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It’s been a roller coaster of 20 months I have had in here. They have been very good and enjoyable days as well as there have been many bad and forgettable days as well. I was very happy when I had joined Cybage, as I was one the first people to get a joining from my school batch and even the college batch. Something that I was very happy of then because many of my friends who were to join big companies got a much delayed joining. One of the biggest achievements I can boast about is that I survived the unforgiving recession period in here. I was hardly 5 months into the job that I got the first sight of the effects of recession way back in January 09. It was like one of the worst starts of a year.

This is the pic of our complete group. We were celebrating a birthday. This was just before the Recession struck. I am somewhere 4-5 from the right.

I was safe as I was into a project very early, but that month I lost a couple of friends who lost their jobs and became one of the first victims of recession. But by all this I realized that it’s not going to be an easy road ahead, and I should choose the safest path of further studies. I then decided to crack CAT that time. In the meanwhile my work also went of very well, but to my surprise the project got completed I came back on the bench (or the resource pool as we call it). Those were the scariest times, as every day I walked into the office thinking that it could be the last day in office. But on second thoughts I would call them as my best days here in the company, as we a group of friends here enjoyed the days. We literally had no work, so we would come in daily surf the internet, write posts on my blog, play flash games, chat, party, watch live score (IPL season 2 was going on those days) and then discuss about them rest of the time.

Thats Ashish, Shital, Pratibha, Girish, Shalini and Me

One of the Great examples of what we did during the Great Recession Period- "Youtube". Its me and Sachin here.

Then came May 1, the results of our appraisals were announced. We all knew that our salaries will not get increased but to our shock they go decreased (something none of us had expected). I thought that this was the toughest phase here, but there were plenty of hiccups lined up. The HR people started calling people 1 by 1 and gave them their relieving letter (a great way to fire people I must say). Quite a few of my friends were there in the victims list. I was expecting the call any day. I still remember it was 12th May and I got a call from the HR department that I have to meet our HR head. I took a back up of my machine and even sent a good bye mail to all of my remaining friends as I knew what the outcome of that meeting was going to be. But again to my surprise (they have been many of them in this journey of 20 months) I wasn’t fired, in fact I was advised to change my department, and suddenly my life changed (from bad to good, or is it really).

This change suddenly made me look a fresher all over again. I felt that I have just joined a new company. But luckily I still had a group of good friends here to give me support. Well now my life had really changed, I started liking the work, started enjoying what I was doing. So in way I can say that my life had changed from bad to good, but the exception to it was that now I had to work and had no other choice (I wasn’t doing any work for the past few months). In July I moved into a project called MicroStrategy and since then my life has been very smooth. I have had a very good project team, got to learn a lot technically from each one of them. The client has been very happy with the work done, which was finally reflected the appraisals of October 09. The only drawback of the team was that all of the members were women, so I had to be a bit disciplined (something that I am not), but they all were very helpful and I got to learn a lot from each one of them and also this helped me a lot in improving my interpersonal skills.

Me with the team (Anisha, Bharati, Me, Pooja and Sreelekha)

Now coming back to the appraisals topic. It was the month of October, although many people had left Cybage and many were on the verge of leaving it as the situation of the IT industry was improving. So the management decided to give increments to everyone in this appraisal. I was not expecting anything as what had happened six months ago was still fresh in my mind and its effects had just blocked my thinking. I actually did not expect anything in that appraisal. My meeting was fixed with my manager, lead and the head for 5th of October. During my meeting I actually realized that my situation was not bad at all. They all were impressed with my performance in the past 6 months. And all of that reflected in the appraisal report that I received on the 1st of November.

After this the life has been very good so far, except for a few instances when some of my good friends parted ways in search of a better living somewhere else. Also I enjoyed some great moments with my team in the various team meetings, whether they are knowledge sharing sessions (they are actually more of fun sessions than knowledge sharing) or they are monthly birthday celebrations, or they are team lunch outings, or even the Diwali funfair organization committee meetings,  all of them have been very good and exciting.

Me with the team

One of my very good friends Abhay left in the first week of December. I was sad that he was leaving, but was also very happy because he was going for his higher studies. Before he left, we (a small group of friends) sat down late nights in Coffee shops, chatting, discussing about the happy and sad moments we had been through in the last year. After Abhay left, I somewhat continued this trend of meeting up with friends and sitting late night. I along with Nilay and Mihir were regular members of these meetings. Many a times my other friends Raman, Vishal, and Najim would join in. We would sit late till 2 o clock in the morning at Costa Cafe (our regular Coffee joint), chat, drink coffee, eat and yes curse our company (this was one of the major and most common point that would occur on every meeting). Almost all of us were frustrated of our jobs by then, due to some or the other reasons, so we would vent it all out there (luckily I can say I was not, so would just listen to all of them). I really spent some of my great moments during those times. I am putting a few images; these were taken in January and that was nilay’s last day at work. So we all had gathered there to give him a kind of farewell.

Thats Najim, Nilay, Raman, Mihir, Me and Vishal

Thats Najim, Raman, Mihir, Me and Vishal. I guess Nilay is the one who has taken this pic.

Well this time its me and Nilay relaxing in Costa Cafe

After he left I guess the fun and excitement also has left our group. Nowadays we don’t sit that often in night (that time we used to twice or thrice a week, now we hardly sit once a month). Now I have completed 20 months in here. I have mixed feelings about this, neither sad nor happy. This may be because the appraisals are back and I am expecting a good increment again (happy) and also in these 20 months I have had to part ways with very good friends I made here in Cybage(sad).

Now I am looking forward to my completion of 2 years here (if that happens). Well as I had said earlier my CAT results are out and I have secured a 98 percentile. I am hoping that I get into one of the IIM’s, but if I don’t then probably I will stay with Cybage for another one year(I hope that this will also be pretty exciting as the last year, though I don’t want the recession effects to come back).

I will probably update next after my IIM results are out or when I complete my 2 years here at Cybage.

One of our great achievements, featuring on the Cover Page of the Magazine


Well Dill Mill Gayye is back in business. Although the episodes are still disappointing, still with all the suspense of what wil happen next, the show has certainly garnered great TRPs. Also with the return of Karan Singh Grover back into the show, a lot of the viewers are also back. Though the track so far after his return has been disappointing, as everyone is expecting much different than what is happening, also it looks as if the producers are wasting a lot of time here and there in the show rather than showing any substantial content. Now there is only one quetion on everyone’s mind, Will Armaan and Riddhima be back together again?

I have been trying to get as much information I can on this. In the meanwhile I have found this article on the internet, so I am pasting it here for everyone to view.

Karan Singh Grover’s return has created a new twist in STAR One’s Dill Mill Gayye and also upped the show’s TRPs.

Now when Riddhima and Armaan have come face to face, everyone is thinking as what will happen and if Dr.Riddhima will leave Sid for her first love- Armaan.

An Indya source tells us, “The return of Dr. Armaan in Sanjeevani has already made Dr. Ridhima ( Jennifer Winget) a bit tensed as she is now married to Dr. Siddhant (Karan Wahi). Now Armaan wants to propose her so that they will get married very soon. Even Dr. Sid wants that Riddhima should get back her love. She is now slightly developing a soft corner for Sid.”

Further our source said that, “Armaan is in shock about Riddhima and Siddhant’s relationship and their marriage. His dreams of getting married to Riddhima will be over.”

We spoke to Jennifer Winget aka Dr.Riddhima, “She is an Indian woman and knows the values of marriage so she can’t dishonour this marriage with Sid. But at the same time she is also confused as what to do next because she hasn’t yet forgotten Armaan but at the same time she can forget all what Sid has done for her as he has saved her life during the marriage ceremony. Many fans of Dill Mill Gayye are asking me this same question whether I will break the marriage for Armaan. Well, now at this point, even I don’t know the script ahead.”

So don’t forget to watch Riddhima’s dilemma about choosing Armaan or Sid on Dill Mill Gayye every Monday at 8 pm only on STAR One.”

Yesterday DIG Anju Gupta was on news all over, as she testified against Advani before the CBI court. I am writing about this because she is my cousin, a not so close cousin but yes she still is one of my cousin’s. So she being in news all over yesterday, made me some kind of proud and I thought that I should write something about it. I am just putting the news from the DNA and Times of India Newspapers that have written about the entire event.

The news from DNA.

Advani encouraged Babri demolition: Key witness
DIG Anju Gupta testifies against BJP leader before the CBI court
Deepak Gidwani. Lucknow

There was no effort from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Sangh Parivar leadership to stop the kar sevaks from razing the disputed structure at Ayodhya on December 6, 1992. Top saffron leaders, including LK Advani, actually encouraged the demolition, the person in charge of Advani’s security on that day has deposed.
The testimony of Anju Gupta, DIG, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), before the CBI court at Rae Bareli on Friday will be an embarrassment to the BJP and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leaders who have been maintaining brazenly that they did their best to stop the kar sevaks. The testimony also negates the BJP-VHP leaders’ explanation that the demolition of the structure was not planned, and that it was a spontaneous and impulsive act.
Gupta, who was assistant superintendent of police, Faizabad, at the time, was in charge of Advani’s security on December 6, 1992, and is one of the key witnesses in the case. She watched the build-up of events leading to the demolition from close quarters. On Friday, she reiterated what she had already said in an earlier statement to the CBI. 
Advani’s arrival on the dais erected at the Ram Janki Kunj, just 150 metres from the disputed site, sent a wave of excitement through the kar sevaks, and his speech, emphasising on ‘mandir yahin banayenge’, only instigated them further, the lady officer is reported to have told the CBI court. 

Advani encouraged Babri demolition: Key witness
Vinay Katiyar and other BJP-VHP leaders present on the dais also added to the fervour, she said.
She also said when the kar sevaks started pulling down the structure, all BJP-VHP leaders on the dais looked happy, and even distributed sweets.
She told the court that the kar sevaks had come well-equipped for the job, carrying iron rods, thick ropes with hooks attached, and other metal implements which clearly showed their intention to demolish the structure.
She also pointed out that the local police and the administration did not act in time. The district magistrate and the district police chief came after the dome fell, she stated, adding that they also had a closed-door meeting with Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi. She said that her repeated calls to the Ayodhya police control room for back-up force were not heeded.
Gupta is the ninth witness to depose before the court. The CBI has listed as many as 149 witnesses for examination. Advani is one of the eight accused of conspiring to bring down the disputed shrine along with BJP leaders Joshi, Katiyar and Uma Bharti, and VHP leaders Vishnu Hari Dalmiya, Giriraj Kishore, Ashok Singhal and Sadhvi Rithambara. ”

The news from Times of India.

Advani gave fiery speech on Dec 6, says his then-PSO
Refutes LK’s Claim That He Was Helpless Spectator To Demolition

Manjari Mishra | TNN

Rae Bareli: L K Advani’s attempt to distance himself from the Babri demoliton got a jolt on Friday, with Anju Gupta, senior IPS officer and an eyewitness of the destruction at Ayodhya on December 6, 1992, accusing the BJP veteran of delivering a provocative speech to the throng of kar sevaks who eventually tore down the mosque. 
    The IPS officer also did not support Advani’s claims that the demolition saddened him and that he had tried to restrain kar sevaks from bringing down the mosque. 
    Gupta’s testimony in the special CBI court here trying the Babri accused is significant because she, as Advani’s Personal Security Officer, was supposed to shadow him in Ayodhya and can claim to have seen and heard actions and utterances of the saffron stalwart on the eventful day. 
    The IPS officer said that Advani delivered a ‘bahut joshila’ (highly inflammatory) speech, adding that “his address generated much excitement” in the crowd. The leader declared that Ram Mandir will be constructed on the same 2.77 acre land. “Mandir wahin banega, Advani repeated the statement a number of times,” she said. 
    Gupta had given a detailed account of actions of Advani and his colleagues to the court earlier also. 
    Her reiterating the same in a trial which has dragged for years with no sign of coming to a close should not necessarily aggravate legal troubles for Advani immediately. Nor should it cause political complication to him or his party which still revels in its defiance over Ayodhya. But it undercuts Advani’s attempt to claim that he was a helpless spectator to the December 6 demolition. 
    The testimony, in fact, may appear to link the demolition to the speech, with the 1990-batch IPS officer saying that the final assault on the mosque began soon after Advani finished speaking. Saying that she could not hear the entire speech as she had to go out for a brief period to oversee VIP fleet parking arrangements, Gupta said that she, upon her return, noticed a crowd climbing up the structure with pick axes, spades and hooked ropes, the kinds used in circus. 
    Gupta’s descripition of happenings at Ayodhya on the fateful day also undercuts Advani’s claim that the demolition left him a sad man. Advani has regretted the act of demolition, terming December 6, 1992 “the saddest day in my life”. The claim, however, is not borne out by Gupta’s description of what followed the razing of the Babri mosque. The IPS officer told the court about celebrations that broke out among the leaders of BJP and VHP as the mosque came down, and did not sort those who felt sad from those who were jubiliant. 
    “The sight of the structure crashing down led to much euphoria among the dignatories present on the dais of the Ram Katha Manch. I saw sweets being distributed, people congratulating and embracing each other,” Gupta said. She continued, “The Ram Katha Manch, actually a single-storied building 150-170 metres away from the disputed structure, was a beehive of activity. Among the people who flitted in and out, I could recognise apart from Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Vishnu Hari Dalmia, Vinay Katiyar, Uma Bharati, Sadhvi Rithambhara, Acharya Dharmendra Dev and Shrish Chand Dixit,” she said. 
    Gupta also did not support Advani’s claim that he had tried to stop the kar sevaks, suggesting that he was actually concerned about kar sevaks who injured themselves during the demolition act. According to the officer, it was she who told Advani that a crowd had broken in and was demolishing the structure, and that a number of people had fallen off the dome and were critically injured. “Reports of kar sevaks being injured upset Advani. He demanded to be led to the site so that he could persuade kar sevaks to come down. Advised against this, Advani dropped the idea and deputed Uma Bharati instead,” she said. 
    The officer also accused other leaders of BJP/VHP combine — Vinay Katiyar, Uma Bharati, Sadhvi Rithambhara — of making provocative speeches. 
    While approaching the manch, Gupta could hear speakers saying from the dais, “Kar savek upar se nahi neeche se karseva karen (Kar sevaks should work from the bottom and not from the top).” Gupta also claimed to have heard Sadhvi Rithambhara urging the crowd repeatedly, “Ek dhakha aur do (give one more push).” “Uma Bharati was exhorting the crowd to start with the bottom for faster results. Explaining away the smoke rising from a distance, Uma Bharati said that the Muslims had set fire to their houses and now the time had come for Hindus to have their government at the Centre,” she said. 
    Gupta recalled Katiyar surveying the multitude from the balcony of the manch. Katiyar had remarked, “Parinda bhi par nahi mar sakta (even a bird cannot dare to come),” mocking at the famous statement by Mulayam Singh Yadav in 1990 as he banned any movement in Ayodhya.

A cop who makes waves

A 1990-batch IPS officer, Anju Gupta played a huge role in administrative arrangements in Faizabad in the days before the Babri Masjid demolition. As additional superintendent of police in Lucknow in the early 90s, the physics post-graduate cracked down on criminals. Married to batchmate Shafi Hasan Rizvi, she received the Police Medal for meritorious services in 2009. “

Dill Mill Gayye has been in news for a long time now, I mean for reasons apart from the episodes. They have been in news more about various issues, first both Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover left the show. Later almost all the old interns followed. Then entered the new interns, well they were not accepted on the show that well. Then Jennifer returned and it looked as if the show will get back its TRPs but it did not. Then Karan also returned but Pankit left the show. With so much of happening on the show, still the show could not create the magic it had in the first season or I must say in its first year. I guess that is why this news of Shilpa Anand is surfacing. I have found two articles on and am pasting them here. The first one is:

“They tried everything under the sun to set the TRPs escalating for Dill Mill Gayye but nothing seemed to work. Apparently, post the exit of Karan Singh Grover, there was a constant dip in the TRPs and the once number one show of Star One was run over by other soaps. But recently, the channel and the production house buried their hatchet with KSG and brought him back on the show in a bid to win over the loyalists. And now we hear that the makers are also planning to recall the original Dr Riddhima (Shilpa Anand). Anand was replaced by Sukriti Khandpal who was replaced by Jennifer Winget.
Informs a source, “With the comeback of KSG, things are looking brighter and one hopes the show will regain its lost ground. And now Cinevistaas is planning to rope in Shilpa too. In the current track Dr Siddhant (Karan Wahi) is trying his best to bring back Dr Armaan and Dr Riddhima together whereas, on the other hand, Riddhima has decided to accept Siddhant in her life. Apparently, an actor close to Shilpa was requested to ask her if she would be interested in returning to the show. Shilpa was keen and now the ball is in the production house’ court which will revert to her once they are sure of everything. Earlier too they had approached her to return but things didn’t materialise as the actress wasn’t satisfied with the package deal. Buzz is also that Jennifer is planning to quit DMG .”

According to a source from the production house, “The loyal viewers of the show have been constantly demanding to bring back their favourite Dr Armaan and the original Dr Riddhima ever since they exited the show. Now that Karan is back, they want to see their favourite Riddhima too.”
When contacted Anand said, “They have approached me through a co-actor friend and I have agreed. But they are yet to get back to me on this.”

However, Palki, the writer of the show, rubbished the rumours saying, “No, Shilpa Anand is not returning.” And is Winget quitting? Palki said, “No, she is not.”

Winget refuted the buzz and said, “No it’s not true I am not quitting the show.”

Well, there is still a sliver of hope about Anand returning to her on-screen flame.”

The second article is:

Well, Dill Mil Gaye is again in the headlines, and this time the buzz is that the show is looking for a new Riddhima…

While the fans of Karan Singh Grover have not yet finished partying after getting their handsome hunk back again in Star One’s Dill Mil Gaye, there comes this news that the show will get back its original Riddhima i.e. Shilpa Anand.

For the uninitiated, Shilpa Anand and Karan Singh Grover shared an amazing on screen chemistry earlier, after which Shilpa was replaced by Sukirti Khandpal. After the stint of Sukirti as Riddhima, came in Jennifer Winget.

And now it looks as though there is every chance of Shilpa Anand getting back her prized role. And the reason stated is that Jennifer Winget’s contract apparently ends in April, and the actress has expressed her desire not to renew it any further.

According to our reliable source, “The production house asked an actor cum friend of Shilpa Anand to enquire whether she is interested in getting back to the show. Shilpa had a talk with the concerned people thro’ a series of text messages, and even expressed her desire to get back to the show. She has also given her quotation to the production house, and is now waiting for them to get back to her”.

Our source also tells us that, “It is not only Shilpa Anand who has been approached. Panchi Bora who was last seen in Kayamath is also in talks with the production house for the role of Riddhima. However, a decision has not been taken by the production house and channel”.

When we questioned Jennifer about her contract expiring, she said, “I don’t know from where these rumours are coming up. My contract is not ending in April, and I am not leaving DMG”.

Shilpa Anand on her part confirmed that, “Yes, the production house approached me thro’ one of my friends, to get back as Riddhima. I have accepted the offer and have sent them my quotation. They have to get back to me now”.

We contacted Panchi Bora who said, “Yes, I have been approached for Dill Mil Gaye. As of now, I am in Australia and will be talking to them once I get back”.

We tried calling Palki Malhotra, Script Head, but she remained unavailable.

We now wonder whether the ‘suspense’ factor that is always a part of all DMG news is actually its USP!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Susan Jose
Author: Srividya Rajesh”

Panchi Bora

I don’t know if these are just roumours or is this true. Whatever it is, I guess it just might help the show. If Shilpa returns to the show it will be great as she was the best paired with Karan. Well if she does not and the CVS rope in Panchi for the role I guess then the viewers will get their fourth version of Riddhima. Also she will have to create the chemistry with Karan Singh Graover all over again. Well Shilpa will not have to work much on this as they had created magic last time around and everyone would expect the same again. Also if Jennifer leaves it might not be a bad option as people are not accepting her in the role given to her, I don’t know if there is any of her personal reasons behind the change of the character.

Anyways I hope whatever happens should happen for good. Just for the fact that I want Armaan and Riddhima together whether Riddhima is Jennifer or not.

Well this is a very old news, say about 15 days old but it is very shocking. I read an article about it sometime back, and I wanted to write about it but just did not get any time to do so in the last couple of weeks. This news is not only shocking but very dissapointing as well because I always felt that Armaan and Riddhima were the main starts of the show but Dr, Atul was the life of the show. He was like a special person in the show  who could handle any situation with his pranks and gigs. I guess that is one of the reasons for him being only one of the very few old interns to be retained in the new season.

I am pasting the article here which I had read (about his exit from the show) some time back, for everyone to view.

“No more Dr. Atul In Sanjeevani 
According to the latest news, its Pankit Thakker aka Dr. Atul Joshi of Dill Mill Gayye who has his stay on the show over. Yes Dr. Atul Joshi will soon make an exit from the show.

Pankit says ” Yes it is true , you guys will never be able to see Dr. Atul in the show henceforth , I know you guys must be feeling sad, but this is how life is ..” He adds ” For me personally it will be very difficult to move on as this has been my most memorable work that I have done so far. I had never thought I will be able to do comedy , but with this show I have grown as an artiste and as a person.; and the kind of love that u all have given me; I just cannot express it in words”
After the 2nd season had started Pankit was one among the few actors who were retained in the show from the 1st season. His exit will definitely be a shocker for the DMG fans and especially when Armaan is back in the show.

On a last note , Pankit says “I will try and keep myself happy with all the beautiful memories of DMG that I have stored in my heart. Love you all , miss me and please don’t forget me ! ”
Pankit we will definitely miss our champ in the show. All the best for your future projects ! ”

Well if not anything else it is a bit dishearting to know that Pankit will not be a part of the how anymore. He was like a breath of fresh air on the show. Although I had stopped watching the show in between and have only come back once Karan Singh Grover has returned to the show. But still I feel that it is not the same as it used to be earlier. Now that Karan was back it should have got back the old magic but it hasn’t because probably the old gang that used to be grea all the time is not there. And now Pankit has been the last person to leave as well. He has been an integral part of the show so far, and now after his departure the exuberance that he brought to thescreen is missing. I have now realised that Dill Mill Gayye was not only about Armaan and Riddhima, after Atul has left it still feels that there is something missing (even though now both Jennifer and Karan are back to the show).

Initially at the start of the show only Atul and Nikita (Pankit and Shweta) were retained from the old gang, then Anjali (Sunaina) made a guest apperaance in a couple of episodes. It was Shweta who left the show earlier and now Pankit also has decided to part ways. Though Karan and Jennifer are on the show from the old gang and then there is the new gang still there but it still feels that there is a lot missing, the magic that was there earlier that spark is not there anymore.

Now in the end I would just wish Pankit all the best for his future and future ventures, hopefully we will get to see him back on the screen soon, maybe on some other happeing show. In fact I have liked is work since the Special Squad days. I can only wish that he comes back to DMG maybe after sometime (I guess I am just being over optimistic).

Well now Dr. Armaan is back on the show. Thats great news for the fans who just watched the show because of him and Dr. Riddhima and also to the fans who kept on watching the show believing that their favourite stars will be back. I have found this update from the source I completely believe in. This will possibly explain the story that is in store for the viewers in the coming days.

“It’s Confirmed – Karan Singh Grover Back To Dill Mill Gaye 
Finally, the wait is over, and Karan Singh Grover gets back to Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye.

This time around, the loyal fans of Karan Singh Grover can surely rejoice as their favourite Dr. Armaan is getting back to Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye, produced by Cinevistaas.
Even the last time around, We had written a story which said that Karan would get back to the show, right on time to stop the marriage of Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) and Sid (Karan Wahi). But things did not fall in place for Karan then, and his comeback did not happen.

But now, he is certainly coming back and news has got a confirmation on this.

According to our source, “Talks about Karan Singh Grover’s comeback were on for quite a while now. But things got finalized day before yesterday, and the higher authorities from the channel and production house got into a consensus that they will bring Armaan back into the show”.

Now that Sid and Riddhima are married, and when Riddhima is gradually getting closer to her husband, things will take a drastic turn when she comes face to face with her first love, Armaan.

Elaborating on Armaan’s comeback our source states, “Armaan had been suffering from a psychotic disorder all this while, and he was not at all responding to treatment. He believed that Riddhima had not survived the accident, and this very thought of losing her had made him physically weak, and he did not have the urge to survive and fight the battle against the illness. But things took a different turn when Armaan saw Riddhima in Panchgani; this motivated him to get better in health. Even when the doctors thought that Armaan would never get back to sanity, Armaan’s health condition improved, and he is now back”.

“After getting fit, Armaan organizes this Nationwide Concert where his aim is to raise funds for people who suffer from such psychotic illness, and his last destination happens to be Mumbai. This is where he gets back to Sanjeevani”, adds our source.

“Armaan being what he is, comes back to Sanjeevani all excited, with a hope of getting back the love of his life. But he is completely shattered when he gets to know that Riddhima has in fact married Sid. The moment he realizes that Riddhima is married, he will want to leave the place forever. But it is Dr. Shashank who again makes him stay in the hospital, and Armaan joins Sanjeevani as a doctor”, further informs our source.

The coming track will see some breathtaking chemistry between Armaan, Riddhima and Sid. Now that Riddhima has transformed into the typical wife, she will also not be comfortable in the presence of Armaan. On the other hand, Armaan too will not like to come between Riddhima and Sid. But Armaan and Riddhima chemistry being so powerful will compel them to revisit their past memories, which can never be forgotten.

We got a confirmation from Palki Malhorta, Script Head, Cinevistaas, “Yes, Karan Singh Grover is back to the show. He will be starting shoot with us in a day or two. His comeback will really bring some great sequences between Armaan-Riddhima-Sid”.

As per the latest reports, Karan has already shot for his comeback promo that will go on air very soon. He will be starting shoot either today or tomorrow.

We also got to know that the news about a love track emerging between Armaan and Suvarna (Madhura Naik) is not true at all, and this development is not on the cards. Palki Malhotra too accepted that this was false news.

We tried calling Karan, but he remained unavailable.

The countdown to seeing Armaan on screen begins for sure now!!”

Well it is great to see the old stars back in the show and specially after the tragic end of season one. The promotional video shows Dr. Arman coming back with a bang, which is exactly the way he should have specially after the way he had left from the show few months back. But somehow I am not very happy that he is back. Well I know many people would not agree with me on this, but I do have a valid point. Well I have a been an ethusiastic viewer of this show from the very start. When the first season ended on atragic note and that way the second season started many people left watching their favourite show. I still hung with it in hope that the creative heads will bring back the main story (Armaan – Riddhima track) back at some point of time. But the way things turned out, I mean they way Dr. Riddhima returned and then whatever happened between her and Dr. Siddhant has left me very dissapointed. I was watching the show till their marriage took place and since that has happened and by reading all the articles of how Dr. Riddhima’s heart changes for Dr. Siddhant i have been heartbroken and have said goodbye to the show. But some how in just a couple of weeks, with the return of Karan Singh Grover onto the show I am back. But I just am not being able to connect with the show i used to about a year back. I am feeling that something is missing. May be Karan will get it back when he returns or maybe he won’t. All these questions are haunting me for the past few days. This is also one of the reasons that I had this news of his return almost 10 days back but I haven’t written about it as yet.

Once Jennifer returned I was very happy and was hoping for something great to happen, but to my shock something happened that I had never expected to happen. I felt like I had been cheated, in fact on the forums and other sites I read many people felt the same way. Now they are bringing back Karan on to the show. Their were rumours that now he will be paired with Suvarana Naik, the one who plays Dr. Siddhant’s sister. I just hope that all this is not true. Also the creatives claim that not with the show having three main characters that is Armaan, Riddhima and Siddhant, it will be great to see the chemistry between the three of them. Well I don’t believe in all this. I just feel that they have ruined a great love story. I always believed that it was like an ideal love story, a story that I would like that it would happen in my life.

I just hope that all goes well and in the end we have a happy ending, with that I mean both Armaan and Riddhima get back together. But for the moment i can only say that I am happy that now Karan is also back on the show, so I welcome him back with a mixed feeling.

India finally managed a draw in their final pool match against South Africa. At the start they knew a draw for them would assure them a fourth place. The South Africans started of well opening their account in the 8th minute of the match. But just a few minutes later Sarwanjit Singh got in the equalizer. India continued to put on the pressure and just about a few minutes later Diwakar Ram got India ahead scoring his first and the teams second goal of the match. The first half ended at the score of 2-1 in favour of India.

The second half was a lot more dramatic than one would have expected. South Africa equalized very early in the second half. The Indian team kept on attacking and managed to score the third goal to move ahead, but just to their shock the goal was called off as the replays showed that it came of the South African stick and not of the Indian stick. Just a minute later South Africa earned a penalty corner and scored at it, moving ahead 3-2. Indian then counter attacked and finally gave a glimpse of what the Indian team is capable of. For the next 10-12 minutes India did not allow the ball to come to their half much, and almost everytime it did come they managed to disposssess the South Africans. In this period Indians managed to penetrate the goal twice but unfortunately both of them were from the South African stick (why aren’t there any self goals, if they had been India would have managed to win by a huge margin).

Playing under pressure and for a pride (to atleast finish 4th in the group) India managed to score the equalizer in the 65th minute of the match from the stick of Shivendra. Finally India manged to hold on the score and thematch ended as a draw with the score of 3-3. With this India managed to keep their position of 4th place in the group and now will play in the play off for the 7th-8th position.

The highs in the match has been Gurbaj Singh (well he has been the high throughout the tournament). He has played like a king and has shown his great skill in the defence. He has held his nerve on almost all occasions. I guess he has been the best player for India so far in the tournament. Also I was a bit a dissapointed that Sandeep Singh could not score a goal, he got two chances to but failed, although one of them was because of the false trap from Arjun Halappa. Also the Indian forward lacked the scoring power in this game. The penerated into the oppenets circle on numerous occasions and managed to score just on three occasions out of them.

Anyways I wish the team a good luck for its upcoming match and i hope that they win it and make it to the 7th position in the tournament. They started on a high defeating Pakistan, hopefully then can end it on a high as well. In the meanwhile Pakistan could manage only a single win and are placed last in the group table while the table has been topped by Australia and along with them England make it to the next round.


Team              Pts Pld W D L GF GA   GD
 England             12     5   4  0 1  17   12     5
 Australia            12     5   4  0 1  23    6    17
 Spain                  9      5   3  0 2  12    8     4
 India                   4      5   1  1 3  13   17  -4
 Pakistan              3      5   1  0 4   9   16   -7
 South Africa         4      5   1  1 3  13   28  -15

Well after the dream start the Indian team had in this tournament by winning the first game very comprehensively, India were defeated by Australia in their very next game with a 5-2 scoreline. The game started with great attacking tactics from the Australian side. They looked as if they were out on a mission here.

The Indian team started on a sad note with the forward Shivendra who had opened the account for the team in the last game getting banned for 3 matches on the charges of physical assault. For India Vikram Pillay scored the goal just before the end of the first half, but it was a bit too late as the Australians already had scored three goals by then. In fact within the fisrt seven minutes of the game the Austarlian team had struck twice. The first half ended at the score of 3-1 in the favour of the Australian team.

In the second half the Indian team tried to counter attack, but ended up giving away two more goals within the first 9 minutes of the second half as well. At the 43rd minute in the match the score read 5-1 in the favour of Australia. By then almost everyone had started to realize who the eventual winner is going to be in the match. The Indian captain scored the second goal for the team to somewhat reduce the goal difference but could not save the match and the match ended at the score of 5-2. This loss also means that now India slip down to the fourth place in the table, and with only top two teams to qualify for the next round it looks a very tough road ahead for the team now.

Few disappointments in the game were that India just gave away their only television referral in the 7th minute of the match. Also Sandeep Singh got 2 chances to score in a penalty corner but could not score in either of them. Well all this happens in the game, I and hope that the Indian team will a learn a lot from this match and come out much better prepared for the next encounter when they face Spain on 4th of March, two days from now.

In the end I hope that India will give their best performance in the upcoming matches and make the country proud. I end with wishing them all the luck for the coming matches in the tournament.


Team              Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
 England              6      2   1  0 0   9    6     3
 Australia             3      2   1  0 1   7    5     2
 Spain                  3      2   1  0 1   5    4     1
 India                   3      2   1  0 1   6    6    0
 Pakistan              3      2   1  0 1   3    5   -1
 South Africa         0      2   0  0 2   6   10  -2

India started the World Cup with a bang, defeating arch rivals Pakistan 4-1 in the opener. India went on the atack from the word go. It was a great team work, and it looked like that the team was out there to prove to everyone and make them realize what the countries national game is.

For India Shivendra scored the first goal from a deflection on a penalty corner in the 27th minute. Sandeep Singh then extended the lead with his drag flick in a penalty corner in the 35th minute, to end the first half 2-0. Later just a couple of minutes into the second half Prabhjot scored the third goal in the 37th minute. Then again the champion drag flicker  Sandeep Singh was in action again scoring in a penalty corner in the 56th minute. A couple of minutes later Pakistan drag flicker Sohail decreased the lead by scoring the first goal for his team in the 59th minute. Last ten minutes did not see any goal and the match ended at 4-1 in favour of India.

Earlier in the day Spain defeated South Africa 4-2 and England defeated Australia 3-2. I would just say, way to go India. I always believed we had a very good hockey team, whatever be the olympics fiasco, and finally they have proved it by convincingly winning over Pakistan. Although these are just early days, I wish the team best of luck for the tournament.


Team              Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
 India                   3      1   1  0 0   4    1    3
 Spain                  3      1   1  0 0   4    2     2
 England              3      1   1  0 0   3    2     1
 Australia             0      1   0  0 1   2    3   -1
 South Africa         0      1   0  0 1   2    4   -2
 Pakistan              0      1   0  0 1   1    4   -3