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Over the past one – one and a half year, I guess everyone is fed up of watching a Nadal and Djokovic final. Now this is their 4th consecutive grand slam final. In between they have also played 7 ATP Masters finals. I guess this is some kind of a record for sure. And definitely this is getting bigger than the Nadal-Federer rivalry.

Nadal has lost the past three grand slam finals to Djokovic, and now when Djokovic is on the verge of completing his slam and making history by winning 4 slams in a row, will Nadal be able to stop him? Well being a huge Nada fan I hope he does. In fact Djokovic has had huge trouble in the fourth round and quarter final matches of the tournament, where he was pushed to the limit. On the other hand Nadal is yet to drop a set in the tournament. I believe this is best chance of Nadal defeating a Djokovic in a grand slam final, something that he has not been able to accomplish the last three times, although he did come very close in the Australian Open.

Currently Nadal has beaten Djokovic twice in the ATP Masters tournament recently on Clay, so I believe he should be able to do so again, especially when he on verge of history too by winning the 7th French Open title. No one has ever won 7 French Open titles before, and only Pete Sampras has 7 Wimbledon titles (the only other player to win a grand slam 7 times).

In the meanwhile I really do not know what has happened to Roger Federer. The 16 time grand slam champion is yet to win a title in 9 slams over the past two years. And the way Nadal and Djokovic are playing it looks very difficult for Federer to add slams.

Will it be a Nadal’s 7 or a Djokovic’s slam is yet to seen. So all we can hope is to watch an exciting final on Sunday. I hope that it is a 5 set final, similar to the Australian Open, but hopefully the winner this time will be Nadal.