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My IIM SCORE -> 0 Out of 5

Posted: April 27, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in CAT, Entrance Exams, India
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Well it has been very disappointing for me, as I had got GDPI calls from as many as four IIMs and was expecting two more from IIMs that will start from this academic year. I appeared for the selection process of IIM Lucknow, Kozikode, Indore, and Shillong. But I have not got a selection call from either of them, which has been very disappointing.

I had been preparing for CAT for almost a year and now even after getting a decent score and GDPI calls from four IIMs, still I could not crack into any one of them. Now I have realized one thing that CAT is very tough but it is only the first step towards the selection in IIMs, there are many difficult levels to clear after that.

I did not get selected for IIM Indore and Shillong, though I always felt that I had a good chance in Shillong after my GD and PI session there. After the Indore session itself I was doubtful if I would get through. My Lucknow also had gone pretty well, though I was very doubtful for Kozikode. I was waiting for the results at least hoping to make it through any one of the four. I could not clear the first list of Lucknow and Kozikode (I was doubtful of Kozikode anyways), and I am not sure if I will manage to get through in the second or the final list. It looks very difficult as my name is a little low in the rankings but still I can be hopeful that there is a very slight chance (maybe I might get lucky there). Also I could not clear the list for Indore and Shillong at all (I was hopeful for Shillong though).

Now at my percentile I anyways had not got the call from the three premier IIMs that are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta. I had filled the forms for IIM Ranchi and IIM Rohtak. These two institutes are planning to start this year, so they had asked to fill forms for them separately.  Since the cut-off to apply in these institutes was 95 percentile, so I was very hopeful since I had over 98 percentile. But to a shock IIM Ranchi closed at 99.68 percentile. Something I could never believed to have happened. There could only be one reason for this that since Ranchi is new, their classes are going to be held in IIM Calcutta, and also there are only 60 seats. Now with the advantage to study in Calcutta might have made many students apply for this institute, and with very few seats the cut-off has gone very high, higher than even the best IIM (Ahmedabad). Now since IIM Rohtak classes will be held at the IIM Lucknow campus, I am again very scared if I will get a call from this institute or not. Maybe here also many would have applied for the advantage to study in Lucknow.

So far my IIM score reads 0 out of 5. And most probably it can become 0 out of 6 (though Ranchi has not released the list as yet and also I may have a chance at Lucknow and Kozikode if something magical happens). But if I don’t get through this year, I will give them another try next year. I did apply for other colleges through CAT and have got through many of them, but having come so close to an IIM and then not making it has inspired me to have another go at CAT and especially IIMs next year. Maybe who knows I might get through Ahmedabad or Bangalore or Calcutta next year, provided I work hard towards them (harder than I did this year).

Having made it so far this year inspires me to go forward the next year. Hopefully I will be able to go ahead.


Chennai are the champions of IPL third edition. They defeated the favorites Mumbai Indians comprehensively in the finals.  As I had written in my previous post that I was supporting both teams (Mumbai Indians a little more), so this loss for Mumbai Indians has not hurt much. Though I would have loved to have seen a different result, but genuinely I am not very disappointed with this result either.

Mumbai Indians have played great cricket throughout the tournament. They had won 10 out of their 14 games in the league phase. Also they were playing the semi-finals and finals in Mumbai, so had a slight home advantage as well. But they were not very good on this day. They started off well, and till half way through the first innings, they were on the top. But after that the pressure of the final showed on them and they dropped two very easy catches of Suresh Raina, who went onto to lay a good foundation of the victory for Chennai. Also what was debatable was the fact that why was Kieron Pollard sent so late into bat. He was just given about 18 balls to play, had he come sometime when there were 5-6 overs left probably the result could have been something else.

Anyways now talking about Chennai Super Kings, it will not be correct to say that they deserved to win this year if one sees their performance in this edition. But if one looks at their performance in all the tree editions then I guess no one will have a doubt on whether they deserved or not. They have by far been the most consistent side. Having made it to the semi-final stage in all the three editions.  This year the managed to enter the semi-finals through a great innings from their captain MS Dhoni. Then after that as everyone says its history. They had been to the finals in 2008 but had lost then, so this was their chance to win it. 

I must say that one needs to spare a thought for Sachin Tendulkar. He had performed brilliantly in this tournament, he also had inspired the young team to perform well at this big stage, and in the finals he almost anchored the side to victory (despite having an injury in his right hand), and still the team lost. As everyone says, no one remembers how well you have played the tournament, if you lose the finals, also no one will remember that how bad were throughout the tournament if you win the finals. If anything is remembered it is the name of the eventual winner.

As MS Dhoni had correctly said after his knock n the last league game, that it is important to make it to the top four after that it is more of lottery cricket. Well his team has proved him correct, they somehow managed to qualify, but then just raised their level in the final two games and won the championship. They not only won, but won both the matches were convincingly.

Well this year the awards were much different from the others in for the Indians. I the first edition it was foriegners for won the awards, the second year it was a mixed bag for both Indian and foriegn players. But this year surprisingly every award has gone to an Indian player. Finally it has been an Indian Premier League. Now coming to the awards given at the end of the tournament:

2010 Champions: Chennai Super Kings
IPL Fair-play Award: Chennai Super Kings
Man of the Match in the Finals: Suresh Raina (Chennai Super Kings)
Player of the Tournament: Sachin Tendulkar (Mumbai Indians)
Orange Cap: Sachin Tendulkar (Mumbai Indians)
Purple Cap: Pragyan Ojha (Deccan Chargers)
Under-23 Success of the Tournament: Saurabh Tiwary (Mumbai Indians)
The only hatrick this year was taken by Praveen Kumar (Royal Challengers Bangalore).
The fastest hundred was by Yusuf Pathan (Rajasthan Royals)
And the highest Score was by Murali Vijay (Chennai Super Kings)

The final standings of the tournament were:
1. Chennai Super Kings
2. Mumbai Indians
3. Royal Challengers Bangalore
4. Deccan Chargers
5. Delhi Daredevils
6. Kolkata Knight Riders
7. Rajasthan Royals
8. Kings XI Punjab

The Batting charts was headed by Sachin Tendulkarand there were as many as 4 Indians in the top five in the charts. While the bowling department was a bit different with P Ojha heading the charts along with it was an all indian players show in the top five. And surprisingly the top four bowlers of the tournament were spinners. 

The top three teams that are Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Royal Challengers Bangalore have made it to the Champions League that will be held in South Africa in September this year.

One thing that has made me happy is that it is MS Dhoni’s team that has won. He has inspired his team to win this cup. Hopefully he can do the same thing when he leads the Indian team in the T20 World Cup staring at the end of this week in West Indies. With this I will end the post and also wish the Indian team all the best for the World Cup.

It is Mumbai Indians versus Chennai Super Kings in the IPL-3 finals. It is great to see these two teams here as these are my favorite teams, and I just could not ask for more than a final between these two teams. By qualifying for the finals they also have automatically made it to the Champions League. Well I would want Mumbai Indians to win this, but I will not be very disappointed if they lose since it will be to Chennai Super Kings.

Mumbai Indians have had a great tournament so far and I would want them to finish it off well as well, something they could not do in the previous two editions. In the first year after a dismal start, they just came into their own, and made it very close in qualifying to the top four. They had to win two matches of the last three, and then they lost a very close match to Delhi Daredevils, and then in the next match Rajasthan Royals won of the last ball of the match. Though they won their last match, they still finished at the 5th position. They would have been happy of this, if they see the situation they were in at the start of the tournament, but would have definitely been disappointed specially looking at the way they played in the middle, as they played some great cricket to have a chance to make it to the next stage. In the second year they started well, and maintained their position in the top four almost more than half the tournament. But towards the end they ended up losing some very close matches and ended up 7th in the tournament. They would have definitely been disappointed with that year’s performance.  This year Sachin Tendulkar has led the Mumbai Indians team with some very good performances upfront. He has also inspired a lot of youngsters in his team to perform at this level.

On the other hand Chennai Super Kings have been the most consistent teams in IPL. They have made it to the top four in all the three editions so far. In the first edition the final it to the finals but lost the title to Rajasthan Royals and in the second year they lost to Royal Challengers Bangalore in the semi-finals. This time they have the opportunity to win the title. This year’s tournament has been of ups and downs for them so far. They started well, and then lost a few consecutive matches. Finally a great innings from MS Dhoni in their last league game saw them through to the top four.

I would wish both the teams the best (especially Mumbai Indians) for the finals. As I said I would be very happy if Mumbai win the tournament but will not disappointed either if they lose as that would mean that Chennai would have won.

TREATISE Completes 18 Months Online!!

Posted: April 12, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in Uncategorized

I have had many ups and downs in the journey so far, but definitely it has been very exciting. It’s a great feeling today and I think it is just that more especially because of the fact that this is going to be my 100th post on the blog.

Well it was exactly 18 months back that I started blogging or I can say I created this blog. Well for the kicks I started off with three blogs each one dedicated towards certain fields. Actually when I started I did not know much about the concept of tags and categories well that is why I started out with three different blogs, where actually my tags were written as categories and for different categories I had these three different blogs. 

It was difficult to maintain all the blogs and then updating all of them every month was not easy, I did try it for six long months. Then after that I deleted the other two blogs and imported all of their posts here in this one. It’s been a year since then, and I am very excited that I have come so far. When I look down the memory lane, I can see that the last year of blogging has been very good. I have tried to catch the eye of the readers all around the world and I can say I have been very successful, especially in the last 4 months when the response definitely has been overwhelming. In fact my blogging has increased in the last six months as compared to the previous six months. But it is nowhere comparable to my first six months period. The viewing of the blog has increased in the past months, in fact it has almost doubled which has made me very much happy. In fact the last three months or so have been very good and I have been getting a very good response on the blog with the increased number of hits. The average number of hits has almost doubled to what they were 4 months back and I can say they have more than tripled in the past 6-8 months.

If I talk just about this blog I started it basically only for television shows and television personalities. This blog recorded a lot of hits from India, US, UK and Pakistan showing how famous the Indian shows are all around the world. For the record, my blog received as many as 376 hits on 2nd April 2010.  In fact my blog has not recorded less than a hundred daily hits since 25th December 2009, also it has not recorded less than two hundred daily in the past one and a half months.

This blog has so far recorded “46137” hits in the 18 months while my other blogs the technical one had 4513 hits in about 5 months and my sports blog recorded 1823 hits in about 6 months of their being in existence. It has been a year since I had combined these three blogs and since then this blog has recorded “41521”hits. Well 41521 hits in a year at an average of more than 113 hits a day is something very good to be happy of. This makes me even happier when I see that this blog has recorded “29841” in the past six months, which makes it almost a 165 hits per day at an average. Well more than 52000 hits in the 18 months is a very good figure especially when it had close to 23000 hits in the first year. Something that astonishes me of the increasing popularity was the fact that in 2009 the post had about 23000 hits that is about 63 hits a day, a figure I was content and somewhat happy with as well. But to my amazement the blog has received about 21000 hits barely 100 days into 2010, that to at an average of more than 210 per day. This is the figure that really makes me feel proud of the work done by me in the past 18 months.

7 posts have received above 1000 hits and of them 3 posts have received more than 2000 hits. 1 post has in fact managed to receive more than 2700 hits so far which is something I did not believe will happen about six months ago. Also as many as 19 posts have received more than 500 hits while 86 posts received over 100 hits. Well I think in about 100 posts 86 posts have received above a 100 hits is a very good sign for the blog. Well that indicates that a lot of the posts have been viewed and it’s not just a couple of them have been very famous. On second thoughts I can say that a couple of them have become very famous.

As I said it has been difficult to maintain all the three of them together that is why at the end of first six months I decided to delete two of my blogs and transfer all the posts from them onto this blog as this was the first one that I created. Now for the past one year I just have had one blog to maintain and I really thought at the beginning that it would be a lot easier to update it regularly. But that has not been the story so far. I had written about 44 posts in the first six months (when I had three different blogs) and then I have just written about 17 posts (with only a single blog to update), but in these six months I have been able to put in 38 posts. This takes the tally to 99 posts, while this post is going to be my hundredth one, this is also one of the reasons why this post is special. I sincerely hope that the kind of response I got in these 18 months, especially in the last six months, I would be able to generate in the coming year also in fact even more. Well I think I have been concentrating on television shows more in the past six months.

I had definitely made a few mistakes in my first six months, but since then I have been a lot more responsible and that can also be one of the reasons why I have not been able to update more in the last year. I hope that I can continue the good work and hopefully I will be able to attract a lot of people to my writings in the coming year.