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Rafael Nadal made history by winning the 2012 Monte Carlo Open, and now he has only increased his record at 2012 Barcelona Open. He won his eight consecutive Monte Carlo championships a record in itself. The only person to come close to it Guillermo Villas who won eight Buenos Aires titles in ten years. Nadal now has seven Barcelona Open titles in eight years (though it is 7 out of 7 attempts, as he chose to not participate in 2010), and six French Open titles (he would like to improve on it this year), and has five Rome Masters title. Having won three ATP tournaments more than six times is a record in itself. He has won four tournaments at least five times, which is only bettered by Roger Federer who has won six tournaments at least five times.

What is great is Nadal has won both the tournaments without losing a set. Winning the Monte Carlo Open surely must have been a huge relief for Nadal as that was his first singles title since last years’ French Open and this is also his first win against Novak Djokovic after losing seven consecutive finals to him previously which included three grand slam final losses.

These titles probably justify why everyone calls Nadal “King of Clay”! As a huge Nadal fan all I can Hopeis that this year he will be able to complete the clay slam as he did in 2010, and also probably win the Wimbledon and the Olympics.

Titanic is now a century old Saga!

Posted: April 9, 2012 by Shishir Gupta in Adventure
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Tomorrow, 10 April 2012, Titanic will complete 100 years of sail. Yes, exactly 100 years ago Titanic started its maiden journey from Southampton on 10 April 1912. And unfortunately just 5 days later of 15 April the journey was abruptly ended to one of the world’s major accidents. In 5 days time, one of the biggest sea accidents ever will complete a 100 years.

Titanic was one of the largest ships ever created at that time, with a capacity of close to 3400 people, which included about 900 crew members. The ship was declared as “unsinkable” and probably had gained one of the greatest hypes ever before its first sail. And ironically the claimed “unsinkable” ship sunk in its very first journey, unfortunately claiming more than 1500 lives, but surely becoming a legend/epic since then. In fact its last living survivor, died on 31 May 2009, aged 97.

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Titanic the 3D version of the 1997 Hollywood flick Titanic has been released worldwide.

The other events that have been taking place for the 100th commemoration are:
At 12:13 pm on 31 May 2011, exactly 100 years after Titanic rolled down her slipway, a single flare was fired over Belfast’s docklands in commemoration. All boats in the area around the Harland and Wolff shipyard then sounded their horns and the assembled crowd applauded for exactly 62 seconds, the time it had originally taken for the liner to roll down the slipway in 1911. On 12 March 2012 BBC’s Songs Of Praise, from Belfast, took the form of a Titanic memorial. The program included a selection of maritime hymns and ended with Nearer, My God, to Thee, allegedly the last tune played by the ship’s band.
On 4 April 2012, the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s completion and her maiden voyage was celebrated by the theatrical re-releasing the 1997 feature film Titanic in 3D.
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will perform The Titanic Requiem, a work composed by singer/songwriter Robin Gibb and his son RJ Gibb, on 10 April in London. The event will include a hologram show depicting the sea, the ship, and the iceberg.
The cruise ship Balmoral, operated by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has been chartered by Miles Morgan Travel to follow the original route of Titanic, intending to stop over the point on the sea bed where she rests on 15 April 2012.
The SeaCity Museum in Southampton, Hampshire will open on 10 April 2012, the date when RMS Titanic made her maiden voyage out of Southampton. It was designed to show Southampton’s 2000 years of sea history, as well as commemorate the 549 city residents who sunk with the Titanic.