is so short and even doesnot have a corect six pack and has taken himself very serious oh my god just ididot fan have mad him big otherwise he isnot anything except a bloody loser. if u think u are so handsome and hot go see bolywod superstar shahrukh salman akshay john abraham jacky badnani varoon dawan ali zafar rithik roshan then u ll came to know what hot means what height is and what six pack is. one is shahrukh that heart of all women all over world is in his hand and had done romance with most beautiful girls of bollywood like preity rani aishwarya but never even one time has cheated his wife 22 years amazing marriage he has and still going on and one is u b**t**d that in 10 month with two b**t**d like jenifer winget and nicol betreyed ur wife. shradha is like real dimond that is one in 100000milon and bloody b**chs like jenifer and nicol like ston that anywhere u can find, even i dont know what is that ugly hole in jenifer winget face wen she laugh it always come out. it is disgusting. karan is disgusting too. he is just such a two face person. a loser that let his lucky charm shradha go and replaced her with cheap girls like nicol and jenifer. sorry for u karan. u and ur ridiculous body and short height. have u done any nose job too because wen i see ur fist photo it looks ur nose shape has changed if yes wich doctor u went … hahhaah loser.

  191. yasmin says:

    hi..karan…..shraddha loves u a lot…she get d pain of divorce…..

  192. soniya says:

    i totally agree with Natasha, s, payal, tina, naina, nammy, hate- ksg, and harleen. he is just such a loser. he is just a cheap worm that crawling between woman and just idiot girls suport his wrong doing. i think his height is too short so beter he go in snow white and seven dwarf take role of one of dwarf coz his height is very short and he is just a dwarf too. hahahha his six pack my god it is not even one pack i have too show him ritik roshan 6 pack after than he never dare remove his shirt and say anything about 6 pack hahah and seriosly guys wen i see him it look like a duck or a crow is in pant and jacket jumping this part and that part. his face really look lik a crow and his feet is like a duck hahaha have u seen how ridicolous he looks and he thinks he is hot. what the fuck if he is hot then wat is john and ritik and shahrukh and salman….. and that jenifer too is just a dwarf as he is even after wearing extremely high heels is very short and after using so much make up still is ugly. these two fake really are perfect for eachother. i never saw shradha want deceive her fans she always was wat she is simple and preity with a nice natural fair skin not like jenifer winget hide herself behind make up. i am really happy for u dear sweet heart shradha u did good u got ur divorce that dwarf karan not deserved u. u are from such a great family u are such a dear and sweet heart. love u dear. for anyone that want know shradha better go in you tube and write juhi visit shradha place and see that video u ll die for her such a cute sweet girl is she and just see what a design has made her home . she is just like a choclet so sweet u all will fall in love with her. and u dwarf karan just go to hell. some idiot suport u but thanks god still some wise person are in this world that can understand such a worm and loser and bastard u are. go to hell

  193. soniya says:

    oh god still im shock i cant belive what this bloody bastard did to shradha s life i want cry. still their interview video is on you tube when he was telling that he loves anything about shradha that he worship her and he persist her to say yes for marriage. and their marriage interview wen he told he is lukiest man in world that she is his wife then i saw video about their divorce in telli buzz that wat he was doing with that slot nicol and that slot jenifer. and shradha alone was bearing all pain and he even one time not told sorry. wen they asked him about his affair this shameless worm easily accept it. was laughing. marriage was joke for him. oh shradha how every moment u suport him and u stood with him really i want cry he is not anything for me i feel hurt very much now i can imagine what a endless pain u went through. he wasnot ur boyfriend he was ur husband and u wasnot his girlfriend u were his wife. oh my god what he did he broke a marriage a sacrid tie. if there is any god in this world and any justice he have to pay for every tear that came in ur eyes and ur fan eyes. god never forgive him. he deserve that slot jenifer. as she tried and broke ur marriage dear one day another woman ll break her marriage. wat the fuck that dmg just suck i hate all cast and crew of that disgusting serial. karan go die go to hell even if 10000 years pass we never willl forget wat u did to shradha. oh god my heart pain my tears non stop coming how this cheap worm this dwarf karan cheat his own wife. go get lose karan dont show ur nasty face anywhere. go to hell i just hate u. u have to pay for shradha all tear and all pain. god is watching and he ll take her revange. go to hell u bloody fucker.

  194. sana says:

    u betrayer. iy dnt knw hw jennifer can get married to u. wen ur a left ova. and we she’s decent………)

  195. sana says:

    hey karan u fck**ng betrayer.. u big nse dick head iy dnt even knw hw jennifer cud even get married to a betrayer lke u.. If u cud do tht to shraddha den hus jennifer.. maybe 1 day u see anotah biitch den you’ll end up making a scene with her and end up leaving jennifer.Therez no trust in guyz lke u……)

  196. reva says:

    how can girls be sooo immature n senseless at times. truely said women is the biggest enemy of a women. relationship is nt based on beautiful or smart its thru heart n soul. honesty the strength of it. n e ways its all past. let them all be happy as they have walked their own path.

  197. Aditi Kapoor says:

    I just read it…it sounds weird but I think following ur heart is better than compromising the entire life with the happiness….Jennifer Winget is gorgeous….nd Karan Singh Grover is charming….looking forward to see a serial casting both of u….cheers….

  198. sandy says:

    I really never liked him, He is very selfish. my best wished for shrdha

  199. karishma says:

    Karan Singh grover you are a peice of shit with no character of your own …… someone has rightly said never trust people wid blue eyes they are born b@@@@@ds neways shradha i love u are a great strong woman who knows when to take stand for ypur self keechad me rehke u would beckm the same i am glad u took the right desision for your self ……. rest people bark dont care god has given you two ears listen from one and remove from another ………….


  200. piya says:

    Shraddha nigam is today happily married with Mayank anand and karan singh grover and jenifer winget are going to file divorce soon….so time has shown who deserves the marital bliss and who deserves punishment

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