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I had written about this sometime earlier, almost a month back, in fact once I had reduced 15 kgs, that my target was to further reduce 5 kgs. And yes I have finally achieved the target. It took me a little over a month to reach 20 from 15, and yes almost 5 and half months to touch the figure of 20. And now I have effectively reduced 23-24% percent of my initial weight, now that is what really makes me happy. And now when I meet someone who had seen me six months back, then almost each one of them do recognize the difference in me. In fact I had uploaded some of my photographs on my facebook profile and a few of my friends came back to me just by seeing those pictures. And even more amazing was the fact that I had not met one of those friends for more than 3 years (though she must have seen my other images), but still she came back and said “It looks as if you have lost a lot of weight”. And that made me realize that I have reached a level where I was some 4-5 years back and that is what makes me get even happier.

I had never believed that I could do something like this about six months back. The target started from 7 kgs went till 10, then 15 and finally 20 kgs. Though my mother is still saying that it would be great if I could reduce 5 kgs further. But I really don’t think that that figure is easy to achieve. Though I had mentioned that reducing 5 kgs after touching the 15 kgs mark would be tough, but I did reduce it with ease. It took me a little more time but yes it was not very difficult to do. Contradicting to this all my colleagues in office (including my team head) have asked me to stop from reducing further, as probably I will start looking weak after this.

Thinking about achieving this figure is almost like as if I am in some dream sequence. So I am not really sure if I would reduce down further. In fact since it has been six months time, I want to give my body some break, say of some 4-6 months. I may resume this process sometime in December of next March and that is the time I can think of the further 5 kgs suggested by my mother. After these strenuous six months all what I can say is that reducing weight is not very tough, in fact the tougher part will start now maintaining this weight for the next 4-6 months, so that I do not gain any additional weight that I might have to reduce once I restart this process again. And yes I was talking about taking a break. Well to clarify on the break, now since my body is used to so much of exercise I really cannot go on a break as I will end up gaining all the weight that I have reduced so far. So with the break what I meant was reducing the amount. Now I am planning to take rest on 2-3 days in a week and also gradually reduce the number of kilometers I was running daily. With this I will probably not reduce any weight (though if that does I will be more than happy) and also I should not gain any weight. I would be able to maintain the weight and also with this I will be able to maintain my stamina levels as well, they too probably will not drop.

Talking about how to reduce weight I did write on the procedure I had followed in my previous post. Since then I have not changed anything except that I have stopped playing on the weekends, in fact that has automatically stopped since it has been raining heavily on the weekends, stopping me from playing. But now if I look back it has worked as an advantage as I have already reduced some of the exercise and still managed to reduce the weight.

In the end all I can say is that probably reducing weight is not very tough, it is all about mindset. Initially it was very hard for me to wake up early morning and go for a run, but now that has become a daily schedule. I automatically get up early and go for a run, in fact if I don’t go for a run then I feel as if I have missed something that day. So as I had said earlier that motivation is very important, and I would say is that if one starts on this then that person should not back off in the middle as it might just backfire and the person might end up gaining weight. This what I actually tell a lot of people, as many of my friends and colleagues have started to follow this path ever since they did read my last post.

Well I am very happy about this achievement, and I am getting even happier as I have another achievement lined up. Well to just give a gist, I have always been prone to accidents and a lot of injuries. And it has been close to six months that I have not had any. Though I can say that I did not have time for all this in the last six months since my complete concentration was on reducing the weight, but yes I am about to touch a new personal record of not having met an accident or injuring myself in six months (it has never happened in the last 6-7 years). If this does happen (just a few days to go), I will definitely write about that achievement as well.

And again I will like to add that I am not writing how to reduce the weight in this post. I have already written it in one of my earlier posts.

The change in my body structure in 1 year

The change in my body structure in 1 year

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