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Well the final scores do depict that India did thrash Australia, but to be honest it has not really been that easy as the final scores suggest. In the first test match India somehow managed to escape the doors of defeat and ended on the winning side, big thanks to great innings from VVS Laxman and Ishant Sharma.

In the second test also Australia had come all guns blazing in their innings, and made Indian team look an ordinary team for some time, but in the end India did fight back and proved why they are the number 1 team. And finally a great innings from Sachin Tendulkar led to the foundation af a great series win. And then later on the fourth day the Indian bowlers responded and made the series win come as a clean sweep on Australia, the first time they could do it to Australia.

Zaheer Khan was given the man of the match award in the first match because of his bowling performance, but it was Sachin Tendulkar who was adjudjed the man of the match for the second test to go with the man of the series award.

Many other records were made during this series. India won their 3rd consecutive match in a row. Dhoni continued his capataincy form in Test cricket as a he has never lost a series. In fact India have now not lost 8 consecutive series. Sachin notched up his 49th hundred and his 6th test double hundred and in the meanwhile also passed the 14000 run mark in test matches. Dhoni completed his 150th dismissal in test cricket while Zaheer Khan reached the mark of 250 test wickets. Virender Sehwag equalled the record of making fifty or more in 11 consecutive matches (this now equals with Vivian Richards and Gautam Gambhur). In fact Sachin Tendulkar has now scored a fifty or more in 10 consecutive matches (and this is still an active streak).

Well these were definitely the high points of the series. But there were many low points in the firm of injuries as well. Ishant, Gambhir and Laxman got injuries in the first test match. This gave an opportunity to Cheteshwar Pujara, and yes he did not disappoint others by scoring a fluent fifty in the final innings and the setting the platform for a great  victory.

With the no.1 position in test matches confirm for sometime now, India would really be feeling happy of it. But on the other side Australia has slipped to the fifth position in the ICC rankings for the first time. And this could be very hurting for them as this would mean that for the first time they would be ranked lower than England at the start of the Ashes.

I end this here hoping that India continue its good form and defeat New Zealand which is next up in the test series. Though before that we have the ODI series against Australia. But I guess the biggest test of the Indian team would be at the end of the year when they would visist South Africa for the test series. I wwould like to wish the team best of luck for their coming tournamnets.


Sachin Tendulkar went onto score his sixth double hundred in test cricket today. He reached his hundred yesterday, and completed the double today. In fact day before yesterday he crossed the 14000 run landmark of in test cricket. For the statistics, this is his 6th test double hundred, 7th International double hundred (he has one in the ODI’s), 49th Test hundred, 95th International hundred, and 76th first class hundred. Also this is his 20th 150+ score in test cricket which also is a world record and also his 25th 150+ score in International cricket, which again is a record. This double hundred will be special because in this match Sachin crossed the 14000 runs mark in test matches, also his knock has laid a good foundation to the team to win the series against Australia. Also he has scored a 150+ score against each test playing nation (he had reached this record two months back itself). Also his last test hundred had come about two months ago (he has played only two matches between that) and that was also a double hundred. This is his 49th in test cricket, and he had got out on 98 in the previous match. Had he got the two runs, this could have been his 50th.

He came into bat when two quick wickets had fallen. India was in a situation of trouble as he took guard. But he hung in initially, tried getting in a few runs along with Vijay. And the duo went for a memorable partnership. This partnership saw Sachin reach his 49th test ton, while Vijay scored his maiden ton. And they both stitched a mammoth 308 run partnership. Sachin later went onto score his double hundred, and was finally dismissed by George (a debutant) at the score of 214. Amazingly, while George had come to bowl his first over, their were funny comments posted that he should have been brought against Sachin as he loves to get out to a debutant, as his first wicket. I found that amusing especially after the later stages since Sachin went on to score a double hundred. But surprisingly Sachin did end up being George’s first test wicket.

This innings was very important for India, as India were looking to consolidate the situation after Australia had played very well in the first two days. India knew that Austarlia would press for a win to level the series and that is why Sachin’s knock gets even more important. Now it looks as if Sachin has almost saved the match for India (though with still a full day to go nothing can really be predicted). With India in a good position, the result now depends on Australia, how much can they score and can they restrict India for a lower total (especially when Laxaman the hero of the last match is not in the team). A draw also can push Australia down in the ICC rankings, down to number 5 and that is what can make Australia even more dagerous. Also one must say that Vijay played very well.

If we just talk about Sachin, after the day three ended he was batting at 191 needing just 9 to reach a double, but almost everyone had started speculating him of getting his first triple century. I guess that is the expectation from this little champion whenever he comes out to bat. He did disappoint his fans as he was looking good till he got out. But all I can say is most of us are disappointed as he could not get a triple. That is the expectation level of all his fans, it just keeps on increasing.

With so many records under his belt, he is literally competing only with himself. I wish him all the best for future and hope that he gives us many such instances in the near future. Now I am eagerly waiting for his 50th test hundred and 100th international hundred, I hope he gets to these landmarks in this year itself (especially since it the 50 mark is just one hundred away and India is going to play 5 more matches in the year).

Sachin Tendulkar completed 14000 runs in Test cricket here today in the second test match against Australia. He has become the first batsman in history to do so. He was also the first player to reach the 12000 and 13000 run marks. In fact if you see his ODI record he had become the first player to achieve the mark of 10000 runs and then also every subsequent 1000 runs. Now he is batting on 44 and when the play begins tomorrow everyone’s eyes will be set on Sachin to see if he can get his 49th test hundred. He has 48th test hundreds so far to go with 46 in the ODI format.

Also all I can say is that Sachin is having a great year so far and he also had aggregated 1000 test runs this year, and this is the sixth occasion when he has scored more than 1000 runs in a year. Sachin had played a very good innings in the first match where he missed his 49th century by just 2 runs, he definitely would be looking to reach that mark in this innings. He so far has looked very good in the 44 runs he has scored, and definitely would be looking to get a lot more.

This innings would be very crucial for India since they had lost two quick wickets before Sachin came in to bat and also India would looking to win or even draw this test match to win the series. It is not many times a team gets to defeat the Australians. And I guess Indians will be looking to set the record straight. And for this Sachin’s innings is going to be very crucial also because there is no Laxman in the team in this match.

In the end I would like to congratulate Sachin for his new record, and hope that he would get many more in future. Also I would wish him best of luck for tomorrow and hope that he contimues this great form.

Indian Premier League has been in the wrong side of the news ever since the two new teams were announced for the fourth season. Since then the controversy regarding the stakes of the IPL Teams has risen and both the IPL and it’s then chief Lalit Modi have been in the highlight of all the controversy. A lot has changed in the panel of the IPL committee as well, and most of this change has come in less than a month ago. Today a major decision has been taken by the BCCI on the other franchises. It has terminated the Rajasthan and Punjab contracts, and these two teams will no longer be a part of the Indian Premier League. These two teams have been scrapped for the “violation of the franchise agreement”. Well this is a big blow to IPL 4, and also as the auctions for the team players were round the corner, I guess this decision might just change the scenario of the coming IPL. Here is the complete article from cricinfo

“The IPL has terminated its franchise agreements with Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals and has also issued a notice to the Kochi consortium, asking it to resolve disputes between the owners and form a joint venture company to hold the rights within ten days. The decisions were taken at an emergency meeting of the league’s governing council in Mumbai on Sunday.

The decision to terminate the agreements was taken five days before the deadline given to the franchises to reply to the show cause notices issued on October 1. In the notices, both the franchises were accused of transgressions in relations to shareholding and ownership issues that would “shake the very foundation of the tender process.”

One of the co-owners of the Rajasthan franchise, Raj Kundra, responded to the development by saying that they would explore legal options. “We have no idea [why the agreement was terminated],” Kundra told NDTV. “We need to see a copy of the termination notice and study it. I don’t see IPL 4 happening if the BCCI treats other teams like this.”

The BCCI president Shashank Manohar said after Sunday’s meeting that Rajasthan and Punjab needed to be scrapped for “violation of the franchise agreement” and that there was no process to replace the two franchises at the moment. “With regards to Rajasthan, the bid was given by a different bidder and the agreement was entered into with a different company,” Manohar said. “The shareholding pattern were different. The shares were transferred into with different people without the permission of the governing council.”

When asked about Kochi, Manohar said the franchise hadn’t been scrapped because it hadn’t violated the agreement, but was only suffering from internal disputes. He said Kochi had ten days to resolve all problems otherwise it also ran the risk of being scrapped.

“It was unanimously decided that the franchise agreements with KPH Dream Cricket Private Limited (Punjab) and Jaipur IPL Cricket Private Limited (Rajasthan) be terminated forthwith based on the legal opinions obtained by BCCI in the matters,” the IPL’s governing council said in a release after the meeting.

“It was further unanimously decided to issue a notice to the unincorporated joint venture holding the Kochi franchise, calling upon them to resolve all their disputes and form a joint venture company which will hold the IPL franchise rights.”

Manohar had criticised the three franchises after the board’s annual general meeting and was especially hard on Kochi. It was difficult, he had said, to communicate with Kochi as the franchise owners had split into two factions after winning the bid to become the tenth IPL franchise at the auction in March.

Sunday’s meeting was the first for the reconstituted governing council, which had its membership reduced from 14 to eight, and its tenure and powers cut. Chirayu Amin was appointed the chairman of body, replacing ousted chairman Lalit Modi, and the rest of the council comprises five other members – Arun Jaitley, Ranjib Biswal, Anurag Thakur, Ajay Shirke and Rajiv Shukla – and two former cricketers, Ravi Shastri and Mohinder Amarnath, as honorary members.”

To be honest I am not sure if it is a correct decision or not, but anyways I would like to congratulate BCCI as they definitely have taken a very brave step and a very tough decision. Hopefully they will not back off from this in future as that will really put forward a very bad image of theirs (something that is very common in India), and that will disappoint me more.

TREATISE Completes 2 Years Online!!

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It has been a great journey so far, definitely a very exciting one. Especially the last year where I have really evolved as a blogger. 

Well it was exactly 2 years back that I started blogging or I can say I created this blog. Well for the kicks I started off with three blogs each one dedicated towards certain fields. Actually when I started I did not know much about the concept of tags and categories well that is why I started out with three different blogs, where actually my tags were written as categories and for different categories I had these three different blogs. After the first six months I transferred the content from the other two blogs to this one so that I could update a single blog more frequently.
It’s been a 18 months since then, and two years so far and I am very excited that I have come this far. When I look down the memory lane, I can see that the last year of blogging has been very good. I have tried to catch the eye of the readers all around the world and I can say I have been very successful, especially in the last 6 months when the response definitely has been overwhelming. In fact my blogging has increased in the last six months as compared to the previous months. But it is nowhere comparable to my first six months period. The viewing of the blog has increased in the past months, in fact it has multiplied by 3-4 times which has made me very much happy. In fact the last three months or so have been very good and I have been getting a very good response on the blog with the increased number of hits. The average number of hits has almost doubled to what they were 6-8 months back and I can say they have more than 5 times in the past I year.

If I talk just about this blog I started it basically only for television shows and television personalities. This blog recorded a lot of hits from India, US, UK and Pakistan showing how famous the Indian shows are all around the world. For the record, my blog received as many as 763 hits on 2nd June 2010. 

This blog has so far recorded “109071” hits in the 2 years (it crossed the 1 Lakh mark or the 100 thousand mark or the six figure mark last month) while my other blogs the technical one had 4513 hits in about 5 months and my sports blog recorded 1823 hits in about 6 months of their being in existence. It has been 18 months since I had combined these three blogs and since then this blog has recorded “104455”hits. In the past one year I have recorded “92775” hits. Well 92775 hits in a year at an average of more than 254 hits a day is something very good to be happy of. This makes me even happier when I see that this blog has recorded “62934” in the past six months, which makes it almost a 343 hits per day at an average. Well more than 115000 hits in the 2 years months is a very good figure especially when it had close to 23000 hits in the first year. Something that astonishes me of the increasing popularity was the fact that in 2009 the post had about 23000 hits that is about 63 hits a day, a figure I was content and somewhat happy with as well. But to my amazement the blog has received about 84000 hits already in 9 months in 2010, that to at an average of more than 300 per day (which is 5 times it was last year). This is the figure that really makes me feel proud of the work done by me in the past 2 years.

Now coming to the individual posts. 19 posts have received above 1000 hits and of them 6 posts have received more than 2000 hits. 2 posts have received more than 5000 hits; in fact 1 post has managed to receive more than 10000 hits so far which is something I did not believe will happen about six months ago (definitely this post has been the major contributor towards the hits on the blog). Also as many as 46 posts have received more than 500 hits while 136 posts received over 100 hits. Well I think in about 160 posts 136 posts have received above a 100 hits is a very good sign for the blog (though this was 86% six months back and now it is 85% but still I am very happy about it). Well that indicates that a lot of the posts have been viewed and it’s not just a couple of them have been very famous. On second thoughts I can say that a couple of them have become very famous, especially that one post has.

As I said it has been difficult to maintain all the three of them together that is why at the end of first six months I decided to delete two of my blogs and transfer all the posts from them onto this blog as this was the first one that I created. Now for the past one year I just have had one blog to maintain and I really thought at the beginning that it would be a lot easier to update it regularly. But that has not been the story so far. I had written about 44 posts in the first six months (when I had three different blogs) and then I have just written about 17 posts (with only a single blog to update). Then after that in six months I have been able to put in 38 posts, while my last six months have had the maximum posts that are 60 posts updated making the count to 160 (this is also the highest number in the given period of six months). I sincerely hope that the kind of response I got in these 2 years, especially in the last six months and over the last year, I would be able to generate in the coming year also in fact even more. Well in these six months I have been able to touch many aspects in terms of topics while blogging (not concentrated towards one topic), and that is something I am really happy of.

One more thing that I would like to add is that now TREATISE is also ranked on Alexa and IndiBlogger. Though TREATISE was also ranked at Alexa about six months back, but in these six months it has managed to get under the 3,000,000 mark, which I feel is really very good. Also I had listed TREATISE on IndiBlogger last month and the rank and feedback shared by them was very good for the first month there. I will keep on updating on that once a couple of months are completed on the list there.

I had definitely made a few mistakes in my first six months, but since then I have been a lot more responsible and now in the last six months I have really evolved as a blogger. I hope that I can continue the good work and hopefully I will be able to attract a lot of people to my writings in the coming year.

Sachin Tendulkar today won his first ever ICC award bagging the cricketer of the year award (Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy). I must say he has added yet another feather in his cap. His form in the past year has been outstanding and has also achieved great heights in cricket history in the past year. If we talk about these awards Sachin won the award but missed out in the other two categories where he was nominated. The best ODI player of the year and the best Test player of the year. These awards went to AB Devillers of South Africa and Virender Sehwag of India respectively. Also MS Dhoni was named as the captain of the ICC team of the year. I must say that this year the Indians have been on the top of the list. Here is the complete article from cricinfo:

“Sachin Tendulkar has won his first ICC award, the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy, by being named the Cricketer of the Year during the 2010 ICC Award ceremony in Bangalore. Tendulkar, however, lost out in the other major categories he was nominated in, with Virender Sehwag winning the Test Cricketer of the Year award and AB de Villiers claiming the ODI prize.

“This last season has been really special for the entire team,” Tendulkar, who also received the People’s Choice Award, said. “I think right from the start of the season, when we won in Sri Lanka and I scored a hundred in the finals, and from there on the season took off for us. We became No. 1 in the Test rankings, something we all wanted to achieve, and we’ve been able to maintain our performances in the last ten months.”

Tendulkar fought off competition from Sehwag, Hashim Amla and Graeme Swann, the other nominees in the Cricketer of the Year category. Previous winners of the Cricketer of the Year award include Rahul Dravid, Andrew Flintoff, Jacques Kallis, Ricky Ponting, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Mitchell Johnson.

During the period under consideration for the award – August 24, 2009 to August 10, 2010 – Tendulkar scored 1064 runs at an average of 81.84 in ten Tests. He made 914 runs in 17 ODIs at 65.28, and also scored the format’s first double-century against South Africa in Gwalior. Tendulkar is presently third on the ICC’s rankings for Test batsmen, and tenth in ODIs.

MS Dhoni was named captain of the Test team of the year, which included Sehwag, Kumar Sangakkara, Swann, Tendulkar, Amla, Simon Katich, Dale Steyn, Jacques Kallis, James Anderson and Doug Bollinger.

Ricky Ponting was captain of the ODI team of the year, leading a side comprising Tendulkar, Shane Watson, Michael Hussey, de Villiers, Paul Collingwood, Dhoni, Daniel Vettori, Stuart Broad, Bollinger and Ryan Harris.

Brendon McCullum, the New Zealand batsman, won the award for the best Twenty20 Performance of the Year for his 116 not out against Australia in Christchurch in February. McCullum edged out Hussey, Mahela Jayawardene and Ryan McLaren, the others nominated for the Twenty20 award.

Netherlands allrounder Ryan ten Doeschate won the Associate Player of the Year award. ten Doeschate’s performances during the English domestic season has made him a sought-after player in international Twenty20 competitions. He has been signed by Tasmania for the Big Bash and by Canterbury for New Zealand’s domestic tournament.

Steven Finn, the England fast bowler, won the award for Emerging Player of the Year. Finn, 21, made his Test debut against Bangladesh in March and has since taken 32 wickets in eight matches.

New Zealand won the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award for the second time in row and the third time overall. Aleem Dar, the Pakistani umpire, also won the Umpire of the Year Award for the second time in a row.

Rachel Heyhoe-Flint, the former England women’s captain, was the first woman cricketer inducted into the ICC’s Hall of Fame, while Shelley Nitschke, the Australian allrounder, was the Woman Cricketer of the Year.”

Finally Dill Mill Gayye is going to end. The show has been a favorite of people of different age groups all over the world. Now it is the time for it to bid adieu to all the fans. Many are disappointed; many are not since they had already stopped watching the show because of the turn of events in the past few months on the show. Even I have not been a regular viewer of the show anymore but have tried and kept myself updated about it. Recently the show celebrated it’s 700th episode, and now the news is that it will end in by 15th of October. In fact as per the latest news the show has been shifted for two more weeks and will end on 29th October. Also what is being heard is that the old gang is going to come back on the show for the last couple of weeks. I am not really sure if I am happy or sad at the ending because I have almost cut off from the show, so not really disappointed but yes I do have some great memories of the show as well, which I will definitely miss. In fact if the show has an happy ending that is that the two main characters are together (I guess everyone is expecting that) then certainly I would be looking forward for the third season, or the second as the producers are calling it. I have a piece of news on that over here.

One of the articles on that is over here:

“Dil Mil Gayye era ends on October 15th…!

Star One long running show Dil Mill Gayye will now wind up on October 15th…

Cinevistaa’s long running show on Star One Dil Mill Gayye has completed its successful run, and will be bidding adieu on October 15th. The story which started on a full filled note has a huge fan following and for the favorite on screen pairs they have offered. The latest is that DMG will now be making way for Rajesh Chaddha’s Yeh Ishq Haaye which launches on October 18th.

Siddhart Malhotra confirmed the news saying “Yes, it is going to be an end of an era for us. We will think of coming back with season 2 if the channel and viewers want it.”

Ironically, the show celebrated the milestone of completion of 700 episodes just yesterday. We hear that the production house is planning to host a grand farewell party soon. As for the loyal viewers , they will miss indeed their favorite show now !

Yeh Ishq Haaye produced by Panglosean Entertainment has Yashdeep Nain, Raunaq Ahuja and Shrishti Rode playing lead.”

The main articles can also be read at the India-forums and the Star One site.

Here is the news of the show closure being postponed for 2 weeks:

“Temporary respite for DMG, old gang back

STAR One and Cinevistaas want to make sure that as their longest running show, Dill Mill Gayye nears its closure for its loyal viewers to watch the best.
The show that was to end on 15 October has now got an extension of two weeks and DMG will now end on 29 October. What can be looked forward to is that the old gang is coming back on the show and bid adieu to their fans in style, thereby leaving them mesmerised and spell bound. However, viewers’ favourite Dr. Shilpa will make an early exit from the show as her track will conclude. Amongst the old gang Anjali (Sunaina Gulia), Atul (Pankit Thakker), Keerti (Sonia Singh) and Shubhankar (Ayaz Khan) are going to make a comeback.

Dr. Shilpa will come to know of Armaan and Riddhima’s one night stand. She decides to leave Arman after she realises his obsession for Riddhima. Her exit will air sometime soon.

Creative Head, Palki Malhotra says, “Fans have gone berserk after the news of DMG ending has reached them. The response has been terrible and amazing at the same time. Going by the brickbats we have been receiving from the viewers, we had thought they would welcome the news but they have been demanding not to end the show. Both the channel and production house have been flooded with mails and text messages from fans. Guess old habits die hard. Going by the popular demand and considering the kind of popularity DMG enjoys, the channel has decided to extend it so that we can justify the old gang returning on the show and the conclusion. Time and again, I have said that DMG started as a happy show so it ought to have a happy ending too. With the old doctors returning, we are looking forward for the show to end with same gusto and madness.”

Palki feels that the attempt to try infusing a different flavour into the show worked against the show. She explains, “DMG never had a story to tell initially. It was a moment driven show always. Later fans started demanding us to introduce a definite story to it and adhering to it we focused on the love angle of Armaan. We thought it will interest other audience too apart from the youth but it backfired. I won’t say the show is doing bad but just that the TRPs have dipped. We did try to salvage the situation by bringing back Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand but couldn’t win back our viewers.”

Dr. Shilpa said, “My track will end soon and I will exit after realising that Armaan is obsessed with Riddhima. I enjoyed playing Dr. Shilpa more than Riddhima. Shilpa’s character has a lot of variety to offer and even the look was appreciated by the audience and my fans.”

Catch the last of Dill Mill Gayye as the entire gang comes back on the show as it reaches it last leg to entertain its fans for that one last time, Monday to Friday, 8:00 pm on STAR One.”

I found another article that jisted the great moments of the show so far. And I thought that it was a very good piece of work and I liked it very much so thought to share it over here:

“DMG’s ENDING! Can’t believe it!:( So it”s kind of confirmed AR will re-unite!:) But why can’t they continue showing their married life!:(

Miss you DMG!:(

It started out 3 years ago…In the Basketball court, with Armaan-Riddhima’s fights, with Atul, Anjali, Sapna along side…Love kindled between AR and AA…

Enter Rahul-Muskaan….The two would-be obstacles in AR’s love story….The legendary bike race between Armaan and Rahul, and Riddhima’s long awaited confession which came shortly after Armaan’s accident….The golden days of DMG….

The Armaan-Muskaan part, which lead to AR’s sad break up…The fire escape fight….Armaan going to Kasauli and Riddhima trying to bring him back….

The Holi episode…A drunk Riddhima confesses her feelings yet again…But then she’s RIDDHIMA, so she had to deny being in love with Armaan…!!

Finally, after cake fights, basketball matches and another numerous fights, Shilpa aka Riddhima leaves the show…

Enter Sukriti as Riddhima…From the ‘No Masti, No Shaitani, Only Dosti Nibhaani’ regime, to the final patch up, AR were back together with A BANG!:D

The amazing time which followed contained, the gang getting suspended, RM’s fake marriage, AR trying to tell Shashank the truth, my favorite part-the Bomb episode, where Armaan sticks by Riddhima’s side….

Enter Nikita Malhotra….Armaan’s old best friend….And soon after, Abhimanyu Modi…The evil doctor/administrator of Sanjeevani….

From the Armaan-Abhimanyu tiffs, to the Save Sanjeevani Concert….Everything added to the excitement…

But soon after, Rahul left Muskaan as Mayank left the show…!:(

Finally the time came, when Shashank came to know about AR….As expected, he didn’t approve….What followed, was Armaan battling for his love…With help from Radio City..:P and US of course, AR finally came back together!:) The Shashank-Armaan debate and the Bhook-Hadtal…!:D Armaan got his love back!:)

The Valentine’s party-A celebration for AR’s victory!:D….Rahul returns and Abhi-Nikki love kindles fire…

Calling Armaan’s parents….Enter Billy and Ananya….Two people which could spoil everything all over again….But our Armaan handled it all well!!:D

And another sad news approaches….Sukriti decided to leave the show!:(
Enter Jennifer as Riddhima….The Roka episode, the Armaan-Abhimanyu boxing match, Armaan’s legendary dialogue which we got to hear many times thanks to Riddhima’s flashbacks-

“Main Armaan Mallik…Riddhima Gupta se vaada karta hun…Ki main usse bahut pyar karta hun….”


Kirti-Shbhankar’s wedding( At least SOMEONE got the expected HAPPY ENDING!:O), the PARI incident…And another BIG fight between AR…

What followed was, Armaan’s accident, resulting in 2 years memory loss…!:( From the first meeting, to the last, he forgot everything connected to Riddhima….

Riddhima’s dilemma to see the love of her life treating her like an annoying ‘Teacher’ and flirting with other girls as well….Her Talli behavior in Rahul’s farewell party….

Soon after, Armaan is struck with the bitter truth-It’s not 2007 anymore, and he was once engaged to the Teacher-Riddhima….

Riddhima’s attempt to help Armaan pass in his internship exam….Which resulted in her getting slapped by Shashank and then getting suspended….But the gang intervened….Kidnapped her and brought her to Armaan who found out the truth just in time!:)

The amazing proposal made by Armaan on his knees in the path lab( Why do all their special moments take place in such places?)…And the decision of getting married within a month…

And then came the WORST episode DMG’s ever brought us….21st September, 2009….AR getting seriously injured….Ending Season 1 of DMG with the final call of ‘Humse hasi…..Jaane kahaan dill mill gayye…’ with AR being shown in the OT….

I’m clueless what happened after that, since I quit watching the show for those 3-4 months which followed….All I knew were the names of the new interns:P-Tamanna, Naina, Siddhant, Yuvraaj and Jitendra-Prasad(JP)….The true AR and DMG fans succeeded though, yet again, in getting Riddhima back in the show…

1st Jan, 2010, Riddhima was back with a bang…Although no one knew what happened to Armaan….And the drama began again….The fights with Siddhant…And then she finally coming to know the truth about Armaan….

The trip to Panchgini to get Armaan back, and the unfortunate HYPOTHERMIA drama….Which resulted in Sid-Riddhima getting married…

Armaan’s awaited comeback happened soon after….The brutal way he came to know the truth, and then his withdrawal at losing his love….

Enter Shilpa aka Shilpa Anand…And the life returned after a long time….

But Riddhima could never forget who she really loved…And although Shilpa fell for Armaan(understandable:P), Riddhima got married to Sid for the second time and Armaan accepted he had lost, AR still couldn’t live with these facts…

The honeymoon episode, where it was proved Riddhima is still in love with Armaan, and the still on-going battle between the girl’s mind and heart, is something we are watching right now…

But it’s impossible to end this epic show in just a matter of the next 2 WEEKS!:(

But well…

I don’t know why I wasted my time writing such a long summary of our favorite show…But it’s my way giving a farewell to that one Indian soap which kept me hooked for 3 whole years….

I know this is pretty lame, DMG had to end someday…But well, it was the only show which could keep me hooked to my seat, come-what-may, for the past 3 years, right from the beginning to the very end…!

Bye-bye DMG! Love you-AR, AA, RM, AN, Sid too….And I kind of liked Naina as well!:P

But yeah….Loved every part of this show-except the beginning of Season 2 without AR….:/

Guys please comment on this! Bahut mehnat se likha hai!:P

Long live DMG!

Hope you return with a Season 3!:D


India script an emphatic win, a very thrilling one indeed. To be honest, if I look back at the situation India were in before the start of their second innings, this should have been a very comfortable win and not a thrilling one. In fact, because of the top order collapse India also were knocking at the doorstep of a loss, but Laxman and Ishant Sharma had different ideas. They from that situation scripted an unbelievable victory.

Talking from the start of the test match, India were on the back foot very early on the first day itself when they lost Ishant Sharma as a bowler due to a knee injury, but an amazing spell of reverse swing bowling by Zaheer Khan towards the end of the day got Indians back on track. So the first day ended on an equal note though one can say that the Indian team just had their noses a little ahead at that point of time.

One can say that the second day was also an equal day but this time Australia were a little ahead as they had a decent total on board and even though India had got off to the flying start they lost both their openers by the time the play ended that day. The third day again was in a similar situation where the match was evenly poised with Australia just a little ahead. The day initially was dominated by Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Suresh Raina scored fifties to lift the total. Sachin missed his 49th test hundred by two runs and India just fell short of Australian total by the day ended.

The fourth day was the one that had many twists, the first session belonged to Australians after they got of to a flying start, and it looked as if the test match will end in a boring draw unless the Australians want to back themselves by declaring and then press for a victory. The second session saw the opposite and India bounced back very hard to dismiss the Australian side for a low total of 192 and set themselves a target of 216 to achieve in four sessions. By then it looked as if now it should be a comfortable victory India, but then Australian bowlers struck and India were 55 for the loss of 4 wickets by the end of the day, and it looked an uphill task for India to achieve since it had lost its top four batsmen and there were doubts if Laxman could bat. That meant it was left only on Sachin and Dhoni to look at for a victory.

When the day 5 started everyone knew Sachin was the key to Indian success, though in my heart I believed if Laxman could just stay in the middle India would win, because just a month back India were in a similar situation against Sri Lanka when these two batsmen won it for the team. The day started and India moved ahead steadily before Zaheer Khan was dismissed as the fifth wicket and then Laxman walked in to bat. Suddenly the Indian team picked up the momentum and the pair added 40 odd runs in no time before Sacin was dismissed. This led to a type of collapse and when Harbhajan got out the score read 122 for 8, with India needing 94 to win. Then walked in Ishant Sharma to join Laxman in the middle. The task looked impossible to achieve but the kind of determination showed by the two batsmen especially Ishant was extraordinary. Sharma scored 31 invaluable runs and they crossed the 200 hundred mark and then Ishant Sharma was dismissed to a bad decision with India still needing 11 rums more to win. Then Laxman played sensibly trying to score the remaining runs. Ojha got saved on an LBW shout that looked out and that ball went for an overthrow for 4 runs making India requiring just 2 to win. The victory was sealed the very next ball, when the ball was deflected by the pad of Ojha and it moved towards the boundary and in the meanwhile the batsman ran the required two runs.

Laxman played a miraculous innings scoring 73, but one must also praise the performance of Sharma who held his nerve and equally supported Laxman to achieve the impossible.

This must have been a heart break for the Australian team as they almost were ahead in the test match almost till the end but still lost thanks to a spectacular partnership. In the end I would like to congratulate India for a great victory. Now with this it is sure that India will not lose the series (something they haven’t for more than a year now, in fact almost 2 years). And also India has proved why it is ranked the number 1 test team in the world.