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Posted: November 25, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in Computer Articles, Google, India, Technologies
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Earn upto Rs. 9,000 pm checking Emails. Join now!

For a long time now I have been wanting to earn from my blog here. Since wordpress does not support Google Ad sense, the biggest opportunity gets missed that way. Because of this I have been searching a lot of ways by which I can try and get some revenue out of the blog as well since it is doing pretty well in the daily visits that it receives. So for this I have been finding terms over Google, but all I get is either results of Ad sense or earn some extra money by working online (from home). If one gives a search command on Google, there are n number of results that are displayed only for these. So I thought of just researching on the second part probably with no intention of applying at it. I have researched a lot from these sites and so I thought that I should write about them here.

To start with these sites ask a person various jobs such as reading emails, doing data entry, even there are jobs for writing contents for publishers. In fact many sites (almost all) tell you that you can earn 10000 – 25000 INR or 250-500$ per month and also show many testimonials of people who have earned money working online (I guess this is a pretty decent amount especially since they say one needs to work only 2-3 hours daily to earn such revenue). All of them say that registering is free, and then later ask you to buy a pack for some amount, and the pack would work as trainer to help you learn how to go about the job (on various sites These packs range from 200-2000 INR some form 10-30$ depending on the different sites that I have seen). I was never interested in this as I always believed it to be unsafe so never got beyond just researching the site.

This is when just recently I came across an email that was sent to me by a trustworthy friend. This site again claimed  that you could earn 9000 INR per month. But when I just went through the site details and researched on it a little bit, I came to know that there is no investment that needs to be done. Then I cross checked the details with my friend and he advised me to join it since whatever one will earn is profit, the person does not need to invest money at any point of time. So I thought of why not giving it a try.

Now coming onto the details part of the site. This site is interesting and pays you some amount for every sponsored email you read. But the amount is too less for each email and I really doubt if anyone can earn 9000 a month. So I would advise one to join this as only thinking it as extra pocket money and not as a part time income. This site says that you can withdraw money and the cheque will be mailed to your address. Now again, I cannot comment on its authenticity since I have never wanted to withdraw the money earned from the site. But yes I do feel it may be authentic and one can give it a try since the site does not ask you any of your account or other confidential details ever.

Again this is something that I was not looking out for initially to earn. But I did find that interesting so thought to write about this. If I get some more information about how to earn money from the blog, I will definitely write about that as well. In fact if you all know any such way to earn money through blog, I mean a wordpress blog then do write it to me or do put in a comment about it over here.

To register to the PaisaPay site click here.

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  3. While it is true that the only external resource that you need to start an
    online business is a computer and a connection, you must have some
    personal qualities as well, because without these them, it is going to be
    a lot more difficult to achieve success – not necessarily impossible, but
    definitely far more difficult.
    The first thing that you have to bring to your business is an absolute
    determination to succeed. From the very beginning, you have to be
    completely, 100% determined that whatever you do is going to
    succeed, without exception. You have to be willing to do whatever it
    takes to achieve that success, even acknowledging that there will
    sometimes be a ‘cost’ involved (e.g. less time with your family in the
    early days).
    You must also accept that there is work to be done.
    If you have not already done so, when you start searching the net for
    information about starting your own business, you will find that there is
    a lot of nonsense flying about, and you have to learn to recognize it for
    what it is.
    There is no secret, magic formula that is somehow going to
    mysteriously transform you from an individual who has no money in
    your bank account to one with a million dollars, in six months or less.
    That is called the lottery, not business, but you will undoubtedly see
    products that make outrageous claims of this nature.
    These products are successful because everybody is looking for the
    secret shortcut to success that means they do not have to do any work.
    Don’t fall for this garbage. There is no secret, there is no magic formula
    – success is in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put in, end
    of story.
    You have to be organized and focused, and you have to have (and work
    to) a plan. If a job needs doing, then in the early days at least, it is
    down to you to get it done, and it won’t get done if you are
    disorganized, lacking in focus or have no plan.
    You have to be a little thick skinned too, because when you tell people
    that you are trying to earn money on the internet, many of them (none
    of whom have any idea what they are talking about) will mock you and
    suggest that you are crazy. Ignore it, and bolster your spirits by
    remembering that it is you who will have the last laugh!

    Alejandro C.L.

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