A Trip to Mulshi Dam and Lavasa City..

Posted: February 13, 2011 by Shishir Gupta in Adventure, India, Just For Fun
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Yesterday (Saturday), I visited Mulshi Dam and Lavasa city with three of my friends. The original plan was to go to Mulshi Dam, Tamhini Ghat, and then Lavasa city, but due to the time constraint we had to drop the idea of Tamhini Ghat. Maybe I will plan out for that sometime during the monsoons this year.

Me, Raman, Vishal, Tanmay, and Mulshi Dam

A long trip on the bike with friends is something that I always have loved to go on. The first trip with my office group of friends was 8-9 months back, when we went to Sinhgad Fort. I guess all of us enjoyed that trip a lot, and we all decided to plan such a trip every month. But since then we have only been able to go out twice (NDA and Mulshi), and not even once in the last 3 months. Though we had made a lot of plans in between, but nothing could materialise. As always this time also I sent out an email to friends for a trip. But luckily, the response was good, and I really thought that we could have some plan in place this time.

Me and Vishal, a nice pic taken by Tanmay

But as like all our trips face a lot of problems in the initial phase, this was no different. On last Monday, I sent out an email to all friends (I thought would come for the trip) asking them for the trip. Initially I got a decent response, with five of them agreed to join, but on the other hand, four of them also said that they could not. As usual Mihir and Najim were two of the four people, and as every time it happens, both of them were going home. Bhadre, also said he could not, but I guess I always knew of that, since he really cannot join in on Saturday, and just because of him I had put the plan for Sunday as well. But since he said he was unable to come on both the days, we confirmed the day to be Saturday. As the days approached, by Thursday, we had a couple more casualties. Sandip had work and had to come to office on Saturday as well, so obviously he was out. But then due to some strange reasons and circumstances, Umesh too had to back out. Now that decision of his really hurt me, as I had never thought that he would back out. Because of this we were left to only four of us (Vishal, Tanmay, Raman, and Me), and for once I even thought of calling off the trip. But since we had called off a number of our plans recently, the four of us (we four are generally there on all the trips) just wanted to go, get out of the frustration of having to get the plan cancelled. And since then all things fell in place (well almost all, except for the start of the trip).

A nice picture of the sun at Lavasa

Lavasa city is known for its scenic beauty during sunset, and so is Mulshi Dam known for during sunrise (skipping the sunrise part, as both sunrise and sunset cannot be practically done, without having a night halt somewhere).  After a lot of discussion and debate, we planned our meeting points and the timings for the trip on Friday evening and were looking forward to Saturday. But unfortunately Tanmay’s bike got punctured, and we got delayed by almost an hour. I and Vishal had to wait for an hour almost at our respective points. The plan was to start at 8 AM, but I and Tanmay set out from our point, at around 9-9.15 AM, and reached the point where Raman and Vishal were waiting for us by 9.45. Since we were already late we decided not to waste any more time and leave for Mulshi immediately. The roads to that place are very good, and we really enjoyed riding the bikes on them. Finally we reached our destination at around 11. We thought of having lunch first, and then going to Tamhini Ghat, but as we saw the customs shop open, we all went in for some shopping. Both Tanmay and Raman, bought some shirts for themselves, after a lot of selection definitely.

After that we all had lunch as we were all hungry (in fact none us had breakfast, so we were really very hungry). And then after having lunch we decided to go down towards the lake. It was very hot as it was already past noon, and I and Tanmay  also decided not to get into the water as we did not want to take any risk, as it looked very deep and dangerous. Though Raman followed Vishal into the water and had some good time in there. I and Tanmay also had a nice time outside clicking pictures. At about 2-2.30 we decided to go back to the cafe and leave if we wanted to go to Tamhini Ghat. As we reached back, Raman saw slides and see-saw there, and for fun all of us went there for some fun, and trying to remember childhood games. Though I must say that was the most exciting aspect of the Mulshi part of the trip.

At around 3 we thought of leaving, but since it was late and very hot we thought of skipping Tamhini this time and moved towards Lavasa. At around 4.30, we reached Temghar Dam and thought of stopping there for sometime seeing the beautiful sight. A few gates of the Dam were open, allowing water to pass by, and that created a sought of waterfall at one end. We really had a lot of fun, climbing up there and clicking pictures. That was I guess one of the most exciting parts of the trip so far. Also this is for the first time Tanmay enjoyed as well. I felt he was only getting bored out there till now. But that experience was really fun, especially since it is almost summer time. At around 5.30 we left that place.

Another at the Temghar Dam

Lavasa was around 9 kilometres from there, and we thought we would easily make it till there before sunset. We did reach there in about 20-25 minutes, but after reaching we only realised that it was the entry gate and the city was still about 10 kilometres further. But I must say that the place is really very well built and architecture is amazing. We really admired the beauty of the place and had some fun going down till the city. I must add that the architecture is one of the best I have seen in Pune, I guess it only comes next to National Defence Academy on those points. We reached down by 6.30, and then as sun was about to set we relaxed there for some time, had snacks, and then after roaming around to different parts of the place we decided to go back.

It was getting dark, and I was a bit scared as none of the riders apart from me had driven bikes on such tough ghat terrain and that too in night before (though Vishal has driven a few long distance rides in night, but I am not sure if has driven on ghats before). But we all tried to go a little slow and lot more safely, as it was past dusk, and were approaching darkness. We all tried to maintain the speed, to be able to see and follow each other all the time, so that we will always be in sight if any mishap happened. But fortunately, nothing happened and we touched Pune at 8. Again the ride back to Pune was amazing, and riding on those ghats was a very good experience for all of us.

Finaly I reached home around 9, tired and exhausted, but full of good memories. The trip that was looking a little boring till mid afternoon, turned out to be an amazing experience by the end of the day. In fact we did not cover all the places in Lavasa, so that we could come back once again, with all the friends (hopefully) who missed it this time.

Hopefully next time, we will plan a full day trip to Lavasa as we can then visit every part of the city then. In fact I have already started thinking of it, and waiting for the time to come. Till then, I sign off from here, and hope to write about the next one soon.

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  5. Shishir Gupta says:

    Hello Shruti,

    Thanks for liking the post and appreciating it. I am also sorry for a late reply. However, I have emailed you the details of the locations there on your ID.


  6. Ravi says:

    Good Review and beautiful pics.

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