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Posted: July 22, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in Just For Fun
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It is a great feeling to write about my latest achievement. I have managed shed off 15 kgs from my body in the last 4-4.5 months. This really is an achievement for me, as when I had started this target only looked as a dream to achieve, but the fact to have achieved it is definitely a great feeling. Now I feel a lot more healthier and a lot more active in life. 

It all started in March this year. Though I have been planning to reduce the weight for the past 4 years, but I have only managed to increase it. Finally I thought it was high time to reduce weight, at least give it a decent try. My mother too had started something similar in the month of January, and that really inspired me to at least have a try at it. So I thought to write about this on my blog here, maybe I will be able to inspire a few people around to lose some weight and become healthier. I have followed a good way to reduce weight and so it can really help others who want to follow this path. 

The changes I made in my lifestyle for the first couple of weeks was that I started drinking a glass of hot water after waking up in the morning, played lawn tennis for 4-5 hours in the weekends, and yes tried to avoid the junk food. After about 15 days I realized that without much exercise (nothing apart from playing), I had managed to lose about 1.5 kgs. This motivated me to work hard towards reducing weight. That time I had made 15 kgs as a virtual target, hoping that it would be great if I could reach there, in fact 10 kgs was what I was aiming for (especially after I had lost nearly 1.5). 

Since then I started to go for a jog early morning. I started with 3-3.5 kms which I could complete within 25-30 mins. In this I would walk for the first 10-15 mins and then jog for 10 mins and then walk for the last 5 mins. With this I was actually warming up my body for the first 10 minutes and then burning calories in other time, and tried to relax my body in the last 5 minutes. This technique was told by my father, and it is really effective as one really does not get tired immediately. By following this, a person can cover a larger distance and effectively burn more calories. Since then, I have not only managed to reduce so much weight but have also increased my stamina. Now I easily cover 10-12 kms, and it is only the time shortage that stops me to cover more distance. Now I try and complete 80-90 kms in a week and in addition to this play 5-6 hours (total) of lawn tennis over the weekends. This has also helped me to not go on a diet to reduce weight. Now I eat whatever I wish to, but I do keep a check on it. I know if I eat something oily or something that contains a lot of fat, then I have to run a little extra that day. 

People nowadays often ask me how I have reduced so much weight, have I been dieting. Well I tell them no. In fact I believe by dieting no one can lose weight. As after losing the weight if the person again starts eating then he or she will pick up that lost weight again, in fact maybe even gain extra weight. Fortunately I have not sacrificed on my eating habits, but yes I have reduced them to a certain limit. I do drink cold drinks, eat my favorite junk food, but only occasionally. I have not stopped eating sweets, in fact I do eat junk food (pizzas, burgers) every third or the fourth day. My mother always says, why am I earning so much, basically it is for food, and if I can’t eat what I like, then there is no point in working day and night for that money. This has been one of my biggest inspirations, and yes I have achieved success, reduced weight without dieting. 

But yes I will have to say that I have changed my eating habits, I eat more number meals in a day, five – six times, but with a little less quantity as earlier. This helps as my stomach is never empty, and also it gets enough time to digest the food. I have also started eating more fruits and salads. They are good, especially the ones that have a lot of fiber. But most important I have started drinking a lot of water. I remember my colleague (Pooja) always used to tell me that I don’t drink water at all, and I should drink. In fact she gifted me a bottle before leaving the company. That really has helped (not the gift, but the motivation she gifted, haha). Now I drink 5-6 liters of water daily, and that has helped me a lot. I haven’t stopped drinking coffee and cold drinks, but yes have reduced the intake number in the week. In fact have almost made my late night coffee counts to negligible. Apart from all this as I have written earlier I run 80-90 kms in a week, and play a lot of tennis (5-6 hours) on the weekends. And yes another important thing, I have stopped using the lift in office (the only thing I can do in the 9-10 hour stay at the office). 

Again I would say it really feels good to have achieved this feat. I still wear my old clothes and when I see myself in them, it really feels good. And then the next day I wear clothes that are very tight, and that keeps the motivation in me to go further. Now I do plan to reduce about 5 more kgs, though I know for sure that this task will not be easy, instead it will be difficult since my body is now got used to so much exertion. Also now I cannot just stop my early morning jogging (though it has become an integral part of my life now), as the day I stop I will start gaining weight again. So I feel this has also got to be a gradual process, will have to reduce the distance slowly. 

Also one thing to remember is that the motivation is very important, as one cannot really notice a change of 1-2 kgs on a normal weighing machine. This really can be de-motivating. Again even if one reduces 5-7 kgs, maybe people around you will not notice it. You may know it, because you daily monitor yourself, and are working hard but there is not much change seen in the body till then. I only got started to be noticed by my friends and colleagues after I had reduced 8-10 kgs. Yes after that it has really becomes noticeable. Also one should not get de-motivated after achieving the target. After my experience I can say that it is not difficult to reduce weight, it is much more difficult to maintain the reduced weight. So surprisingly, both achieving success and not being able to achieve can lead to de-motivation, and this has to be avoided. And as I have said earlier, once the target is achieved, it should be a gradual way to come back to the normal life (I haven’t reached that stage as yet so will not comment on it any further). 

I would probably update on this again if I manage to reduce 5 more, I have already reduced close to 18 percent of myself.

If you all liked this post do write to me here, also if I (or my post) can inspire anyone to go ahead on this path, I would feel more than happy.   

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  1. P says:

    Wonderful Shishir! You certainly are an inspiration. 🙂

  2. Shishir Gupta says:

    Thanks a lot Pooja


  3. Umesh says:

    congrats for your achievement !

    Reducing weight by more than 15 Kgs is highly appreciable. I seen many people do die-hard trials to lose weight, but rarely could achieve.

    The steps you taken to lose weight good instructions for “How to lose weight”.

    Waking up early morning, jogging, drinking water, playing games tt in weekends. You took sincere efforts to achieve the target you set before you. Avoiding using lift in office has lion’s in getting this done.

    What I felt considerable here is…
    1. You never used any medication.
    2. Never tried dieting for losing weight.

  4. Shishir Gupta says:

    Hey thanks a lot for writing this, and not just writing reading it as well. Thanks a lot for the appreciation.


  5. Vishal says:

    gr8 yaar….

  6. Shishir Gupta says:

    Thanks a lot


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