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Weight Loss is one the topics I have written about a couple of times last year. In fact this is the thing that has been in my mind throughout last year. I have managed to remove as many as 22 kgs off my body. Though I had reduced a little more than that number, but I then gained a couple of kgs to get into the fitness I wanted to. As I have written earlier I took the hard or the tough way out to go and reduce weight, but it is know that I have realized that reducing weight in a healthy way is not that difficult. In fact one can reduce weight without doing any workout, but instead taking the correct nutrition.

What I am talking about is, the products of HERBALIFE. These products are a complete nutrition product that is they contain all the 114 nutrients that are required by the body. So these products provide all the nutrition that the body requires, and thus also eradicates a lot of health problems from the body, such as acidity, body weakness, diabetes, high sugar, and even bleeding piles. After reading this I would like to add that these are not medicines, but are just nutrition products, so by having them all you are doing is providing the correct nutrition to your body thus, automatically these problems which are caused due to loss of some or the other nutrition get removed from the body. Similarly these also help in reducing weight, but I will come to that point later.

I got introduced to these products is because I have had a few problems relating to bleeding intestines, which has caused iron deficiency and low Hemoglobin count. I started taking a couple of their products a milk shake (this is a high protein diet, and can easily replace a breakfast and even a dinner meal), and a multivitamin tablets (these are not medicines, but a little extra vitamins). A combination of these two gave me the complete nutrition (114 nutrients), that my body required. As a result of this my iron level in my body has increased, and so has the Hemoglobin count. I can’t say my intestine problem has been cured but it has reduced to such a level that it is not a worry anymore. Also in addition to all of this I have lost 2 kgs of weight (this is amazing since I have not done any kind of workout in this period). And to top it all, I have not had any side effects because of this. After 2-3 months of usage, HERBALIFE Company has asked me to join in as a consultant and a kind of brand ambassador, which has been overwhelming for me. Well this is not one of the main reasons, why I am writing about this here, but it is because these have really helped me and definitely can be of a help to many, so I believe that this can be the best medium for recommendations, suggestions, and spreading the work around.

Well this is not it; my father had started using the products for a month now and has already lost about 6 kgs of weight. Well this is an amazing figure especially when I look back and realize that it had taken me almost two months of tough workout to reach that level. And again my father has not had any side effects because of this; in fact he does feel healthier. Even my mother has been using these and I can feel the difference in her energy levels as well. So in all these have really been very helpful at my house. After all of this I got down to realize that how do these products work on reducing weight? Well if I have a glass of the milk shake as breakfast, then what I am doing is first of all getting the complete nutrition that I require (getting healthier) in addition I am replacing it with my normal breakfast (cutting down on many calories). Then later I can have the lunch of my own choice and then in dinner if I have this shake again (by replacing it with my normal dinner I cut down on a number of calories). Thus what exactly is happening I am not going on a diet since I am getting all the nutrients that my body requires, plus I have cut down thousands of calories. Also since this is a 0 (zero) fat and a high protein diet, all the extra fat gets burned and gets converted into muscles, hence reducing the extra weight. When my father started with this, we were recommended to this product by people who had lost 20-30 kgs of weight (a couple of them were people whom we knew well and could be trusted upon). Well that figure is literally amazing because when I reduced weight in that range, it took me almost 6-7 months of tedious and rigorous workout.

Another amazing thing is that these products also help in increasing weight and helps people who are underweight. This does not mean that it will reduce the weight of underweight and increase for the overweight. All this does is gets you within the limits of the ideal weight as per your body and age. Also any age group can use it, though most of the products are for people above 12 years of age, but there are products available for the younger generation as well (since their nutrition is a little different from the adults). People who want to go for a weight loss are the major users of this product, though as I have said that the ones who have problems because of vitamins and proteins should also use these since these products are rich in vitamins and proteins and thus improve the health and health related problems.

The best thing about all this is that these products are not medicines. They give you the exact nutrition, and hence help in reducing weight, there is no weight loss formula used in these products. Though I am not against working out to reduce weight, in fact I do recommend people to do that, since that is the way I have done it. But that does take a lot on the legs and knees, which can be harmful in later stages, which is why I have started feeling that these products are a much better way to go about. I have started recommending friends about these products, but a few problems that come in the way are the cost and the availability.

Firstly these products are costly ranging from 1500 INR to 7000 INR ($33-$155), something that a common person like me would never ever think of giving it a try. But that is where I recommend is that one can take this one packet of shake which costs around 1500 INR ($33) and lasts for a month, and gives it a try. It will definitely be helpful, and even if it is not (can be a special case) since it gives good nutrition it is not a bad investment. Also while talking to my friends; I felt they thought as if I was sounding as a salesman. So I thought to write about it on the blog, maybe I could explain this better here and not sound like a salesman. Haha.

Secondly these products are not available in the market easily; one needs to find a distributor or a product consultant to get the products. Well I have now become a consultant with the brand, and can help there in providing the products. For that one can just write to me if anyone is interested.     

I have started feeling that if I had got to know about HERBALIFE earlier, my road to weight loss would have been much easier. I would also like to add here that by using this one should not do workouts. One should do them but in a limit as they do increase the stamina and are good to stay fit, but they should be in a limit. When I did the workouts my mother would always say that it looked as if I was preparing for participating in marathons.

If anyone needs help on the information on the products, or wants to buy the products to use, they can email and contact me at

I can share the product catalog on request, so that one gets a good idea about the company and the products. Also if anyone needs to discuss the details, they can call me by asking the number in the email.

That’s it how I would like to end, and hopefully I would be able to inspire and help people lose the extra weight. I might write some details about the products in sometime, but till then if anyone needs it, I can share the product catalog.