Dill Mill Gayye – Shilpa Anand to be back!!!

Posted: June 1, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in Dill Mill Gayye, Television Personalities, Television Shows
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Well I am very excited in writing this post, but I am just praying that this news is true. Well I have found this article from the source I have believed on for the past year or so. Since it comes from this source I do believe that this is finally going to happen. Shilpa Anand is coming back to the show as per the source. Not as Riddhima but as a different doctor, to be paired with Karan Singh Grover.

If this happens this will be great news for the Dill Mill Gayye fans. I just hope that this is not a rumor or marketing stunt from the creatives, as otherwise it will hurt a lot of hearts around. I had also written a post sometime back, on the possibility of her comeback, but was not sure that if it was really true.
Here is that article:

“As You all know Star one has confirmed that Our Shilpa Is finally back in dmg. This is what i got from my source.
I do not have frndz working for media or anything for that matter, but I
have sources who themselves are KaSh fans but with deeper connection with
the parties concerned. Since no media is involved in my matters, it takes
time to get a concrete news. Nevertheless, I have some good news for you

A) News from Shilpa’s front
Shilpa has given her consent for DMG after that long meeting that took place
few days ago. Shilpa and her mum were happy about Sidharth Malhotra’s way of
dealing things. The meeting was held to discuss about Shilpa’s character,
future track and her contract. Karan was present throughout the meeting.
Apparently both the parties are happy. And Finally the contract has been
signed. Shilpa will start shooting in 3-4 days. It might take less than 3-4 days, but YES CONTRACT HAS BEEN SIGNED.

B) News from CVs side
Sidharth Malhotra is quite confident about SA’s come back. CVs wanted to
bring SA as a new character named Dr Henna. But Shilpa suggested to change
her character’s name to Dr Shilpa. So, may be Shilpa’s onscreen name will be
Shilpa only. There were discussions regarding Shilpa’s entry as Ridhima’s
step sister. But this is not 100% confirmed, since Jennifer might leave once
Shilpa enters. And incase Jennifer sticks to the show, according to Sidharth
Malhotra two parallel storylines will be show, one a KaSh love story and the
other Shilpa-Ridhima’s step sister bonding and all.”

Well for a long time I have been reading and also have received a lot of comments that Shilpa should come back, she was the best Riddhima and many such more. I would be lying if I would say that I too did not feel the same thing. Though as I have always written that neither of the other two Riddhima’s disappointed me, but yes neither of the two could create the magic Shilpa did on screen.

I guess it is very good that she is coming as a different character and not Dr.Ridhhmia because, the Creatives have already damaged completely the character since the time she has left. Also I am very sure now people will love to see Karan and Shilpa together, much more than they would have been seeing Armaan and Riddhima.

Ending this post I just hope that all this news is true. I had stopped watching the show a couple of months back, but if she returns I will definitely come back to the show.

  1. Abhilasha says:

    Shilpa as a new character will be a teat only for a few fans because majority wants AR..

  2. Esha says:

    we want AR as kash or kajen, only sr fans are happy for shilpa as a new character..

  3. Abhilasha says:

    We dont want shilpa as a new girl..we are happy with AR

  4. KASH LOVER says:

    thanks alot atlast shilpa anand bck in dmg with KSG!

  5. vaishali says:

    we don’t want shilpa as a new girl we want her as riddhima and we want ar only plz do this if not then I am pretty much sure that already the shows trp’s are down and 4 sure it will get more down as maximum viewers will not watch it any further

  6. an says:

    We don’t want Shilpa in any other role. This is so stupid to happen. An actress once played one role in a series is now in something else. I think this will be the most disgustingthing to happen in TV history. If she comes she should be Riddhima. we want AR. Because DMG started for us as AR lovestory.

  7. wazii says:

    i still wnt AR i am happy shilpas bk but i still wnt AR reunioin cum on if cvs mke arman go wiv a new doctor they will ruin his character cuz how cn arman forget his ridz

  8. medha dubal says:

    We want Shilpa to come back as riddhima and AR have to come back together.

  9. Sriji says:

    Shilpa should be back as Riddhima. Because Ar love is so strong and bringing another girl into his life is like butchering their love. Thats awful. AR should unite.

  10. sanju says:

    shilpa must be back as riddima and the show must end with armaan -riddima s reunion then only their will be meaning for love and dmg

  11. sailu says:

    shilpamust be back as riddima and armaan and riddima should reunite,cant understand why u ppl r spoiling dmg to yhis extent if ar dnt unite im sure one day trp rates will reach “zero”

  12. rahim hayat says:

    main ye chahta hoon k shilpa new character main aae aur armaan shilpa ko dill dade aur jennifer ki tho shaadi hagaee hai,ab hona ye chahye k armaan aur shilpa k beach affairs badhjaay aur jenifer ko har moorh pe jalan hojae i want to these step only this is my dream.thanks

  13. Shamima . M says:

    I am really happy that Shilpa is coming back! I must admit that I did stop watching the show when she left and only started watching it for Sid and Tamana love story but then that got ended n stopped watching it.
    I know loads of KaSh might not want Shilpa as a different character but the thing is Riddhima has got married to Sid and it wouldn’t be right for her to go back to Armaan as she has developed feelings for Sid.
    I think everyone should be greatfull that Shilpa might come back even as a different character because at this point in the show it would be more appropiate for her to come as a different character and develop a love story with Armaan

  14. arfeen says:

    we want armaan with ridhimma nobody else mann!!!!!!…….how could Ridhimma actually forget about Armaan wow!!…..WE DON’T WANT Armaan 2 forget ridhs…….i would love if Shilpa comes bck as another character and makes Ridhimma jealous 😀 :D…..who agrees with me ?? 😛

  15. shayanmalik says:

    hi u looking so nice

  16. shayanmalik says:

    give me ur idddddddddddddddddddd plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. diksha says:

    plzzz bbring back AR…..plzzz , cvs…do it for us….pair up sid with shilpa……..KaJen ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! AR FOREVER………

  18. shilpa says:

    i love herrrrrrrr

  19. Pooja says:

    I jst luv kashi. They look very cute with each other.And its great to c them together again.

  20. Pooja says:

    KSG himseif is happy with her arrival.Just watch JENNIFER’S FACE

  21. rebekah Sunuwar says:

    We are happy that AR is back but don;t prefer shilpa in other role coz KASHI are the best pair and don;t like them being in other role or whatever………….but we .love you Ar

  22. isra says:

    hi shilpa i m a big fan of you in dil mil gayye

  23. saba says:

    hi shilpa i m big fan of u in dill mill gayye ……………………………….u r best best couple with AR………………….I LOVE U AR ND RIDS

  24. sharifa says:

    hi shilpa how u are u ok i love u so much i love your dill mill gayye soooooooooooo much
    and i love karan
    by now love u

  25. Shishir Gupta says:



  26. roshanvyas25 says:

    Reblogged this on Roshan's Blog ♥ and commented:
    sweeet and cute

  27. shilpa says:

    sweet couple ……………..I like your jodi.. 🙂

  28. salina says:

    ap phir sa karan k sath koi drama q ni bana te

  29. sweta says:

    you both look great……….shilpa is so sweeeet…..you are the best couple …………….and karan you also sweet………

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