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My IIM SCORE -> 0 Out of 5

Posted: April 27, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in CAT, Entrance Exams, India
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Well it has been very disappointing for me, as I had got GDPI calls from as many as four IIMs and was expecting two more from IIMs that will start from this academic year. I appeared for the selection process of IIM Lucknow, Kozikode, Indore, and Shillong. But I have not got a selection call from either of them, which has been very disappointing.

I had been preparing for CAT for almost a year and now even after getting a decent score and GDPI calls from four IIMs, still I could not crack into any one of them. Now I have realized one thing that CAT is very tough but it is only the first step towards the selection in IIMs, there are many difficult levels to clear after that.

I did not get selected for IIM Indore and Shillong, though I always felt that I had a good chance in Shillong after my GD and PI session there. After the Indore session itself I was doubtful if I would get through. My Lucknow also had gone pretty well, though I was very doubtful for Kozikode. I was waiting for the results at least hoping to make it through any one of the four. I could not clear the first list of Lucknow and Kozikode (I was doubtful of Kozikode anyways), and I am not sure if I will manage to get through in the second or the final list. It looks very difficult as my name is a little low in the rankings but still I can be hopeful that there is a very slight chance (maybe I might get lucky there). Also I could not clear the list for Indore and Shillong at all (I was hopeful for Shillong though).

Now at my percentile I anyways had not got the call from the three premier IIMs that are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta. I had filled the forms for IIM Ranchi and IIM Rohtak. These two institutes are planning to start this year, so they had asked to fill forms for them separately.  Since the cut-off to apply in these institutes was 95 percentile, so I was very hopeful since I had over 98 percentile. But to a shock IIM Ranchi closed at 99.68 percentile. Something I could never believed to have happened. There could only be one reason for this that since Ranchi is new, their classes are going to be held in IIM Calcutta, and also there are only 60 seats. Now with the advantage to study in Calcutta might have made many students apply for this institute, and with very few seats the cut-off has gone very high, higher than even the best IIM (Ahmedabad). Now since IIM Rohtak classes will be held at the IIM Lucknow campus, I am again very scared if I will get a call from this institute or not. Maybe here also many would have applied for the advantage to study in Lucknow.

So far my IIM score reads 0 out of 5. And most probably it can become 0 out of 6 (though Ranchi has not released the list as yet and also I may have a chance at Lucknow and Kozikode if something magical happens). But if I don’t get through this year, I will give them another try next year. I did apply for other colleges through CAT and have got through many of them, but having come so close to an IIM and then not making it has inspired me to have another go at CAT and especially IIMs next year. Maybe who knows I might get through Ahmedabad or Bangalore or Calcutta next year, provided I work hard towards them (harder than I did this year).

Having made it so far this year inspires me to go forward the next year. Hopefully I will be able to go ahead.


IIMs Declare Results of CAT 2009

Posted: February 28, 2010 by Shishir Gupta in CAT, Entrance Exams, India
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This IIMs declared the results of CAT 2009. It took a lot of time to come, and finally they were declared today. It has been a very different CAT this year, with it going online for the first time and having all that examination fiasco and blunders attached to it. The exam had to be reconducted for many students, and then it took some much of time to declare the results. The results have been declared and can be seen at the CAT’s official site.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

“Ahmedabad: The results of Common Admission Test (CAT)-2009 for eight Indian Institute of Managements (IIMs) were declared today.

Officials of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), which conducted the CAT 2009 this year across the country, said that the CAT score would be available on the website ‘’.

“Candidates short-listed for interviews by each IIM will also be announced on CAT website as and when IIMs are ready with the list,” they said. They also said that if the candidates have any queries regarding short-listing of candidates, they should contact the to respective IIMs.

Pan-India besides eight IIMs, there are over 120 non-member IIM, management schools registered with CAT and use the CAT score for admitting students in the institutes. During the computer-based test system for the CAT this year, held first time, the students had to face lot of difficulties on account of technical glitches in first phase.

For some candidates who faced problems in test in the first phase were subsequently asked to take a re-test. While 2.16 lakh candidates could satisfactorily appear in the test during the 11-day testing window last year, over 7000 odd students took the test in January this year during the second phase as they could not take the exam in first phase due to virus attacks and hardware problems and had opted for a re-test.

The CAT glitches were attributed by the IIMs and Prometric, the American firm jointly conducting the test, to virus attacks and some hardware problems.

Computer based CAT-2009 in first phase was marred by technical glitches from the very first day as students faced problems in logging in at centres in Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Bhopal. Prometric was awarded a USD 40-million contract by the IIMs to computerise the prestigious CAT exam.”

CAT 2009 – The fiasco or is it?

Posted: December 7, 2009 by Shishir Gupta in CAT, Entrance Exams, India
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CAT 2009 – A fiasco or is it really? This is the question that has been coming to my mind since Saturday 6th Dec. I appeared for the Exam on that day and I would say that the exam has been a nice experience if nothing else. There are a few good points with a lot of bad points as well, but just because this is the first time it is taking place.

I guess the major chaos was on the first two days, since people did not expect such faults from the premier examination in the country. it would have been disappointing for a lot of candidates to go prepared for the exam and end up not giving it because of server crashes or other faults. I guess it is the management to blame as they should have conducted many mock tests themselves on a large basis as it was happening at the real time (about 1 lakh appearing at the same time). Probably they must have taken care but these problems should not have happened in the CAT exam.

I think there are a few flaws as well in the exam. How can the management make about 20 different set of papers and make them of the same standard. As they can’t have the same question repeated in the exams and maintaining the same level of difficulty on such a large level looks very difficult to me. Secondly they have said that one cannot disclose the questions to others (I do wanted to debate on three questions that came in my exam but I would prefer to wait about one more week before disclosing them on net), but I did not understand that how can the management stop people discussing about it on the phones or on face to face talks. One of the worst things that I could report is that one of my friends told me that during her exam the server crashed for everyone out there and it almost took the computers 15 minutes to reboot. In this time most of the people reconfirmed their answers. My friend told me that she herself could correct her two answers. I think that is unfair advantage. Probably she would be a clear 8 marks ahead of others when she should not have been. That is what has been one of the bad points of the examination.

Now let me write about my exam and about the few good points. My exam went well, I would not say very well or that I may be able to clear it but yes it was good for me on a general basis. Since it was almost a week that the exams had begun and with all this problems happening around, I was prepared for the worst as well, something that the candidates giving their exam on the first two days would not have been. Secondly I liked the question paper, it was easy (something one does not expect from CAT). This means that the cut off will go much higher this time around. I liked the smart play in the questions, as generally for the Data Interpretation section a graph or table is followed by 3-4 questions, so if one solves the data he can solve 3-4 questions easily. This time the graphs had just 1-2 questions. So everyone had to do all the calculations to end up solving just 1-2 questions. Which I think was a smart path chosen, as making the number of question less did not affect on the time consumed over all. And the best part I liked about the exam was that the paper ended exactly in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Not even an extra second was provided. Also one could choose the time to start the exam as well. My exam started at 3 pm (the complete batch at that centre) instead of 3.45, this meant that we were free by 45 minutes before the scheduled time (which was far better than just looking at the monitor of 1 hour). One thing I did not like about the question User Interface was the QUIT button they had provided. I did not understand what exactly was the need to have it in first place. Probably no one would have used it. Secondly it was placed next to the NEXT button. And on top of that it did not give any intimation before quitting, if by mistake a candidate presses the quit button instead of next his exam will get over without even giving an intimation of “do you want to quit or not”. Which I think was the most careless part undertaken by the management.

I have heard a few rumours that the exam will be conducted again for everyone. I think that is not fair on every ones part. The people who have been lucky this time and have given a good exam will feel cheated. And if it does not happen again then the ones who could not give the exam properly because of no fault of theirs will feel cheated. So I think this is also a very debateable topic. Although personally I would not want to give the exam again, but if it happens again I will be happy as this time around I will be able to give a much better performance.

Overall I would say that my experience with CAT was not bad, in fact it was good to some extent. I and do hope that the results are also that pleasing in the end.