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Sachin Tendulkar went onto score first fifth double hundred in test cricket today. He reached his hundred yesterday, and completed the double today. For the statistics, this is his 5th test double hundred, 6th International double hundred (he has one in the ODI’s), 48th Test hundred, 94th International hundred, and 75th first class hundred. Also this is his 19th 150+ score in test cricket which equals the record with Brain Lara and also his 24th 150+ score in International cricket, which again is a record. This will again be special because with this match Sachin equals the record Steve Waugh’s record of most test match appearances at 168. Also now he has scored a 150+ score against each test playing nation.

He came into bat when two quick wickets had fallen and then the third also feel in the next over. India was in a situation of trouble as he took guard. But he hung in initially, tried getting in a few runs along with Laxman. After Laxman’s wicket, the debutant Raina joined Sachin in the middle for a memorable partnership. This partnership saw Sachin reach his 48th test ton, while Raina scored his maiden ton in his debut match. Sachin later went onto score his double hundred, and was finally dismissed by Dilshan at the score of 203.

This innings was very important for India, as India were completely outplayed in the first two days, and were looking at the doors of defeat after three quick wickets on the third day. Now it looks as if Sachin has almost saved the match for India (though with still a full day to go nothing can really be predicted). I guess this innings will also save India of falling from their no.1 position in the ICC test rankings. A defeat would have pushed them down the rankings. Also one must say that Raina played very well, especially considering that this is his debut match. Again Sehwag played well, but fell to a bad shot, just 1 run short of a hundred.

If we just talk about Sachin, after the day three ended he was batting at 108 still almost everyone had started speculating him of getting a double, and not just double many had already started talking about him getting to his first triple century. I guess that is the expectation from this little champion whenever he comes out to bat. He did disappoint his fans but not completely as he did score a double century. But all I can say is most of us are disappointed as he could not get a triple. That is the expectation level of all his fans, it just keeps on increasing.

With so many records under his belt, he is literally competing only with himself. I wish him all the best for future and hope that he gives us many such instances in the near future. Now I am eagerly waiting for his 50th test hundred and 100th international hundred, I hope he gets to these landmarks in this year itself.


Now, it is very much possible to type Indian Rupee Symbol from your computer. This procedure was available immediately after the sign became official, so I am a little late in updating on this. I have shared and uploaded the required font here. The steps to type the symbol are very simple, and are as follows: 

  1. Download the font ‘Rupee Foradian.ttf’ from here and Save on your Desktop.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Open the Font folder. It is available in the Classic View of Control Panel.
  4. Paste this font into this folder. This will automatically install the required font.
  5. Open Microsoft Word or any other text editor.
  6. Change font to ‘Rupee Fordian’.
  7. Press ` Key (the one above ‘tab’ key).

This now works as the Rupee Symbol, for the selected font.

The key to be pressed to type the Rupee Symbol

This is a new browser that is launched especially for the Indians. I am not sure if it is made by an Indian, but it is very likely that this will be the case. (In fact it is being developed by Hidden Reflex, I just got a comment on this post from their founder, Alok). What I have seen of it so far is that it is possibly made on the Mozilla Firefox. But I must say, it is still very much different and very much unique. I really liked the browser very much, and for Indians it will be special as now we will not have to go to any site to type our content in Hindi language. This browser by default provides a sidebar where one can type the content in Hindi language.

Some of its features are really amazing. First of all, by default, its look, which is simple, easy to install and load, and then its default skin, is black in color. It gives the Blackle look, or I can say it looks to follow the Blackle concept, and I must say it definitely will be very useful, more than that of Blackle. Since Blackle is a site, a search engine while Epic is a browser, it should be able to save a lot of energy hours. Also it seems to be very light weighted, much less than even Google Chrome, which is again very useful.

It is got a toolbar in the left pane, which covers almost all the common shortcuts. It contains icon of the entire common shortcuts used by us ranging from facebook, to twitter, to gmail, to travel sites, to videos, to jobs sites. It has got it all. But one thing that is unique here (apart from the Hindi language typing I already have written about) is that it has a text writer. This is a very effective writer as one can write the content is a normal text format as well as in html format. It provides default tags that are used in HTML. So one just needs to select them from the drop down lists, and make use of them. There is no problem of typing the tags anymore. Also these files can be saved in the text as well as HTML format, which helps to directly save a file in html format. First of all no browser provides such a good application (at least I have not come across any). Also one can type the content in the writer in as many as 17 languages, which includes 11 Indian languages, a functionality that no other text writer provides (again, at least I have not come across any). The Epic Writer provides all the features and functionality that a user would require to create a basic HTML file. This writer opens as a new tab in the browser, increasing the functionality of the browser, though most of the options from that left toolbar open as sidebar which is again very helpful as that means one can do multitasking for example chatting and also working or doing other things at the same time. So this helps in reducing the effort, now one does not need to open two instances of a browser.

In the other icons it has got a India icon, which displays the current Indian news from various sources. It has got a videos icon, which will display all the bookmarked videos in YouTube. Then it has got a To Do, My computer, and Timer icons which will be helpful in managing the personal schedules and other data. Then it has got different icons for various networking sites such as facebook, twitter, orkut, Gmail, and yahoo. Then it has also got an icon for Google maps. Then it has icons for job sites, travel sites, and game sites, which will display various travel sites links, various job sites links, and various game sites links respectively. Then as other browsers it has got icons for bookmarks, history, downloads, add-ons and also for Epic applications. And as I had written earlier all theses features open in a sidebar, thus enabling the user to perform the tasks more efficiently. Though multitasking is not really recommended, but it will definitely help if a person wants to chats oe other two networking sites open at the same time.

Two features i did not mention above were Backup and Collections. Backup is again very useful, as the browser directly connects to the backup software thus enabling a much more efficient way of handling data. Similarly, My Computer icon helps, connect to the system thus making the task of uploading files or saving files a lot more easier and a lot more convenient. The Collections icon displays the data from the system again. All these functionalities use the system. The “Collections” again helps in a more easy maneuverability of the most frequently used data. Also in addition to these it provides an antivirus icon, which will take the data again from the system, thereby providing better protection. Also it provides direct and easy to scan options. This makes a work so easy as one does not need to open his antivirus software again and agian to scan files. These functioanlities are simple but special because not many browsers provide these (again, at least I have not come across any). 

These are the many features that Epic provides, apart from this it is very easy to use. I have been using it for three days now, I can say it has been fun playing with this browser. Especially for that fact that this browser has almost everything a user needs in a normal surfing time.

This browser can be downloaded from this site. It is very easy to download and install the file. I do recommend using this, especially to those who write a lot of HTML content or even to the bloggers.

Also do write to me here if you found this information interesting, and also found the Epic browser easy and good to use. Though I have just written about the facts that I have used in the last few days. Maybe I am wrong at sometime, or maybe technically incorrect. So do write in to me with your suggestions. Also if you have some additional information about Epic, I will add it here on the blog.

It is a great feeling to write about my latest achievement. I have managed shed off 15 kgs from my body in the last 4-4.5 months. This really is an achievement for me, as when I had started this target only looked as a dream to achieve, but the fact to have achieved it is definitely a great feeling. Now I feel a lot more healthier and a lot more active in life. 

It all started in March this year. Though I have been planning to reduce the weight for the past 4 years, but I have only managed to increase it. Finally I thought it was high time to reduce weight, at least give it a decent try. My mother too had started something similar in the month of January, and that really inspired me to at least have a try at it. So I thought to write about this on my blog here, maybe I will be able to inspire a few people around to lose some weight and become healthier. I have followed a good way to reduce weight and so it can really help others who want to follow this path. 

The changes I made in my lifestyle for the first couple of weeks was that I started drinking a glass of hot water after waking up in the morning, played lawn tennis for 4-5 hours in the weekends, and yes tried to avoid the junk food. After about 15 days I realized that without much exercise (nothing apart from playing), I had managed to lose about 1.5 kgs. This motivated me to work hard towards reducing weight. That time I had made 15 kgs as a virtual target, hoping that it would be great if I could reach there, in fact 10 kgs was what I was aiming for (especially after I had lost nearly 1.5). 

Since then I started to go for a jog early morning. I started with 3-3.5 kms which I could complete within 25-30 mins. In this I would walk for the first 10-15 mins and then jog for 10 mins and then walk for the last 5 mins. With this I was actually warming up my body for the first 10 minutes and then burning calories in other time, and tried to relax my body in the last 5 minutes. This technique was told by my father, and it is really effective as one really does not get tired immediately. By following this, a person can cover a larger distance and effectively burn more calories. Since then, I have not only managed to reduce so much weight but have also increased my stamina. Now I easily cover 10-12 kms, and it is only the time shortage that stops me to cover more distance. Now I try and complete 80-90 kms in a week and in addition to this play 5-6 hours (total) of lawn tennis over the weekends. This has also helped me to not go on a diet to reduce weight. Now I eat whatever I wish to, but I do keep a check on it. I know if I eat something oily or something that contains a lot of fat, then I have to run a little extra that day. 

People nowadays often ask me how I have reduced so much weight, have I been dieting. Well I tell them no. In fact I believe by dieting no one can lose weight. As after losing the weight if the person again starts eating then he or she will pick up that lost weight again, in fact maybe even gain extra weight. Fortunately I have not sacrificed on my eating habits, but yes I have reduced them to a certain limit. I do drink cold drinks, eat my favorite junk food, but only occasionally. I have not stopped eating sweets, in fact I do eat junk food (pizzas, burgers) every third or the fourth day. My mother always says, why am I earning so much, basically it is for food, and if I can’t eat what I like, then there is no point in working day and night for that money. This has been one of my biggest inspirations, and yes I have achieved success, reduced weight without dieting. 

But yes I will have to say that I have changed my eating habits, I eat more number meals in a day, five – six times, but with a little less quantity as earlier. This helps as my stomach is never empty, and also it gets enough time to digest the food. I have also started eating more fruits and salads. They are good, especially the ones that have a lot of fiber. But most important I have started drinking a lot of water. I remember my colleague (Pooja) always used to tell me that I don’t drink water at all, and I should drink. In fact she gifted me a bottle before leaving the company. That really has helped (not the gift, but the motivation she gifted, haha). Now I drink 5-6 liters of water daily, and that has helped me a lot. I haven’t stopped drinking coffee and cold drinks, but yes have reduced the intake number in the week. In fact have almost made my late night coffee counts to negligible. Apart from all this as I have written earlier I run 80-90 kms in a week, and play a lot of tennis (5-6 hours) on the weekends. And yes another important thing, I have stopped using the lift in office (the only thing I can do in the 9-10 hour stay at the office). 

Again I would say it really feels good to have achieved this feat. I still wear my old clothes and when I see myself in them, it really feels good. And then the next day I wear clothes that are very tight, and that keeps the motivation in me to go further. Now I do plan to reduce about 5 more kgs, though I know for sure that this task will not be easy, instead it will be difficult since my body is now got used to so much exertion. Also now I cannot just stop my early morning jogging (though it has become an integral part of my life now), as the day I stop I will start gaining weight again. So I feel this has also got to be a gradual process, will have to reduce the distance slowly. 

Also one thing to remember is that the motivation is very important, as one cannot really notice a change of 1-2 kgs on a normal weighing machine. This really can be de-motivating. Again even if one reduces 5-7 kgs, maybe people around you will not notice it. You may know it, because you daily monitor yourself, and are working hard but there is not much change seen in the body till then. I only got started to be noticed by my friends and colleagues after I had reduced 8-10 kgs. Yes after that it has really becomes noticeable. Also one should not get de-motivated after achieving the target. After my experience I can say that it is not difficult to reduce weight, it is much more difficult to maintain the reduced weight. So surprisingly, both achieving success and not being able to achieve can lead to de-motivation, and this has to be avoided. And as I have said earlier, once the target is achieved, it should be a gradual way to come back to the normal life (I haven’t reached that stage as yet so will not comment on it any further). 

I would probably update on this again if I manage to reduce 5 more, I have already reduced close to 18 percent of myself.

If you all liked this post do write to me here, also if I (or my post) can inspire anyone to go ahead on this path, I would feel more than happy.   

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Indian Rupee finally gets its Symbol!!!

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Indian Rupee finally gets it’s symbol. I had first read about this a few days back. I was surprised but in a happy way. I thought finally India would come on the world map as an economic leader. As a kid I liked the Dollar ($) and the Pound (£) signs and always wondered why India never had a sign for their currency. Why do we always have to write it as Rs. or Re. But finally today we have come one huge step forward in this field. The design has been finalised, and I must say it is looking good. I am eagerly waiting maybe to type it on the computer, but I guess it will take some time for that. Also what I have read is that initially the government is not planning to include this sign on the notes and coins as the Pound (£) is printed. I hope that this change also takes place soon and all of us can feel lot more proud seeing it there.

Here is the complete article from the NDTV news website.

IIT graduate gives Indian Rupee its symbol
Finally, the Rupee will have a symbol like the Dollar ($) or the Euro (€) or the Pound (£). The Cabinet today finalized the design for the Rupee. It is going to be a blend of the Devanagri ‘Ra’ and Roman ‘R’.

IIT post-graduate Uday kumar’s entry has been selected out of five short-listed designs as the new symbol for the Indian Rupee, reflecting that the Indian currency, backed by an over-trillion dollar economy, was finally making its presence felt on the international scene. IIT graduate gives Indian Rupee its symbol

The government had organised a symbol design competition with a prize money of Rs 2.5 lakh. Five designs were shortlisted from a competition and all new notes will bear the design finally approved. “It’s a big statement on the Indian currency… The symbol would lend a distinctive character and identity to the currency and further highlight the strength and global face of the Indian economy,” Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni told reporters after the cabinet meeting.

Though the symbol will not be printed or embossed on currency notes or coins, it would be included in the ‘Unicode Standard’ and major scripts of the world to ensure that it is easily displayed and printed in the electronic and print media. Among currencies with distinctive identities, only the pound sterling has its symbol printed on the notes.

Unicode is an international standard that allows text data to be interchanged globally without conflict. After incorporation in the global and Indian codes, the symbol would be used by all individuals and entities within and outside the country.

The symbol will be adopted in a span of six months in the country, and within 18 to 24 months globally, Soni said, adding that it will feature on computer keyboards and softwares for worldwide use.

The abbreviation for the Indian Rupee, ‘Re’ or ‘Rs’ is used by India’s neighbors Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Soni said that the symbol, which reflects the Indian ethos and culture, would help distinguish the currency from the rupee or rupiah of these countries.

Besides this, state governments would be asked to proactively promote the use of the new symbol, she added.”

Sudan Block - National Defence Academy

I visited the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune today, commonly called as NDA. I and a few of my friends were planning a trip this weekend to some place preferably Mahabaleshwar, but nothing materialized as such. In fact I even made a plan of going to NDA, all of my friends wanted to none of them finally agreed. Finally we had to drop the plan of a trip.

The NDA Emblem

Suddenly on Saturday evening my brother asked me if I would want to go to NDA. It was really a surprise and definitely a pleasant one. Actually he had two of his classmates there, who had invited him and his school friends. I agreed and also invited a few of my friends for the trip. We planned to leave on Sunday morning at around 9 and asked everyone to at gather at my place first. And the best part we all decided to take bikes. I really love riding a bike, and finally we had twelve people with six bikes.

That's Kiran, Abhishek, Me, Aman, Ankush, Aseem, Parag, and Mayank

The day did not start well. Mayank (my brother) could not contact any of his friends in NDA for an entry. Finally we all left for NDA just to try out our luck. Eight of us left at 10.30, other four (all of Mayank’s friends) were leaving late and told us they would reach NDA directly. Four of us left from my home (Me, Aman, Parag, and Mayank) and had to meet four others on the way (Raman, Bhadre, and two of Raman’s friends). Before leaving it just came across our minds to carry extra helmets, as NDA maybe strict on this.

The group in front of the Artillary Gun

Finally we all left for NDA, again by the time we reached NDA, we were just four of us, Raman, Bhadre and their friends had lost way somewhere. The four of managed to get clear past the first check post, but at the second one we got stuck. Since we did not know the squadron of either Kapil or Kanva (The students at NDA), we were not allowed the entry. Since most of belonged to the army background, Aman called up his father to talk to the security in charge. In the meanwhile an idea struck me and I saw an NDA cadet. Very luckily he was in the fifth term, Kanva’s batch mate, from him we got to know Kanva’s squadron. And after that finally we were allowed entry.

Aman, Me, and Parag

We finally reached Kilo’s squadron, where Kanva stays. We met him and had a long chat with. At around 12 we got to know that Raman and his friends along with Badre also had reached the main gate. In fact Mayank’s friends (Kiran, Ankush, Aseem, and one another) also reached the great. We asked both the groups to fill in the details at the gate and come in, but only Kiran and group could manage to sneak through. Raman and friends were not allowed the entry. After a lot of struggle out there those four guys gave up and had to leave back home. That left with the eight of us there (Me, Mayank, Aman, Parag, Kiran, Ankush, Aseem and Abhishek).

Me in front of the Ashoka Pillar

Then we all went to Peacock bay, it really is an amazing place. After spending some time there, we all decided to head towards Gole Market, as most of us were hungry. While going back I was riding ahead of all, and had Aman as my pillion. We both saw Sudan Block on the way, and decided to stay there. I cannot really explain my feelings when I entered the blocks. It is a building made in the memory of the students of NDA who had made the country proud, most of them losing their lives. There I saw the name of Major Unikrishnan, the one who gave away his life during the 26/11/2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. I remember reading one of the articles which said that his biggest dream was to have his name engraved in the building there. And yes it now is in the column of the highest gallantry award in peace time. Seeing that made me really emotional. I too always wanted to join the army, but don’t know why I did not join it after my school. Seeing all this I really felt sad that I was not a part of the esteem institution. We all clicked a lot of pictures and finally left for Gole Market.

That's Aman, Me, Mayank, and Parag in front of Sudan Block

After reaching there we had some snack, and met Kapil there. He is in the fourth term there. He is a very good friend of brother, in fact has been close to me as well. It was great to meet him, as it was almost after two years that I had met him. We all had a long chat, and remembered all those days when we all played together, went on trips and others. Finally we decided to leave, for home.

The group (Ankush, Aman, GC Kapil, Kiran, Parag, Me, Abhishek, and Mayank)

I had applied for a course there, so I did go to the administration office there before leaving, and was really very happy, when I got to know that my application had been approved. Now I would be allowed to visit the place every week now, this is amazing.

Me in front of Sudan Block, a place I will get to visit often now.

We finally reached home, after spending a great day at NDA. Though we did have a lot of hiccups at the start of the day. As Raman and his friends could not visit the place. But once we reached in there everything was perfect for us. And now when I have the permission to enter the academy, I might take the other guys along with me some day.

The wildlife at NDA

Param Vir Chakra Winners

Ashoka Chakra Winners

A traditional Nagaland Village Gate

My dad is posted in Dimapur, Nagaland and has Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, a part of Assam, and a part of Arunachal Pradesh under his command. This gave me a very good opportunity to visit these remote states. So I planned to go on a leave to my dad’s place for 9 days. Though it takes almost a day to travel from Pune to Dimapur, so that almost cut my stay there to 7 days.

I reached Dimapur on 26th evening. It was almost 5-5.30 by the time I reached home. My parents and my brother were already there. My mom and Mayank (my brother) had left for this place almost a month back when Mayank’s college vacations had started. And then in less than an hour it became dark as if was night. In the night we went to the Army Institute (community place), and after having dinner I went down to sleep as i was very tired by the day long travel. Again in the morning the sun rose very early, I woke up at 6.30 but it looked as if we were already somewhere at start of the day, as the sun was shining very brightly. The sunrise here happens very early even before 5. This timing really amazed me, as I never expected myself to get up so early in the morning and go to sleep so early in the night.

That day we decided the plan for the next week. We planned a day’s trip each to Kohima, Imphal, Agartala, and Aizwal. That would take four days and also would complete my visit to the four states. as I have been to Arunachal Pradesh and Assam before we decided  skip those states in this visit as they would take at least 2-3 days of more travelling, and I was already short of time. So we decided to go to Kohima on Monday, Imphal on Tuesday, Aizwal on Wednesday, Agartala on Thursday, and then head back home on Friday.

Second World War Cemetry

The Kohima trip was amazing, it really is a beautiful place and reminded me of Shimla. We stayed at Zakhama, the Military Hospital of Kohima. The weather here was cooler, much better than it was at Dimapur. We first visited the world famous World War two Cemetry there. Seeing that very well maintained place was excellent. Also I got to know some of the history of World War 2. There at a place a slogan was written “When you go home tell them of us and say for your tomorrow we gave our today“, this is the first place ever where it was written. Now many places they have started writing these things, but this was the first. After that we went to the Naga Heritage Village, another of the amazing places. It hosts and annual festival, where all the tribes of Nagaland and other sister states perform. In fact last time it was an international event, and people from Korea, China and other places had also performed there. It is known as the Hornbill festival, which is held during the first week of December. I would really try and visit the place during that time, to watch this festival.

Second World War Cemetry

Victoria Cross Winner

After this we went to another of the Second World War museums. It had explained all the history and events that had happened there during the Second World War. Later that evening we visited a village nearby. After visiting there I realised that these villages are in fact like independent countries. Then I realised why are these tribes fighting against the country to get parted. Though my visit to the village was great and very hospitable. After that the next day early morning before leaving for Imphal we visited the famous Keera Market (Insect and Animal Market). They sell many types of animals, ranging from insects, to ducks, dogs, frogs, snakes, fishes, worms, rats, rabbits, turkeys, and many worms. All these in fact are a delicacy over there. Watching all this was a little disgusting but was also a very different feeling.

We reached Imphal at around 10, and then went on to visit another of the World War museums, this is the place till where Subhas Chandra Bose had reached advancing against the British.After that we visited the Kangla fort. It has a great architecture; I haven’t seen such a place an architecture for some time now. Manipur is also among the places in India where dragons are very famous, and so I did see a lot of monuments, carvings, wood carvings, and many embroideries in their shapes. There we stayed for the night and left for Aizwal the next day. I wanted to visit Moreh, that is the place on India – Myanamar border, but because of the shortage in time we could not.

About to leave very early morning

We reached Aizwal early morning. Though in all these places it looks like as if it is afternoon. We then went to visit the Blue Mountain National Park. Since the stay here was cut short, since it took us time from Imphal to Aizwal, and the next day we had to leave for Agartala. We had to miss the trip to Murlen National Park.

Again we reached Agartala in the morning at around 9. There we went to visit the Ujayanta Palace, I believed that the architecture I visited two days back was great, but for a surprise this was even better. It is situated next to the lake and gives a very scenic view. We then went onto visit the Sepahijala Wildlife sanctuary. With this I ended my short trip and stayed in Agartala overnight and we then to returned to Dimapur the next day.

Frogs being sold at the keera market

Back to Dimapur
After coming back home in the evening I went on to see the bollywood movie “I hate Love Stories”. Here they show movies on the very first day of release for almost no charges. One has to only pay a hundred rupees for the family for the complete month. Papa told me about a shooting range, so we visited that place the next morning. It was something again very new. They had made a shooting range setup in the Olympics style. It had a 10m range and the guns similar to the ones used at Olympics, after trying out my hand out there, I went to play tennis. The courts there were built recently, and they had courts, I all the three forms that is clay, hard and grass. This is the first time i could try out my hand in the clay and grass court.

Me at the firing range

And finally on Sunday the day had come when I had to leave back home in Pune. With this I have completed my trip to each and every state in the country. I am really happy of achieving this feat. Now only Daman & Diu, Lakshdweep, and Pondicherry (the union territories) are the places left that I need to visit. Apart from these only I have visited to some or the other place in every state of the country. I now after coming back really miss that place, I now wish I was young and could stay with my parents there. It was an amazing trip, and I am already eagerly waiting for my next one there. There was a lot more to write about, and I could have gone on and on but I have cut it short just like my trip was so that it does not get very boring reading all this. I might write something about them in separate posts when I get the time to do so.

Ana Ivanovic has dropped out of the top 50 in the WTA rankings. She has now dropped to 64, which is 19 places from where she was at the start of Wimbledon.

Meanwhile Serena Williams strengthened her position at the top after her win at the Wimbledon. Jelena Jankovic gained a position to be ranked number 2 now and Caroline Wozniacki also gained one place to be at number 3 now. Venus Williams dropped two places and is at world number 4. Samantha Stosur gained one place and is at 5 while Elena Dementieva dropped one place to be at 6. Similarly Kim Clijters and Francesca Schiavone exchanged their ranks and are at 7 and 8 respectively. Vera Zvonareva finishing runners-up at Wimbledon was one of the biggest gainer, gaining 12 positions and is now at number 9. Li Na also gained 2 places and is ranked 10th now. Both Agnieszka Radwanska and Flavia Pennetta dropped out of the top ten rankings.

Other big gainers in the tournamnet were Petra Kvitova who gained 33 places and is now ranked 29 and other being Tsvetana Pironkova who gained 47 places and is ranked 35th. On the losing side were Dinara Safina who dropped 11 places and now is ranked 33rd and Svetlana Kuznetsova is now ranked 20th. Sania Mirza the highest ranked Indian is ranked at 133. 

 I hope that Ivanovic will play better tennis and get her way back to the top once again.

Federer has dropped to world number 3 in the ATP rankings. This is the first time in almost seven years that he has dropped out of the top two ranks.

Meanwhile Novak Djokovic climbed to world number 2 eclipsing Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal strengthened his position at the top after his win at the Wimbledon. Already ranked world number 1 before the start of the tournament, Rafael Nadal, gained a lot of points because he missed this Grand Slam the last year. He has managed to make a mark able difference in points between his and Novak Djokovic the present world number 2, a difference that will need some taking to eclipse in next month’s to come.

Though Federer has dropped to world number 3, there is hardly any difference between his points tally and that of Novak’s. I don’t think Federer would like or will stay on this rank for a long time.

Apart from these Andy Murray maintained his rank of 4 after his semi final appearance at the Wimbledon. Robin Soderling managed to climb to world number 5 position, his highest ever while Davydenko dropped one place to world number 6. Juan Martin del Potro moved 1 place up to number 7 while the Wimbledon finalist Tomas Berdych moved five places to world number 8. Andy Roddick dropped 2 places to world number 9 while Spanish Fernando Verdasco dropped one place to world number 10. French player Jo-Wilfred Tsonga dropped out of the top ten rankings that were generated today. Somdev Devvarman is the highest ranked Indian at 104.

I hope that Nadal continues his form so that he can end the year as world number 1.

Leander Paes wins the Wimbledon 2010 Mixed Doubles along with Cara Black. This is his 12th Grand Slam Doubles title, and his 6th Mixed Doubles Slam title. He has won four times at Wimbledon now, of which this is his third in the Mixed Doubles. This is his third title partnering Cara Black. Although they have made it to the finals of a Grand Slam on five occasions.

The second seeded Paes and Black defeated the eleventh seeded Moodie and Raymond in straight sets 6-4, 7-6. The tournament for this Indo-Zimbabwean pair has been very good, except for the start, when almost in every match they managed to get broken in their very first service game, though almost every time that happened they managed to surprisingly win the set.

Leander Paes has enjoyed a lot of success with Mahesh Bhupati in the Men’s Double section and recently he has been doing very well with his present partner Lukas Dhouhly. In the mixed doubles, he has had a lot of success with Martina Navratilova (definitely one of the legends in tennis) and these days he is playing exceptionally well along with Cara Black.

Cara Black is a very good net player and is Paes, so they support each other’s game very well. In the final also Black played some exceptional tennis, as she did in the earlier rounds as well especially in the Quarter Finals.

In the end I congratulate both Leander Paes and Cara Black for this Wimbledon victory. Also in my earlier posts I had written that I would like both Rafael Nadal and Leader Paes to win today. And it has happened and I feel like I am on cloud 9.

Rafael Nadal with the Wimbledon 2010 trophy

Finally Rafael Nadal has won the Wimbledon 2010. He defeated Tomas Berdych in straight sets 6-3, 7-5, 6-4. And what was even more convincing was that his serve was not even broken once during the course of the match. This is his second win at Wimbledon and his eighth Grand Slam win.

But one must say that Tomas Berdych played well throughout the tournament, I guess that today just was not his day. Well it does not happen many times that a player defeats Roger Federer in a Grand Slam. Well now for the second consecutive Grand Slam a player who defeated Federer in the tournament has not gone onto win the slam, and ironically it was Nadal who defeated that player in the finals. He did look a little nervous playing in his first Grand Slam final. It is not always easy playing in your first slam final. Also he had to face the world number 1, and I guess to add to this his killing serves also did not work. It was unfortunate he lost but Nadal was way ahead of him today. So far for a record, Nadal has featured in as many as 10 Grand Slam finals and no one except Roger Federer has been able to defeat him then. In fact Federer has defeated him twice but has lost to him five times in the finals.

Nadal did win his first match convincingly in straight sets. But his journey after that was not very convincing (his second and third matches were five setters). But he came into his rhythm in the quarter finals against Soderling, then Murray in semis,  defeating Soderling in four sets and then Murray in straight sets. And then finally he proved why he is world number 1, and why he won here 2 years back.

With this tournament also over it is confirmed that Federer also drops down to world number 3, when the rankings will change tomorrow. I might write about this tomorrow when the rankings actually change.

In the end I would like to congratulate Nadal for his win, and I hope that he wins the US Open in September to complete his Slam as well as win three slams this year. If that happens I think that Nadal then should end the year with world number 1 ranking. Also I am watching the mixed doubles final now, and i hope that Leander Paes win this one. So I am putting some of the Images from his memorable win at the Wimbledon here.

Nadal vs Berdych

It is going to be Rafael Nadal versus Tomas Berdych in the Wimbledon men’s final today. I was without the internet connection for more than a week so I could not post any update of the tournament. Though it is late still I would give in a few details here.

In the quarter finals round Berdych defeated the world number 2 and the defending champion Roger Federer in four sets. It was a very shocking exit for Federer, as with big seeds for his half had already been defeated his road to the finals looked very easy. But Berdyech had other plans, and with his good service games managed to do what no one except Nadal could manage to do in the past eight years in this tournament (that is defeat Federer in Wimbledon). With this Federer for the second consecutive grand slam could not make it to the semi final stage. But for the record, he did manage to make it to his 25th consecutive grand slam quarter final appearance. Although one can say that he should not have evn made it to the second round of Wimbledon this year.

On the other hand Nadal did not look a favourite to win Wimbledon before the start of the tournament even though he was coming on a high with a French Open victory and also regaining the world No. 1 spot (in fact no one was looking as a clear winner except maybe Federer but just because of the fact that he has won this six times before). His run in the tournament has not been great except for the last two matches where he defeated Soderling and Murray (top seeds and top contenders for the title) in four and straight sets respectively. I guess he is peaking at the right time. Now he faces Berdyech to win his 2nd Wimbledon and 8th Grand Slam title. Though again as earlier I had written, it has only been once (that to just last month) that the player who defeated Federer in the grand slam tournament has not gone onto become the eventual winner of the grand slam. I hope that nadal can do this again and win the title, though he will have to show some great skills to counter the big serves of Berdych which in a way just swallowed up Federer and Djokovic.

Also surprisingly for the first time, I was hoping to see a Nadal – Djokovic final (after Federer was out), and even more surprisingly was hoping Djokovic to win. This was because it would have dropped Federer out of the top 2 rankings in the ATP for the first time in the last 4-5 years. But now with Djokovic losing in the semis, I hope that Nadal wins the title and increases the difference of the points to an extent that would make it difficult for Federer to catch up with in this year. Although if my calculations are correct I think even after losing in the semi finals Djokovic has managed to move to the second rank, pushing Federer out of the top two, though just by a very small margin (which can easily be eclipsed back again). But I will still wait for tomorrow morning to confirm the standings.

Meanwhile in the tournament, in the women’s section Venus Williams too was ousted very early (again not expected by many). Though not very surprisingly, it was Serena Williams who eventually won the tournament yesterday. Again as a shocker the William sisters could not make it to the semi final stage of the women’s double section as well.

Also as a personal interest I am very happy that Leander Paes has made it to the finals of the mixed doubles. I hope he wins the title, especially after his early exit in the men’s doubles section.

In the end I wish best of luck to both Rafael Nadal and Leander Paes for their respective final matches. I hope they both win today.