A Trip to the National Defence Academy (NDA)!!!

Posted: July 11, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in Adventure, India, Just For Fun
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Sudan Block - National Defence Academy

I visited the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune today, commonly called as NDA. I and a few of my friends were planning a trip this weekend to some place preferably Mahabaleshwar, but nothing materialized as such. In fact I even made a plan of going to NDA, all of my friends wanted to none of them finally agreed. Finally we had to drop the plan of a trip.

The NDA Emblem

Suddenly on Saturday evening my brother asked me if I would want to go to NDA. It was really a surprise and definitely a pleasant one. Actually he had two of his classmates there, who had invited him and his school friends. I agreed and also invited a few of my friends for the trip. We planned to leave on Sunday morning at around 9 and asked everyone to at gather at my place first. And the best part we all decided to take bikes. I really love riding a bike, and finally we had twelve people with six bikes.

That's Kiran, Abhishek, Me, Aman, Ankush, Aseem, Parag, and Mayank

The day did not start well. Mayank (my brother) could not contact any of his friends in NDA for an entry. Finally we all left for NDA just to try out our luck. Eight of us left at 10.30, other four (all of Mayank’s friends) were leaving late and told us they would reach NDA directly. Four of us left from my home (Me, Aman, Parag, and Mayank) and had to meet four others on the way (Raman, Bhadre, and two of Raman’s friends). Before leaving it just came across our minds to carry extra helmets, as NDA maybe strict on this.

The group in front of the Artillary Gun

Finally we all left for NDA, again by the time we reached NDA, we were just four of us, Raman, Bhadre and their friends had lost way somewhere. The four of managed to get clear past the first check post, but at the second one we got stuck. Since we did not know the squadron of either Kapil or Kanva (The students at NDA), we were not allowed the entry. Since most of belonged to the army background, Aman called up his father to talk to the security in charge. In the meanwhile an idea struck me and I saw an NDA cadet. Very luckily he was in the fifth term, Kanva’s batch mate, from him we got to know Kanva’s squadron. And after that finally we were allowed entry.

Aman, Me, and Parag

We finally reached Kilo’s squadron, where Kanva stays. We met him and had a long chat with. At around 12 we got to know that Raman and his friends along with Badre also had reached the main gate. In fact Mayank’s friends (Kiran, Ankush, Aseem, and one another) also reached the great. We asked both the groups to fill in the details at the gate and come in, but only Kiran and group could manage to sneak through. Raman and friends were not allowed the entry. After a lot of struggle out there those four guys gave up and had to leave back home. That left with the eight of us there (Me, Mayank, Aman, Parag, Kiran, Ankush, Aseem and Abhishek).

Me in front of the Ashoka Pillar

Then we all went to Peacock bay, it really is an amazing place. After spending some time there, we all decided to head towards Gole Market, as most of us were hungry. While going back I was riding ahead of all, and had Aman as my pillion. We both saw Sudan Block on the way, and decided to stay there. I cannot really explain my feelings when I entered the blocks. It is a building made in the memory of the students of NDA who had made the country proud, most of them losing their lives. There I saw the name of Major Unikrishnan, the one who gave away his life during the 26/11/2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. I remember reading one of the articles which said that his biggest dream was to have his name engraved in the building there. And yes it now is in the column of the highest gallantry award in peace time. Seeing that made me really emotional. I too always wanted to join the army, but don’t know why I did not join it after my school. Seeing all this I really felt sad that I was not a part of the esteem institution. We all clicked a lot of pictures and finally left for Gole Market.

That's Aman, Me, Mayank, and Parag in front of Sudan Block

After reaching there we had some snack, and met Kapil there. He is in the fourth term there. He is a very good friend of brother, in fact has been close to me as well. It was great to meet him, as it was almost after two years that I had met him. We all had a long chat, and remembered all those days when we all played together, went on trips and others. Finally we decided to leave, for home.

The group (Ankush, Aman, GC Kapil, Kiran, Parag, Me, Abhishek, and Mayank)

I had applied for a course there, so I did go to the administration office there before leaving, and was really very happy, when I got to know that my application had been approved. Now I would be allowed to visit the place every week now, this is amazing.

Me in front of Sudan Block, a place I will get to visit often now.

We finally reached home, after spending a great day at NDA. Though we did have a lot of hiccups at the start of the day. As Raman and his friends could not visit the place. But once we reached in there everything was perfect for us. And now when I have the permission to enter the academy, I might take the other guys along with me some day.

The wildlife at NDA

Param Vir Chakra Winners

Ashoka Chakra Winners

  1. AMAN says:

    YOU ALL GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shishir Gupta says:

    Hey Aman,

    I hope you don’t mean that really, and if you do I really don’t care.
    And yes while writing down you should write in such a way that it does not hurt anyone. It’s ok, and i know everyone has the right to write and express himself, but one should also check his words.
    I hope you have got my words well and clear.


  3. Manjit says:

    hi..i totally agree with shishir…u r having fun at nation pride so should be careful to describe…I bliv we all r proud to b born in such a great place..NDA is drream place to be in!!!

  4. […] all decided to plan such a trip every month. But since then we have only been able to go out twice (NDA and Mulshi), and not even once in the last 3 months. Though we had made a lot of plans in between, […]

  5. Dear Shishir Gupta

    Love and respect

    You wrote above about the Sudan Block:
    “It is a building made in the memory of the students of NDA who had made the country proud, most of them losing their lives. There I saw the name of Major Unikrishnan, the one who gave away his life during the 26/11/2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai.”

    If you read the history of the NDA http://www.nda.nic.in/html/nda-sudan-block.html which says:

    “The building is named after the African republic which gifted a hundred thousand pounds in 1941 for the construction of a suitable war memorial, in grateful recognition and commemoration of the gallantry and sacrifices of Indian troops in the defence of Sudan in WWII. After partition,India’s share which amounted to £ 70,000 was utilized for the construction of the NDA. The building was inaugurated by HE Rahmatullah Abdulla, Ambassador of Sudan on 30 May 1959.”

    The tribute to the 2008 Mumbai Attacks is of names written in the hearts of all Mumbaikars those names forever will be for them a melody of love, sacrifice and honour:
    “Tukaram Omble, Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Shashank Shinde, Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Gajendra Singh”

    Thanks and God bless u

  6. Priyanka says:

    Dear Shishir Gupta,

    Please can you let me know if there is any open day at the NDA where general public can visit NDA?

    Priyanka Lakhe

  7. Shishir Gupta says:

    Hi Priyanka,

    Unfortunatey there is no such day. In fact now they have become so strict that one needs to inform in prior to get the passes arranged.

    – S

  8. Priyanka says:

    Thank you for your reply Shishir. But whats the procedure for getting the passes arranged? OR do you need to know someone who is posted there?

  9. Shishir Gupta says:

    Hi Priyanka,

    Yes you need to know either someone who is posted there or a student who is studying there, only then you can be allowed entry. Also, nowdays they have become very strict, as now the person who would send the pass (it is not exactly a pass but something very similar to that concept) needs send the request to allow you to enter the campus on the main gate one day in advance or should come to the gate themselves to recieve you. Else, you cannot be allowed entry.


  10. Priyanka says:

    Thanks so much for the information Shishir. So it kind of looks like a dead lock for me as my son badly wanted to visit it!!! Never mind.. but thanks for the reply


  11. Shivam says:

    National Defence Academy is my dream.It is the place for upcoming INDIAN officer.

  12. sANTOSH says:

    hI Priyanka,

    it is very late, but may be helful..


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