Well now Dr. Armaan is back on the show. Thats great news for the fans who just watched the show because of him and Dr. Riddhima and also to the fans who kept on watching the show believing that their favourite stars will be back. I have found this update from the source I completely believe in. This will possibly explain the story that is in store for the viewers in the coming days.

“It’s Confirmed – Karan Singh Grover Back To Dill Mill Gaye 
Finally, the wait is over, and Karan Singh Grover gets back to Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye.

This time around, the loyal fans of Karan Singh Grover can surely rejoice as their favourite Dr. Armaan is getting back to Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye, produced by Cinevistaas.
Even the last time around, We had written a story which said that Karan would get back to the show, right on time to stop the marriage of Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) and Sid (Karan Wahi). But things did not fall in place for Karan then, and his comeback did not happen.

But now, he is certainly coming back and news has got a confirmation on this.

According to our source, “Talks about Karan Singh Grover’s comeback were on for quite a while now. But things got finalized day before yesterday, and the higher authorities from the channel and production house got into a consensus that they will bring Armaan back into the show”.

Now that Sid and Riddhima are married, and when Riddhima is gradually getting closer to her husband, things will take a drastic turn when she comes face to face with her first love, Armaan.

Elaborating on Armaan’s comeback our source states, “Armaan had been suffering from a psychotic disorder all this while, and he was not at all responding to treatment. He believed that Riddhima had not survived the accident, and this very thought of losing her had made him physically weak, and he did not have the urge to survive and fight the battle against the illness. But things took a different turn when Armaan saw Riddhima in Panchgani; this motivated him to get better in health. Even when the doctors thought that Armaan would never get back to sanity, Armaan’s health condition improved, and he is now back”.

“After getting fit, Armaan organizes this Nationwide Concert where his aim is to raise funds for people who suffer from such psychotic illness, and his last destination happens to be Mumbai. This is where he gets back to Sanjeevani”, adds our source.

“Armaan being what he is, comes back to Sanjeevani all excited, with a hope of getting back the love of his life. But he is completely shattered when he gets to know that Riddhima has in fact married Sid. The moment he realizes that Riddhima is married, he will want to leave the place forever. But it is Dr. Shashank who again makes him stay in the hospital, and Armaan joins Sanjeevani as a doctor”, further informs our source.

The coming track will see some breathtaking chemistry between Armaan, Riddhima and Sid. Now that Riddhima has transformed into the typical wife, she will also not be comfortable in the presence of Armaan. On the other hand, Armaan too will not like to come between Riddhima and Sid. But Armaan and Riddhima chemistry being so powerful will compel them to revisit their past memories, which can never be forgotten.

We got a confirmation from Palki Malhorta, Script Head, Cinevistaas, “Yes, Karan Singh Grover is back to the show. He will be starting shoot with us in a day or two. His comeback will really bring some great sequences between Armaan-Riddhima-Sid”.

As per the latest reports, Karan has already shot for his comeback promo that will go on air very soon. He will be starting shoot either today or tomorrow.

We also got to know that the news about a love track emerging between Armaan and Suvarna (Madhura Naik) is not true at all, and this development is not on the cards. Palki Malhotra too accepted that this was false news.

We tried calling Karan, but he remained unavailable.

The countdown to seeing Armaan on screen begins for sure now!!”

Well it is great to see the old stars back in the show and specially after the tragic end of season one. The promotional video shows Dr. Arman coming back with a bang, which is exactly the way he should have specially after the way he had left from the show few months back. But somehow I am not very happy that he is back. Well I know many people would not agree with me on this, but I do have a valid point. Well I have a been an ethusiastic viewer of this show from the very start. When the first season ended on atragic note and that way the second season started many people left watching their favourite show. I still hung with it in hope that the creative heads will bring back the main story (Armaan – Riddhima track) back at some point of time. But the way things turned out, I mean they way Dr. Riddhima returned and then whatever happened between her and Dr. Siddhant has left me very dissapointed. I was watching the show till their marriage took place and since that has happened and by reading all the articles of how Dr. Riddhima’s heart changes for Dr. Siddhant i have been heartbroken and have said goodbye to the show. But some how in just a couple of weeks, with the return of Karan Singh Grover onto the show I am back. But I just am not being able to connect with the show i used to about a year back. I am feeling that something is missing. May be Karan will get it back when he returns or maybe he won’t. All these questions are haunting me for the past few days. This is also one of the reasons that I had this news of his return almost 10 days back but I haven’t written about it as yet.

Once Jennifer returned I was very happy and was hoping for something great to happen, but to my shock something happened that I had never expected to happen. I felt like I had been cheated, in fact on the forums and other sites I read many people felt the same way. Now they are bringing back Karan on to the show. Their were rumours that now he will be paired with Suvarana Naik, the one who plays Dr. Siddhant’s sister. I just hope that all this is not true. Also the creatives claim that not with the show having three main characters that is Armaan, Riddhima and Siddhant, it will be great to see the chemistry between the three of them. Well I don’t believe in all this. I just feel that they have ruined a great love story. I always believed that it was like an ideal love story, a story that I would like that it would happen in my life.

I just hope that all goes well and in the end we have a happy ending, with that I mean both Armaan and Riddhima get back together. But for the moment i can only say that I am happy that now Karan is also back on the show, so I welcome him back with a mixed feeling.

  1. anvita says:

    welcome back karan in dill mill gayye.because of you i have started watching dill mill gayye.i love you and will always keep loving you.you are the best.just love you.you are the lifeline of the show and it is proved also.i want you get back your love.becoz true love is true love and noone can snatch it.

  2. sonal...love thyself says:

    thanks 4 bringing arman back. we r very happy………….

  3. chinmayae says:

    thanx for comin back
    diein to see u n ridz together plssget back soon

  4. AR says:

    welcome back armaan im so happy tht u r back u r the best dude pls get back to ridzi we want to see u back with ridzi plssss we r dying to see u together it was the best show but now as ridzi is married to sid im just hatting the show plss pls pls we request the production of cinevistas to bring back AR toogether plssss

  5. mubeena says:

    WELCOME BACK AEMAAN mujhe pata tha tum zaroor aoge n i want ke ridhima tumhe hi milni chahiye not sid tell ur writer ke story ke end main ridhima tumhe hi milni chahiye
    ur fan mubeena

  6. mubeena says:

    rahul i want ke rahul bhi wapas aa jaye bcoz i luv u rahul vry infact i miss the old dmg gang i hope ke dmg 3rd part bhi nikle aur usme u all should bhi there shayad yeh utni bhi impossible nahi hai agar impossible hai to kuch acche ,handsome heroes hone chahiye aur armaan i like ur wife vry much she is quite pretty , n also islie bcoz she is ur wife rahul aur muskaan ki jodi is just awesome i luv u muskaan n rahul plssssssss come back in dmg I LUV U DMG

  7. viju says:

    welcome back armaan. as a biggest fan of ours i heartly wish u get along with riddhima. i love ur pair. if u r not with riddhima there wil be no life to dmg. i am seriously involved with the show i want u to get back please please please

  8. roshni says:

    armaan i am very much happy,that u r back on dmg,but its really very bad to see that u and riddhima are not together,i just hate to see riddhima with sid.i plz request the cinevists to plzzzzzzzzzz bring the love story of armaan and riddhima on track.plzzzzzzzzzzz.armaan and riddhima look good together,as so much happened between them from starting,its not good to see her with sid.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz armaan riddhima both should come together again……….

  9. aradhya das says:

    i am very happy that you are back DMG. Iam a big fan. I want be your friend and please send your email id on jhumi angel @ gmail .com if you want to my friend so i will more happy, if you dont to be my friend then it is ok. I am sending message first time.i want your mobile number i know that you will not going to give me but i am happy to get your email id on jhumi angel@ gmail .com

  10. vishesha lulla says:

    hi karan.vry vry happy 2 see u back….i am a big fan of yours….u r vry cute yaar…….as i m sendin message first time plz can u send me ur email id??i wanna bcum ur frend yaar…….wanna tell u lots of things….i know u dont hav so much time,but plz dude………..& yes plz b back wid riddhima yaar,ur pair is just heaven………..i luv u dude………..send me ur id……..plz,plz,plz,plz, plz

  11. vishesha lulla says:

    i request cinevistaas 2 get back the lost love of ♥♥♥ARMAAN &RIDDHIMA♥♥……

  12. rajiv says:

    dis ur fan.i watch DMG regularly &like ur acting a lot.i request cinevistaas to get back the ‘ORIGINAL RIDDHIMA”(shilpa anand)back.

  13. neha says:

    hi armaan..aap bohot swt ho.aap ka ek ek scene mai bde dhayaan sey aur pyar se dekhti hu.jaanti nahe k aap mere msg ka reply karoge ya nahe.aap itne pyare ho.aur aap k sabhe photos specially its a boy wala childhood wala photo.aap mujhe bohot bohot aachey lagte ho.aapki aakhein to esi lagti hai jaise kuch keh rahe ho.apna khayaal rakhna karan.neha loves u

  14. adan says:

    guys dont stop your fight. it is our test to prove our love for AR. because if we give up that mad writer is there ready to spoil and end there sweet love story . KASH and AR fans leave your differences and unite to help armaan get his real happiness and u all know its none other than AR union. we know ridzy is doing worst with armaan but plz remember armaan still want ridzy his basket plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yar keep on posting and straiking for AR love.

  15. misbah Kiran says:

    hey we love KASH but as AR not armaan and dr shilpa. so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue your fight for AR union.

  16. arbaz says:

    ridhima is my secend best girl of world she is look like my girlfreind i love so much my girlfriend and ridhima… ridhima i love you …ridhima agar tum meri ye comment pad rahi ho to plz mujhe ek baar apne saath dill mil gayye me le lo me apka dost ya bhai ya apke dost ka beta ban saktaa hoo plz mujhse contect karo =khan.arbaz92@yahoo.com plz i love riddhima and armaan bye……………….9314019229

  17. samir says:

    HI riddhima your so sweet ap ka adae moje bohat pasand he ap ke Ekting muje bohat pasnd he

  18. Maria says:

    Hi karan,i love u very much.

  19. yahya baqai says:

    plzzzzz sid ko wapis lao.becozzzzz wo aur ridhima together acha lag ta han plzz sid com back i miss u u r so sweet

  20. maria says:

    i love u sid

  21. yahya baqai says:

    i love u sid plzz come back

  22. Ivan Alex says:

    That was another excellent blogpost, I look forward to the next one, keep up the good work!

  23. saba says:

    h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arman u r so looking smart ND I M big fan

    ……………HAPPY NEW YEAR………………..

  24. Rakesh Ghosh says:

    Hi!!!!! How r u? I lov u very much. U r very cute,sweet. I mis u.plz came back

  25. farjana afrin says:

    hey Armaan,where r u?…i miss u so much…thanks for reapeting the episodessss…………

  26. Shishir Gupta says:

    Hi Farjana,

    Yes it is a great news that Dill Mill Gayye is being aired again on Star One. Even watching the repeat of the show is riveting isn’t it.


  27. Really…it was jst a moment of deep love happiness. I never missed d progrm. I felt dat he ws rly n love wth Ridhima n real lyf…!!! Mujhe ye sochkr bura lgti thi k mujhe bhi God aisi hi ek sacha lover de kyun ki main bahut hi sachhi insaan hun. Or aj mujhe woh ‘dil mil gayya’ jis k acnt se aaj main ye comment likh pa rahi hun. Mera ‘subhrangshu (dustu)’

  28. mohd tazeem ahmed says:

    hi arman & ridhima your a best jodi in a world plz come back to dmg arman aap ka style zabardast tha aap hi zabardast ho aap ke bagair ye serial adhura hai,

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