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Finally Dill Mill Gayye is going to end. The show has been a favorite of people of different age groups all over the world. Now it is the time for it to bid adieu to all the fans. Many are disappointed; many are not since they had already stopped watching the show because of the turn of events in the past few months on the show. Even I have not been a regular viewer of the show anymore but have tried and kept myself updated about it. Recently the show celebrated it’s 700th episode, and now the news is that it will end in by 15th of October. In fact as per the latest news the show has been shifted for two more weeks and will end on 29th October. Also what is being heard is that the old gang is going to come back on the show for the last couple of weeks. I am not really sure if I am happy or sad at the ending because I have almost cut off from the show, so not really disappointed but yes I do have some great memories of the show as well, which I will definitely miss. In fact if the show has an happy ending that is that the two main characters are together (I guess everyone is expecting that) then certainly I would be looking forward for the third season, or the second as the producers are calling it. I have a piece of news on that over here.

One of the articles on that is over here:

“Dil Mil Gayye era ends on October 15th…!

Star One long running show Dil Mill Gayye will now wind up on October 15th…

Cinevistaa’s long running show on Star One Dil Mill Gayye has completed its successful run, and will be bidding adieu on October 15th. The story which started on a full filled note has a huge fan following and for the favorite on screen pairs they have offered. The latest is that DMG will now be making way for Rajesh Chaddha’s Yeh Ishq Haaye which launches on October 18th.

Siddhart Malhotra confirmed the news saying “Yes, it is going to be an end of an era for us. We will think of coming back with season 2 if the channel and viewers want it.”

Ironically, the show celebrated the milestone of completion of 700 episodes just yesterday. We hear that the production house is planning to host a grand farewell party soon. As for the loyal viewers , they will miss indeed their favorite show now !

Yeh Ishq Haaye produced by Panglosean Entertainment has Yashdeep Nain, Raunaq Ahuja and Shrishti Rode playing lead.”

The main articles can also be read at the India-forums and the Star One site.

Here is the news of the show closure being postponed for 2 weeks:

“Temporary respite for DMG, old gang back

STAR One and Cinevistaas want to make sure that as their longest running show, Dill Mill Gayye nears its closure for its loyal viewers to watch the best.
The show that was to end on 15 October has now got an extension of two weeks and DMG will now end on 29 October. What can be looked forward to is that the old gang is coming back on the show and bid adieu to their fans in style, thereby leaving them mesmerised and spell bound. However, viewers’ favourite Dr. Shilpa will make an early exit from the show as her track will conclude. Amongst the old gang Anjali (Sunaina Gulia), Atul (Pankit Thakker), Keerti (Sonia Singh) and Shubhankar (Ayaz Khan) are going to make a comeback.

Dr. Shilpa will come to know of Armaan and Riddhima’s one night stand. She decides to leave Arman after she realises his obsession for Riddhima. Her exit will air sometime soon.

Creative Head, Palki Malhotra says, “Fans have gone berserk after the news of DMG ending has reached them. The response has been terrible and amazing at the same time. Going by the brickbats we have been receiving from the viewers, we had thought they would welcome the news but they have been demanding not to end the show. Both the channel and production house have been flooded with mails and text messages from fans. Guess old habits die hard. Going by the popular demand and considering the kind of popularity DMG enjoys, the channel has decided to extend it so that we can justify the old gang returning on the show and the conclusion. Time and again, I have said that DMG started as a happy show so it ought to have a happy ending too. With the old doctors returning, we are looking forward for the show to end with same gusto and madness.”

Palki feels that the attempt to try infusing a different flavour into the show worked against the show. She explains, “DMG never had a story to tell initially. It was a moment driven show always. Later fans started demanding us to introduce a definite story to it and adhering to it we focused on the love angle of Armaan. We thought it will interest other audience too apart from the youth but it backfired. I won’t say the show is doing bad but just that the TRPs have dipped. We did try to salvage the situation by bringing back Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand but couldn’t win back our viewers.”

Dr. Shilpa said, “My track will end soon and I will exit after realising that Armaan is obsessed with Riddhima. I enjoyed playing Dr. Shilpa more than Riddhima. Shilpa’s character has a lot of variety to offer and even the look was appreciated by the audience and my fans.”

Catch the last of Dill Mill Gayye as the entire gang comes back on the show as it reaches it last leg to entertain its fans for that one last time, Monday to Friday, 8:00 pm on STAR One.”

I found another article that jisted the great moments of the show so far. And I thought that it was a very good piece of work and I liked it very much so thought to share it over here:

“DMG’s ENDING! Can’t believe it!:( So it”s kind of confirmed AR will re-unite!:) But why can’t they continue showing their married life!:(

Miss you DMG!:(

It started out 3 years ago…In the Basketball court, with Armaan-Riddhima’s fights, with Atul, Anjali, Sapna along side…Love kindled between AR and AA…

Enter Rahul-Muskaan….The two would-be obstacles in AR’s love story….The legendary bike race between Armaan and Rahul, and Riddhima’s long awaited confession which came shortly after Armaan’s accident….The golden days of DMG….

The Armaan-Muskaan part, which lead to AR’s sad break up…The fire escape fight….Armaan going to Kasauli and Riddhima trying to bring him back….

The Holi episode…A drunk Riddhima confesses her feelings yet again…But then she’s RIDDHIMA, so she had to deny being in love with Armaan…!!

Finally, after cake fights, basketball matches and another numerous fights, Shilpa aka Riddhima leaves the show…

Enter Sukriti as Riddhima…From the ‘No Masti, No Shaitani, Only Dosti Nibhaani’ regime, to the final patch up, AR were back together with A BANG!:D

The amazing time which followed contained, the gang getting suspended, RM’s fake marriage, AR trying to tell Shashank the truth, my favorite part-the Bomb episode, where Armaan sticks by Riddhima’s side….

Enter Nikita Malhotra….Armaan’s old best friend….And soon after, Abhimanyu Modi…The evil doctor/administrator of Sanjeevani….

From the Armaan-Abhimanyu tiffs, to the Save Sanjeevani Concert….Everything added to the excitement…

But soon after, Rahul left Muskaan as Mayank left the show…!:(

Finally the time came, when Shashank came to know about AR….As expected, he didn’t approve….What followed, was Armaan battling for his love…With help from Radio City..:P and US of course, AR finally came back together!:) The Shashank-Armaan debate and the Bhook-Hadtal…!:D Armaan got his love back!:)

The Valentine’s party-A celebration for AR’s victory!:D….Rahul returns and Abhi-Nikki love kindles fire…

Calling Armaan’s parents….Enter Billy and Ananya….Two people which could spoil everything all over again….But our Armaan handled it all well!!:D

And another sad news approaches….Sukriti decided to leave the show!:(
Enter Jennifer as Riddhima….The Roka episode, the Armaan-Abhimanyu boxing match, Armaan’s legendary dialogue which we got to hear many times thanks to Riddhima’s flashbacks-

“Main Armaan Mallik…Riddhima Gupta se vaada karta hun…Ki main usse bahut pyar karta hun….”


Kirti-Shbhankar’s wedding( At least SOMEONE got the expected HAPPY ENDING!:O), the PARI incident…And another BIG fight between AR…

What followed was, Armaan’s accident, resulting in 2 years memory loss…!:( From the first meeting, to the last, he forgot everything connected to Riddhima….

Riddhima’s dilemma to see the love of her life treating her like an annoying ‘Teacher’ and flirting with other girls as well….Her Talli behavior in Rahul’s farewell party….

Soon after, Armaan is struck with the bitter truth-It’s not 2007 anymore, and he was once engaged to the Teacher-Riddhima….

Riddhima’s attempt to help Armaan pass in his internship exam….Which resulted in her getting slapped by Shashank and then getting suspended….But the gang intervened….Kidnapped her and brought her to Armaan who found out the truth just in time!:)

The amazing proposal made by Armaan on his knees in the path lab( Why do all their special moments take place in such places?)…And the decision of getting married within a month…

And then came the WORST episode DMG’s ever brought us….21st September, 2009….AR getting seriously injured….Ending Season 1 of DMG with the final call of ‘Humse hasi…..Jaane kahaan dill mill gayye…’ with AR being shown in the OT….

I’m clueless what happened after that, since I quit watching the show for those 3-4 months which followed….All I knew were the names of the new interns:P-Tamanna, Naina, Siddhant, Yuvraaj and Jitendra-Prasad(JP)….The true AR and DMG fans succeeded though, yet again, in getting Riddhima back in the show…

1st Jan, 2010, Riddhima was back with a bang…Although no one knew what happened to Armaan….And the drama began again….The fights with Siddhant…And then she finally coming to know the truth about Armaan….

The trip to Panchgini to get Armaan back, and the unfortunate HYPOTHERMIA drama….Which resulted in Sid-Riddhima getting married…

Armaan’s awaited comeback happened soon after….The brutal way he came to know the truth, and then his withdrawal at losing his love….

Enter Shilpa aka Shilpa Anand…And the life returned after a long time….

But Riddhima could never forget who she really loved…And although Shilpa fell for Armaan(understandable:P), Riddhima got married to Sid for the second time and Armaan accepted he had lost, AR still couldn’t live with these facts…

The honeymoon episode, where it was proved Riddhima is still in love with Armaan, and the still on-going battle between the girl’s mind and heart, is something we are watching right now…

But it’s impossible to end this epic show in just a matter of the next 2 WEEKS!:(

But well…

I don’t know why I wasted my time writing such a long summary of our favorite show…But it’s my way giving a farewell to that one Indian soap which kept me hooked for 3 whole years….

I know this is pretty lame, DMG had to end someday…But well, it was the only show which could keep me hooked to my seat, come-what-may, for the past 3 years, right from the beginning to the very end…!

Bye-bye DMG! Love you-AR, AA, RM, AN, Sid too….And I kind of liked Naina as well!:P

But yeah….Loved every part of this show-except the beginning of Season 2 without AR….:/

Guys please comment on this! Bahut mehnat se likha hai!:P

Long live DMG!

Hope you return with a Season 3!:D


Well again the questions are out, something what I had written in my earlier post as well. I have found a few articles over the net that raise questions like what exactly is going on the minds of the creatives. For example why was Shilpa Anand called back on the show? I guess the writers themselves don’t know what is going in story, or what needs to be written ahead. It looks like plan each episode after the previous one has been shot. I really don’t want to write more on this, I would rather just put those articles here for everyone.

Here is the first artice:

”TellyChakkar had earlier reported that there were problems cropping up on the sets of Dill Mill Gayye as actors were reportedly not happy with the way their tracks were moving. The latest is Sid’s character will now be shown negative in the show.

A little birdie informs, “Now the show will introduce a new twist and Sid will be shown negative. The track will focus again on Armaan and Riddhima and the latest promo being aired hints at the adultery angle. Riddhima will probably commit a mistake and will admit it to Sid and that will prompt him to turn negative. It has also been shown that Riddhima probably has a soft corner for Armaan. The new track will also mean sidelining Shilpa’s character even further. However the production house has not completely nailed this track down but in all probability Sid will turn negative. This will mean more complications in the lives of Riddhima and Armaan.”

We called up Karan Wahi who plays Sid to confirm the news but he seemed totally clueless. Says Karan, “I have absolutely no idea about this track. I have not been shooting for the past two days with them and I don’t know where the story is heading because I haven’t been informed about it yet.” When quizzed about the promo and the adultery angle, Karan says,” I have shot for a promo which is on air but I do not know why or what is it that makes Riddhima apologise! I am just aware of a possible triangle in the show. Even if Sid were to turn negative they would have informed me.”

Palki Malhotra Creative Head, Cinevistaas remained unavailable for comment.”

Here is the second artice:

”Is Cinevistaas set out to make mockery out of marriage?

Cinevistaas’s Dil Mil Gaye airing on Star One has recently undergone some changes in their story lines. After the first marriage sequence of Siddhant and Riddhima, the couple was set out to re-marry again with their own consent. The second marriage sequence had been aired last week. Unfortunately, there have been many rumors coming out in regards to the upcoming track within this popular youth based show.

Recent rumors indicate that Siddhant and Riddhima’s future is going to be short lived. Well where did the rumors come from? Well according to a video posted by the Creative of Dil Mil Gaye, Amita Devadiga on Cinevistaas’s Official Facebook Fan Page, indicate that the second marriage of Siddhant & Riddhima’s is about the break! According to a statement made on the Facebook page by Amita Devadiga, hey guys, here is the new dmg promo which is not on air as yet…pls have a look cause it says that ur fav couple armaan and riddhima are going to be together forever….!!!”, the promo seems to pose various different questions and predictions. The promo questions whether Armaan and Riddhima will have an extra marital affair, which is the prime reason for Riddhima’s marriage breaking up.

Rumors have also presented a question on whether Siddhant (Karan Wahi) will be shown turning negative. Where does this leave Dr. Armaan and Dr. Shilpa’s track? Well that is a major question to be asked! The show has already made a mockery out of marriage, which is a pure and sentimental bond between a man and a women. The show has questioned the feelings of Indian Women who believe in marriage. Will Indian Society be able to accept Riddhima’s future affair being a “pure mistake” during her married life?

As of now the show Is this track really going to take place or is just to create the hype to gain television ratings? Will the Amita Devadiga and her team continue with the “rumored storyline” or will they go on to provide their audience with a sensible and mature track which abides by Indian Society today?”

Well I was hearing the news for quite a long time, that Neha Julka aka Dr.Naina is planning to leave Dill Mill Gayye. Well now I have the confirmed news on it, and I am pasting that article below.

“Neha Juhlka who essayed the role of Naina in Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye will not be seen anymore..

Neha Jhulka who essayed the role of Naina in Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye gained a lot of fan following in a short span of time, and her chemistry with Yuvi aka Sehban Azim has been appreciated a lot.Neha has now decided to call it quits to Dill Mill Gaye, as she is not creatively satisfied.

When contacted, Neha told TellyBuzz, “Yes, it is true that I have opted out of Dill Mill Gaye. I have nothing against anyone, but it is just that I am not happy with the way my character has shaped up; I am not getting whatever was promised when I got into the show”.

“I would want to thank all my fans, for all the support and love that I have got. I understand that they have been desperate to get Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) and Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) back in the show, and I am happy that they have got their leads back. But I somewhere felt that the creative team could not do justice to my character. I had a word with them, and they were nice enough to let me off my contract”, informs Neha.

Neha wants to get back to her first love, i.e. modelling. “I want to take a break for at least 3-4 weeks, before I take up anything new. I want to take up some modelling assignments, also enjoy a vacation (smiles)”, she states.

Ask her whether she would get back to Dill Mill Gaye at any time, and she is quick to say, “I would love to. DMG is one serial that I have loved being part of, and if the creatives have something good planned in the future, I would surely come back”.

Naina will be shown moving out of Sanjeevani, while Yuvi will remain to be part of the show.”

I have stopped watching the show for sometime now. I was very disappointed with the things the way turned out. So it does not really matter a lot to me if she stays in the show or not. Though I must say that she not being on the show is a big loss. Anyways I wish Neha all the best for her future.

Well Dill Mill Gayye is back in business. Although the episodes are still disappointing, still with all the suspense of what wil happen next, the show has certainly garnered great TRPs. Also with the return of Karan Singh Grover back into the show, a lot of the viewers are also back. Though the track so far after his return has been disappointing, as everyone is expecting much different than what is happening, also it looks as if the producers are wasting a lot of time here and there in the show rather than showing any substantial content. Now there is only one quetion on everyone’s mind, Will Armaan and Riddhima be back together again?

I have been trying to get as much information I can on this. In the meanwhile I have found this article on the internet, so I am pasting it here for everyone to view.

Karan Singh Grover’s return has created a new twist in STAR One’s Dill Mill Gayye and also upped the show’s TRPs.

Now when Riddhima and Armaan have come face to face, everyone is thinking as what will happen and if Dr.Riddhima will leave Sid for her first love- Armaan.

An Indya source tells us, “The return of Dr. Armaan in Sanjeevani has already made Dr. Ridhima ( Jennifer Winget) a bit tensed as she is now married to Dr. Siddhant (Karan Wahi). Now Armaan wants to propose her so that they will get married very soon. Even Dr. Sid wants that Riddhima should get back her love. She is now slightly developing a soft corner for Sid.”

Further our source said that, “Armaan is in shock about Riddhima and Siddhant’s relationship and their marriage. His dreams of getting married to Riddhima will be over.”

We spoke to Jennifer Winget aka Dr.Riddhima, “She is an Indian woman and knows the values of marriage so she can’t dishonour this marriage with Sid. But at the same time she is also confused as what to do next because she hasn’t yet forgotten Armaan but at the same time she can forget all what Sid has done for her as he has saved her life during the marriage ceremony. Many fans of Dill Mill Gayye are asking me this same question whether I will break the marriage for Armaan. Well, now at this point, even I don’t know the script ahead.”

So don’t forget to watch Riddhima’s dilemma about choosing Armaan or Sid on Dill Mill Gayye every Monday at 8 pm only on STAR One.”

Dill Mill Gayye has been in news for a long time now, I mean for reasons apart from the episodes. They have been in news more about various issues, first both Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover left the show. Later almost all the old interns followed. Then entered the new interns, well they were not accepted on the show that well. Then Jennifer returned and it looked as if the show will get back its TRPs but it did not. Then Karan also returned but Pankit left the show. With so much of happening on the show, still the show could not create the magic it had in the first season or I must say in its first year. I guess that is why this news of Shilpa Anand is surfacing. I have found two articles on and am pasting them here. The first one is:

“They tried everything under the sun to set the TRPs escalating for Dill Mill Gayye but nothing seemed to work. Apparently, post the exit of Karan Singh Grover, there was a constant dip in the TRPs and the once number one show of Star One was run over by other soaps. But recently, the channel and the production house buried their hatchet with KSG and brought him back on the show in a bid to win over the loyalists. And now we hear that the makers are also planning to recall the original Dr Riddhima (Shilpa Anand). Anand was replaced by Sukriti Khandpal who was replaced by Jennifer Winget.
Informs a source, “With the comeback of KSG, things are looking brighter and one hopes the show will regain its lost ground. And now Cinevistaas is planning to rope in Shilpa too. In the current track Dr Siddhant (Karan Wahi) is trying his best to bring back Dr Armaan and Dr Riddhima together whereas, on the other hand, Riddhima has decided to accept Siddhant in her life. Apparently, an actor close to Shilpa was requested to ask her if she would be interested in returning to the show. Shilpa was keen and now the ball is in the production house’ court which will revert to her once they are sure of everything. Earlier too they had approached her to return but things didn’t materialise as the actress wasn’t satisfied with the package deal. Buzz is also that Jennifer is planning to quit DMG .”

According to a source from the production house, “The loyal viewers of the show have been constantly demanding to bring back their favourite Dr Armaan and the original Dr Riddhima ever since they exited the show. Now that Karan is back, they want to see their favourite Riddhima too.”
When contacted Anand said, “They have approached me through a co-actor friend and I have agreed. But they are yet to get back to me on this.”

However, Palki, the writer of the show, rubbished the rumours saying, “No, Shilpa Anand is not returning.” And is Winget quitting? Palki said, “No, she is not.”

Winget refuted the buzz and said, “No it’s not true I am not quitting the show.”

Well, there is still a sliver of hope about Anand returning to her on-screen flame.”

The second article is:

Well, Dill Mil Gaye is again in the headlines, and this time the buzz is that the show is looking for a new Riddhima…

While the fans of Karan Singh Grover have not yet finished partying after getting their handsome hunk back again in Star One’s Dill Mil Gaye, there comes this news that the show will get back its original Riddhima i.e. Shilpa Anand.

For the uninitiated, Shilpa Anand and Karan Singh Grover shared an amazing on screen chemistry earlier, after which Shilpa was replaced by Sukirti Khandpal. After the stint of Sukirti as Riddhima, came in Jennifer Winget.

And now it looks as though there is every chance of Shilpa Anand getting back her prized role. And the reason stated is that Jennifer Winget’s contract apparently ends in April, and the actress has expressed her desire not to renew it any further.

According to our reliable source, “The production house asked an actor cum friend of Shilpa Anand to enquire whether she is interested in getting back to the show. Shilpa had a talk with the concerned people thro’ a series of text messages, and even expressed her desire to get back to the show. She has also given her quotation to the production house, and is now waiting for them to get back to her”.

Our source also tells us that, “It is not only Shilpa Anand who has been approached. Panchi Bora who was last seen in Kayamath is also in talks with the production house for the role of Riddhima. However, a decision has not been taken by the production house and channel”.

When we questioned Jennifer about her contract expiring, she said, “I don’t know from where these rumours are coming up. My contract is not ending in April, and I am not leaving DMG”.

Shilpa Anand on her part confirmed that, “Yes, the production house approached me thro’ one of my friends, to get back as Riddhima. I have accepted the offer and have sent them my quotation. They have to get back to me now”.

We contacted Panchi Bora who said, “Yes, I have been approached for Dill Mil Gaye. As of now, I am in Australia and will be talking to them once I get back”.

We tried calling Palki Malhotra, Script Head, but she remained unavailable.

We now wonder whether the ‘suspense’ factor that is always a part of all DMG news is actually its USP!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Susan Jose
Author: Srividya Rajesh”

Panchi Bora

I don’t know if these are just roumours or is this true. Whatever it is, I guess it just might help the show. If Shilpa returns to the show it will be great as she was the best paired with Karan. Well if she does not and the CVS rope in Panchi for the role I guess then the viewers will get their fourth version of Riddhima. Also she will have to create the chemistry with Karan Singh Graover all over again. Well Shilpa will not have to work much on this as they had created magic last time around and everyone would expect the same again. Also if Jennifer leaves it might not be a bad option as people are not accepting her in the role given to her, I don’t know if there is any of her personal reasons behind the change of the character.

Anyways I hope whatever happens should happen for good. Just for the fact that I want Armaan and Riddhima together whether Riddhima is Jennifer or not.

Well this is a very old news, say about 15 days old but it is very shocking. I read an article about it sometime back, and I wanted to write about it but just did not get any time to do so in the last couple of weeks. This news is not only shocking but very dissapointing as well because I always felt that Armaan and Riddhima were the main starts of the show but Dr, Atul was the life of the show. He was like a special person in the show  who could handle any situation with his pranks and gigs. I guess that is one of the reasons for him being only one of the very few old interns to be retained in the new season.

I am pasting the article here which I had read (about his exit from the show) some time back, for everyone to view.

“No more Dr. Atul In Sanjeevani 
According to the latest news, its Pankit Thakker aka Dr. Atul Joshi of Dill Mill Gayye who has his stay on the show over. Yes Dr. Atul Joshi will soon make an exit from the show.

Pankit says ” Yes it is true , you guys will never be able to see Dr. Atul in the show henceforth , I know you guys must be feeling sad, but this is how life is ..” He adds ” For me personally it will be very difficult to move on as this has been my most memorable work that I have done so far. I had never thought I will be able to do comedy , but with this show I have grown as an artiste and as a person.; and the kind of love that u all have given me; I just cannot express it in words”
After the 2nd season had started Pankit was one among the few actors who were retained in the show from the 1st season. His exit will definitely be a shocker for the DMG fans and especially when Armaan is back in the show.

On a last note , Pankit says “I will try and keep myself happy with all the beautiful memories of DMG that I have stored in my heart. Love you all , miss me and please don’t forget me ! ”
Pankit we will definitely miss our champ in the show. All the best for your future projects ! ”

Well if not anything else it is a bit dishearting to know that Pankit will not be a part of the how anymore. He was like a breath of fresh air on the show. Although I had stopped watching the show in between and have only come back once Karan Singh Grover has returned to the show. But still I feel that it is not the same as it used to be earlier. Now that Karan was back it should have got back the old magic but it hasn’t because probably the old gang that used to be grea all the time is not there. And now Pankit has been the last person to leave as well. He has been an integral part of the show so far, and now after his departure the exuberance that he brought to thescreen is missing. I have now realised that Dill Mill Gayye was not only about Armaan and Riddhima, after Atul has left it still feels that there is something missing (even though now both Jennifer and Karan are back to the show).

Initially at the start of the show only Atul and Nikita (Pankit and Shweta) were retained from the old gang, then Anjali (Sunaina) made a guest apperaance in a couple of episodes. It was Shweta who left the show earlier and now Pankit also has decided to part ways. Though Karan and Jennifer are on the show from the old gang and then there is the new gang still there but it still feels that there is a lot missing, the magic that was there earlier that spark is not there anymore.

Now in the end I would just wish Pankit all the best for his future and future ventures, hopefully we will get to see him back on the screen soon, maybe on some other happeing show. In fact I have liked is work since the Special Squad days. I can only wish that he comes back to DMG maybe after sometime (I guess I am just being over optimistic).

Well now Dr. Armaan is back on the show. Thats great news for the fans who just watched the show because of him and Dr. Riddhima and also to the fans who kept on watching the show believing that their favourite stars will be back. I have found this update from the source I completely believe in. This will possibly explain the story that is in store for the viewers in the coming days.

“It’s Confirmed – Karan Singh Grover Back To Dill Mill Gaye 
Finally, the wait is over, and Karan Singh Grover gets back to Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye.

This time around, the loyal fans of Karan Singh Grover can surely rejoice as their favourite Dr. Armaan is getting back to Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye, produced by Cinevistaas.
Even the last time around, We had written a story which said that Karan would get back to the show, right on time to stop the marriage of Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) and Sid (Karan Wahi). But things did not fall in place for Karan then, and his comeback did not happen.

But now, he is certainly coming back and news has got a confirmation on this.

According to our source, “Talks about Karan Singh Grover’s comeback were on for quite a while now. But things got finalized day before yesterday, and the higher authorities from the channel and production house got into a consensus that they will bring Armaan back into the show”.

Now that Sid and Riddhima are married, and when Riddhima is gradually getting closer to her husband, things will take a drastic turn when she comes face to face with her first love, Armaan.

Elaborating on Armaan’s comeback our source states, “Armaan had been suffering from a psychotic disorder all this while, and he was not at all responding to treatment. He believed that Riddhima had not survived the accident, and this very thought of losing her had made him physically weak, and he did not have the urge to survive and fight the battle against the illness. But things took a different turn when Armaan saw Riddhima in Panchgani; this motivated him to get better in health. Even when the doctors thought that Armaan would never get back to sanity, Armaan’s health condition improved, and he is now back”.

“After getting fit, Armaan organizes this Nationwide Concert where his aim is to raise funds for people who suffer from such psychotic illness, and his last destination happens to be Mumbai. This is where he gets back to Sanjeevani”, adds our source.

“Armaan being what he is, comes back to Sanjeevani all excited, with a hope of getting back the love of his life. But he is completely shattered when he gets to know that Riddhima has in fact married Sid. The moment he realizes that Riddhima is married, he will want to leave the place forever. But it is Dr. Shashank who again makes him stay in the hospital, and Armaan joins Sanjeevani as a doctor”, further informs our source.

The coming track will see some breathtaking chemistry between Armaan, Riddhima and Sid. Now that Riddhima has transformed into the typical wife, she will also not be comfortable in the presence of Armaan. On the other hand, Armaan too will not like to come between Riddhima and Sid. But Armaan and Riddhima chemistry being so powerful will compel them to revisit their past memories, which can never be forgotten.

We got a confirmation from Palki Malhorta, Script Head, Cinevistaas, “Yes, Karan Singh Grover is back to the show. He will be starting shoot with us in a day or two. His comeback will really bring some great sequences between Armaan-Riddhima-Sid”.

As per the latest reports, Karan has already shot for his comeback promo that will go on air very soon. He will be starting shoot either today or tomorrow.

We also got to know that the news about a love track emerging between Armaan and Suvarna (Madhura Naik) is not true at all, and this development is not on the cards. Palki Malhotra too accepted that this was false news.

We tried calling Karan, but he remained unavailable.

The countdown to seeing Armaan on screen begins for sure now!!”

Well it is great to see the old stars back in the show and specially after the tragic end of season one. The promotional video shows Dr. Arman coming back with a bang, which is exactly the way he should have specially after the way he had left from the show few months back. But somehow I am not very happy that he is back. Well I know many people would not agree with me on this, but I do have a valid point. Well I have a been an ethusiastic viewer of this show from the very start. When the first season ended on atragic note and that way the second season started many people left watching their favourite show. I still hung with it in hope that the creative heads will bring back the main story (Armaan – Riddhima track) back at some point of time. But the way things turned out, I mean they way Dr. Riddhima returned and then whatever happened between her and Dr. Siddhant has left me very dissapointed. I was watching the show till their marriage took place and since that has happened and by reading all the articles of how Dr. Riddhima’s heart changes for Dr. Siddhant i have been heartbroken and have said goodbye to the show. But some how in just a couple of weeks, with the return of Karan Singh Grover onto the show I am back. But I just am not being able to connect with the show i used to about a year back. I am feeling that something is missing. May be Karan will get it back when he returns or maybe he won’t. All these questions are haunting me for the past few days. This is also one of the reasons that I had this news of his return almost 10 days back but I haven’t written about it as yet.

Once Jennifer returned I was very happy and was hoping for something great to happen, but to my shock something happened that I had never expected to happen. I felt like I had been cheated, in fact on the forums and other sites I read many people felt the same way. Now they are bringing back Karan on to the show. Their were rumours that now he will be paired with Suvarana Naik, the one who plays Dr. Siddhant’s sister. I just hope that all this is not true. Also the creatives claim that not with the show having three main characters that is Armaan, Riddhima and Siddhant, it will be great to see the chemistry between the three of them. Well I don’t believe in all this. I just feel that they have ruined a great love story. I always believed that it was like an ideal love story, a story that I would like that it would happen in my life.

I just hope that all goes well and in the end we have a happy ending, with that I mean both Armaan and Riddhima get back together. But for the moment i can only say that I am happy that now Karan is also back on the show, so I welcome him back with a mixed feeling.

Well I just saw this new promotional video on star one where Dr. Shashank ask Riddhima to prove him that she is her daughter by getting married to Dr. Siddhanth. I think this is something outrageous. I could not have believed something like this to happen specially when there were some thoughts going around of Dr. Armaan’s return to the show.

The events that have taken place during the last few episodes on the show have been rather shocking. I never expected the story to turn out this way. I do not know what exactly is in store for us in the future as a viewer. Even if creatives had to show love blossoming between Riddhima and Siddhant they could have done it may be gradually creating some sequences. This bizarre bed scene was not required at all. I don’t know what was the need of that scene on first place. I have read at different places where people have said their emotions in a very harsh manner on this particular episode.

Being a big fan of the show, I wanted Riddhima back on the show, but after that episode, I would like to ask the creatives what was the need to bring her back on the show if the story had to take such a turn. I would have been happier if she would not have come back. In fact I would rate that as the worst episode ever, even worse than that shootout episode. There are many questions coming into my minds that I have no answer to, and in fact I have not been able to find any news as well on what is coming at us in the coming episodes.

Well I would like to be very optimistic and on second thoughts, this promotional video can also be an indication of Karan Singh Grover coming back. In fact it does suggest that he is not coming back, but if one views at the reverse psychology, I think it like a boring Hindi drama. I am visualizing something that might happen in the coming episodes. Maybe now Riddhima might feel that she is not worth of Armaan anymore and because of the pressure of Shashank she will agree to marry to Siddhant. And maybe on the day of the marriage we might get to see Armaan back, or maybe he might just come after the marriage is over, to get more spice into the show.

Well if all this happens then, only one thing I can imagine is that the creatives are ruining a beautiful love story. In fact they have ruined the love story to some extent already. I can only hope that all gets well and we can see Armaan back on the show, and more importantly Armaan and Riddhima back together. I in fact I guess almost everybody does not want to see Riddhima and Siddhant together.

Well I have been reading a lot over the internet for the past few days. I have been trying to look for some news on Karan Singh Grover’s where abouts. It is at this time when I just came across one of these articles. I am pasting it here for everyone to read.

TV actress Sharddha Nigam, who divorced Karan Singh Grover, said in one of her interviews that there was a lot of pain. Here’s she is talking about the painful phase and her furure plans.

What prompted you to take this step?
“There were a lot of things. Like marriage, divorce is not a decision you can jump into. You can’t just wake-up one day and say that I can’t put up with all this shit and give up. It was thought about clearly as the marriage. I am a very regular Indian girl at heart. So, I wouldn’t end a marriage in a moment.”

Are these rumors true that Karan Singh Grover had link ups with Jhalak Dikha La Ja choreographer Nichole and Dill Mill Gayye co-star Jennifer Winget?
“Honestly, if you went through something so painful like I have, you would face many things. I still have many questions that I have no answers for, so giving you an answer would be equally difficult.”

So, then why did she walk out on her marriage?
“I have always been true to myself. Honestly; divorce to me was like a death sentence. But all I knew was that I was standing up for myself. I don’t believe in blame games, but I do believe that people who aren’t true themselves have to go through pain, maybe not immediately but eventually.”

Did you have parental support?
“My parents stood firmly by me in every decision I took. They were very understanding and supported me throughout and there was no pressure for anything. I salute them because it’s tough for any parent.”

Ok, then did Karan Singh Grover’s parents support you?
“It is tough for all parents involved in this. The space I share with his parents is also something I share in reverence. It was a beautiful phase that I shared with a lot of respect and regard.”

In one of his recent interviews, Karan admitted that you guys were still good friends, what do you have to say about it’
“Well, I think there has been some misunderstanding or miscommunication in that article, I don’t think he would say something which is not quite true.”

What about your career?
“I always planned to return by the end of 2009. The reason I took a break was because I wanted to enjoy my marriage like every girl does and its just incidental that my divorce is happening at the same time that I had decided to come back. I am doing Rohit Roy’s film which I finished before I got married and now I am looking forward for its release. Not only this I am also looking forward for a chat show too.”

I dont understand why is all this suddenly coming up when we all are expecting the return of Karan in Dill Mill Gayye. Why are such news again surfacing is the biggest question in my mind. Well I just hope all is well with Karan and he does come back to the show. Also I wish both Shraddha and Karan for their future lives(I mean now their seperate lives).

Is Karan Singh Grover coming back to Dill Mill Gayye. This has been one of the questions many people have asked me during the past week. There have been many rumours this week that he is set to return soon. I am not really sure how really true it is. In the meanwhile I have been searching over the net for any clue on this. I have found a few instances. I am pasting it over here.

“With Riddhima finding the truth about Armaan, she now goes searching for her love in Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye..With this, we wonder whether Karan Singh will stage a grand comeback to the show or not..

Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye, produced by Cinevistas will see a big high point when Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) comes face to face with the real truth behind Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) leaving her.

Riddhima will be crestfallen when she gets to know that it was her father Dr. Shashank (Mohnish Behl) who had lied to her that Armaan had walked out of her life when she was lying unconscious after the bullet injury. And Riddhima had got to believe that Armaan could not take the extra baggage with the doctors telling that she might be handicapped for the rest of her life after the bullet had hit her spine.

But with the truth being out, our source tells us that Riddhima will go ballistic, and will run helter-skelter looking for Armaan.

According to our source, “The next few episodes will see the truth being revealed to Riddhima. And after this happens, the back story will be shown wherein the creatives are planning to give a justification to why Armaan readily agreed to go out of Riddhima’s life. With the back story coming out, we will see a furious Riddhima going against her own father. Her only aim now will be to get Armaan back in her life”.

“Also, another turning point will be when Dr. Siddhant( Karan Wahi) will also get to know that Riddhima and Armaan love each other. This will bring a major twist to the tale”, adds our source.

Now comes the major question of whether Karan Singh Grover will return to the show as Armaan or not!!

To this, our source states, “Talks are surely on with Karan. The channel and production house are keen to get him back. But nothing is confirmed as of now”.

We tried contacting Karan, but we heard that he has gone to his home town right now, and will be back to Mumbai on 25th January.

When contacted, Palki Malhotra, Script Head, Cinevistas told us, “Yes, the viewers have been waiting patiently for more than four months now, to see Armaan’s comeback. But I can only tell that Armaan is and will always be an integral part of Dill Mill Gaye. We have always lived with the memories of Armaan-Riddhima love story, but wanted to play on another track of hate between Riddhima and Sid. The upcoming track will show a mellowed-down Siddhant”.

When asked Palki about the big question of Karan coming back, she stated, “Well, I can only tell you that Dr. Armaan might come back, what with Riddhima desperately searching for him. But I cannot tell you whether it will be Karan Singh Grover or someone else who will be back as Armaan”.

We tried to probe in, on whether Karan has been approached for the show, and she was quick to say, “I can’t comment on this right now”.

However, our source insists that there is a bright chance of Karan coming back to the show…

Now let’s see whether we get to see Karan as Armaan, or we get to have a totally new Armaan….

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh”

Well I have been pasting news from this source for quite some time on my blog for any updates. And with this news coming from it makes me feel that this possibly can be true. But I really don’t want to start dreaming already. But yes with this I can make out one thing that we will have Armaan back to the show. But will it be Karan Singh Grover or someone else that is not really sure. I just hope it is Karan who comes back.

I also received a couple of comments on my blog stating that Karan is set to return on the show on 1st of February. Here are the comments.

“oww good news armaan is came back seriosly i am so happy 1st february armaan is come back” comment number 12


“Hey guys, Armaan is coming back to dmg in February. It shows on” comment number 27

Well I have not found any decent clue at it as yet, but I will definitely wait for 1st Feb hoping that all this is true.

Well now coming to the show, the show has taken many turns since the return of Riddhima. First it was Tamanna who left the show and then the creatives tried to create a similarity in between both the Karans (Armaan and Siddhant). For example, even initially Armaan had gone to the jail because of Riddhima. Secondly there was a basketball match with a kiss bet that happened in both the cases and both of the times it ended in the same abrupt fashion. Thirdly the creatives tried to get a small girl for treatment to Siddhant. Remember earlier they had got a girl for Armaan who made him realise that he loved Riddhima and tried to get both of them together. Because of all this I was just hoping that my thoughts do not come in real. Now with the u-turn the story has taken, it looks that Armaan might come back to the show and Siddhant will have to leave (looks like there can only be one Karan at a time). But I still am scared because even Armaan had left the hospital earlier because of a fight with Riddhima and then later returned. I hope that the creatives are not doing the same thing again.

Well I am not really sure of what is in store for us in the coming episodes, but I can just hope that “ALL IZZ WELL” and we well get Armaan back on the show and, will be able to watch the Armaan-Riddhima chemistry once again. Also I will keep on updating everyone with any news that I can find out on this.

Well this is as much as a surprise as was the exit of the old interns from the show. Finally Jennifer is coming back on the show. I had almost lost hope that the creatives of the show are going to bring back Armaan and Riddhima. And so this news has come as a very good surprise and will get down as a good New Year gift from the show to its fans.

I found an article that gives this news, and as earlier I have posted a lot of posts from this place I will do it again. I really find this source very much trustable as I have always mentioned in my earlier posts, so I do have a reason to be happy these days. Here is the post.

“Jennifer back to Dill Mill Gaye…

Fans of Jennifer Winget have a reason to smile, as the actress is back as Riddhima in Star One’s Dill Mill Gaye…

Well, seems like fans of Jennifer Winget have already got whatever they wished for even before the New Year began!!

Yes, you heard it right!! Jennifer Winget aka Riddhima is back to Star One and Cinevistaas Dill Mill Gaye. The ardent watchers of the show would remember that Dr. Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) and Dr. Riddhima have not been shown on the show after the introduction of the new cast. Before the new interns came in, it was shown that Dr. Riddhima had to be taken to a bigger hospital with more specialized facilities as she was critical after she had a bullet injury.

According to our source, “Jennifer resumes her shoot for the show tomorrow, and her entry is expected to air on January 1st, 2010. However, it will only be Riddhima making a comeback to the show, and there is no such talk of Armaan getting back as of now!”.

When contacted, Amitabh Raina, Creative Head, Dill Mill Gaye confirmed the news and said, “Yes, Jennifer will be back to the show on January 1st. However, I will not be able to reveal any detail”.

January 1st will also witness a high point with Dr. Shashank (Mohnish Behl) facing a major setback to his professional career. For the uninitiated, Yuvi (Sehban Azim) has entered Sanjivini to destroy Shashank, as the senior doctor had earlier paralyzed his brother on the operation table while performing a surgery. He befriends Naina (Neha Jhulka) just to get closer to Shashank and his dream project of opening a new clinic.

And if sources are to be believed, “Yuvi will plan to set the clinic on fire, and this particular episode will be aired on January 1st”.

We tried contacting Jennifer Winget, but she remained unavailable..
Source: India-Forums”

Also I have mentioned in one of my last articles that Jennifer has to come back to the show and it is just the matter of time. And I guess that has been justified now. Although there is no news of Karan Singh Grover coming back to the show, which does leave a question mark and a little disappointment, but at least we can feel happy that Jennifer is coming back and this can be a start of the road for the old interns returning back to the show.

I am eagerly waiting for the 1st Jan episode now and I do hope that this time our emotions are not played with as it had happened the last time around.

Well just when the show script started suggesting that Armaan might come back to the show I came across this article at India forum. Now with a few secrets getting revealed and a few about to be revealed soon, it looks as if the older interns might just be on their way back. For example, now the new interns know that Atul was there in the hospital last year as well and also the mystery about Yuvraj’s brother also coming up which might just come out in a few days or so, this article only brings disappointment to everyone.

“According to the producers, he used to tell his wife Shraddha Nigam before their separation that he was leaving for a 9am shoot but would only reach the sets at 4pm.

However, the production house suffered as Karan spent much lesser time shooting than he was committed. Now, the producers, Cinevistaa, have filed a complaint against him with CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes Association) and will sue him to cover their losses of about Rs 2 crore.

Cinevistaa’s Managing Director, Sunil Mehta confirmed that his company has written to CINTAA complaining about Karan Grover. About this, he said in the press, “We’ve written to CINTAA telling them about Karan’s behaviour and the fact that we plan to sue him. He used to come at 4pm for a 9am shift and would leave by 10pm. My company has suffered a loss of over Rs 2 crore. We definitely intend to sue him. Shraddha was scandalised when my son told her that he has not reported for work, when she thought he’d left for a 9am shift.”

He further added,” At one point in time, we had thought of making a film with him as the lead actor. Now, Karan’s film with Mukesh Bhatt is not happening. Success, fame, adulation and power went to his head, I guess.” added Mehta.”

Well I just received a comment about this on my previous post asking if this is true. After that i have been trying to search for some information, and I have across this post on India forums which definitely seems to be a genuine source.

Really if the show producers are going to sue Karan that means he just may not return to the show, also if his film is scrapped then this is also sad news for his fans. I am not sure what is happening in his personal life, but I guess it is actually destructing his professional life as well. I hope that this bad period of his life ends soon and he comes back with flying colors soon. In the end I hope that if this news is true which I expect it to be, the producers end up making a sound agreement with Karan and he does come back to the show.

Well at the moment even i cannot answer this quiestion, but yes i definetly can talk over this as of now. Well I have been surfing the net a lot in the recent times to find out some information of the return of the main characters of the show. Well I came across one of these articles which is not very impressive but not very disappointing too. I am pasting the article here for everyone to view.

” Dill Mil Gayye recently introduced new interns to give the show a fresh look, but in the process the old interns haven’t been seen too much. Rumour is one the leads, Jennifer Winget, who plays Dr Ridhima, may not come back to the show at all because of rumours of her linkup with Karan Singh Grover, who plays Dr Armaan.

ur source says, “Jennifer is very unhappy about the linkup and the story of her slapping her co-star Karan. The actor was in love with Jennifer and promised her marriage but at the same time he was also dating his choreographer Nicole from Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3. She is so upset about these stories that she is not willing to talk about it.”

The script of the show reportedly requires Armaan and Ridhima to be together but Jennifer is not in favour of returning to the show. It is possible she may come back for a few episodes, after which she might make a permanent exit from the story. At a press conference for her new show, Teen Ka Tadka, we asked Jennifer about her comeback, to which she said, “Let’s not talk about that show, we are here for this show.”

Amitabh Raina, creative head of Dill Mil Gayye, says, “I have not heard about this; she is require in the show as per the script. We have different tracks to concentrate on right now and she is not required for the next three months.”

guys.. this is a direct news..! i dont know.. whtz happening..! this should not happen..! “fingers crossed” “

This is neither very disappointing nor very impressive, but it only raises confusion in the minds of what is going to happen. But I am sharing this since at least the creative head’s words do give a little ray of hope for everyone.

I just read somewhere that Jennifer Winget has a one year contract with the show, but since she does not want to shoot for the show anymore (because of the rumors), she still might have to come back for a few episodes sometime later. Well this is something that made me happy at the end (that she may have to return to the show). But if the creative head is to be believed this will not happen for the next three months at least. Also there is no news from Karan Singh Grover. I could not find any article anywhere that would enlighten about his return. Also many articles mentioned that since a lot things are happening in his personal lives and the media has also somewhat made him as a villain of some sought, he has not been giving any interview to anyone, neither on his personal life nor on his professional one. So I guess we can only wait to check if he is going to return to the show or not. Also I am not sure of all this because of my last post, because if that is true we might not have the show itself after a couple of months leave aside The fact of Armaan and Ridhhima coming back. So I guess we can only hope that they return soon and the show is not ended on a bizarre note. Also what I feel is that if the show is to be ended soon the creative’s might just bring them back in the last week or say for the last two episodes just to end the show on a high. I hope this does not happen, what I actually mean by this is that the show does not end soon but both Armaan and Ridhhima come to the show as soon as possible.

Well I have been surfing for a long time try and get as much information about the return of the lead characters in the show. Well to be honest I could not get much information on it. But yes I did find a very good piece of article. By reading this I realized how much the show has affected the lives of millions of people around and also how this situation should actually be dealt with. This also opened by eyes in some way or another. Here is the article.

” My dear blog vasis….

Hope you are all doing well… Wish you all a very happy and a prosperous diwali…. its almost been months since i wrote a full fledged post on this blog.. the recent happenings however have urged me to come and write… irrespective of what opinions people hold on this issue… i always consider(ed) the blog my home and have taken liberties in speaking what i think will benefit one and all on the blog.. you can ignore it , if you dont come from the same line of thought….

At this point in time i am sooo tempted to say “ I told you so….” but i will not use those very words but go around the issue in my own words…. you all know what we are talking about… we are talking about the so called celebrity infidelity… that has hit the media like a storm…. we all know who we are talking about… he is so sweet, he is cute, he is an amazing guy… blah blah blah… i dont care… at this point in time, what i want each and every one of you to realise , is the fact that, atleast now, stop idolising on screen stars… this post is mainly targeted to those teenagers and kids who made Karan god… those people who still refuse to believe he could have cheated on his wife.. those crazy people who are ready to even justify his betrayal…. grow up guys… and wake up to the reality… that you shouldn’t involve yourself so much in a tv show that you forget that you have a life… and a REAL one at that…

This is actually the best time to make this post… DMG has a new set of faces… honestly DMG had served its prime.. but like us, the creatives also dont seem to be in a mood to let go… do you remember the 2.1 trp days of DMG? Today its barely 0.5…. chalo lets forget numbers… what the hell is happening on DMG???? Not now…. what the hell has been happening on DMG since January? Once everyone came to know about AR, what track did the story take? Did it evoke the same emotion it once did… when we saw the i love you i hate you confession? Or the holi confession? The bomb scene? The AR date? The tujh main rab dikhta hai number? I tried really hard to accept Jenny… cos after shilpa, before Suku came in she was the most obvious choice for Riddhima in my head… but she let me down… honestly when i think about it now, did i have to think so much about a tv show? Do anyone of us have to think so much about a tv show? Why do we have to wait for the clock to strike 8:30 every Monday to Thursday? Why does it matter when AR are not together? Why cant you easily accept Sid and Tammanna, in Place of Armaan and Riddhima, when we easily let go of Rahul and Juhi of Sanjeevani? Why are we constantly appealing to the creatives to change the story line so that nothing displeases us?

Honestly, DMG for a very very long time had been on a path of self destruction… the team had stopped thinking like a pro team.. they simply catered and fed audiences egos by providing innmerous moments and a flimsy storyline… they never were the conventional tv show in the first place…
All of this surely has done not just Karan, DMG and its team bad, its harmed us too… its raised the expectations of the audience to a level where its no longer considered criticism… its now called overt interference…. if karan doesn’t come to the set, we know… if jenny isnt around we know.. if suku doesn’t come for weeks we know we can contact who’s who of the team to know whats wrong… if Shilpa anand is on a holiday we still know… if all this were the admiration from a fans side it would have been fine.. today its much more than that.. today its like an obsession… DMG has created a false image and a hope in the hearts of women… it has made a prototype of a romantic hero… ARMAAN… who sadly doesn’t exist…. and the biggest awakening to the fact must have come when you guys saw, what the guy who played it for two years did to his own wife, his co star and his co-dancer did in his own life!

Need i say more? Just wake up and accept the reality…. Let DMG fade away gracefully… and accept that and move on in life as well..
niha “

Well I also agree with Niha that I too always wanted Jennifer as Ridhhima once Shilpa left the show, and yes once she did come she has been disappointing. In a way not really very disappointing but yes possibly she could not live up to the expectations I had created for her.

Also the message given by her that not to idolize the actors is absolutely correct. As personally I admire the characters more than the actors. And I always felt that the rest of the people also do the same thing that is why they accepted three different actors for Ridhhima. But this article has actually changed my direction of thinking, and if this is true that the majority idolize the actors more than the characters I must add that this is nothing but foolishness. Just for the fact that the characters are fictitious and are very well sketched out to be shown to the people. It is not necessary that the actors playing this character are the same. They may have similarities but it is not possible for both of them to be exactly the same. That is why I would like to add that people that are idolizing Karan Singh Grover are not wrong but they must realize the truth of his marriage. What he has done is not correct but we have no right to comment on his personal life. So it’s always better to idolize the character more because one can always imagine themselves in place of it and they can end up not being hurt even if the character changes its shades.

Coming to the story point of view where Niha says that we must carry on with our lives. In a way I do agree to this and also disagree. I at least wanted a happy ending to the love story of Armaan and Ridhhima and maybe then they could have faded the characters away. I think this solution would not have created so much of disappointment in the fans of the show. And yes whatever happens at the end of the day it’s just a show, so we need to believe in this thought and move ahead in our lives the way the show has moved on.

Well I guess whatever Niha has mentioned in the article is exactly what should be done. So I hope many will read it and try to follow what she is actually trying to say.

Well it’s sad news for all the DMG lovers. I am not really sure what exactly is going to happen, but yes it looks as if Armaan and Riddhima are not going to return to the show in the near future.

I have looking through the internet to check if I can get some news on what is going to happen in the show in the recent times to come. I came across two articles which have left me in a state of disappointment. In fact I am not sure why this is really happening. One of the articles speaks about Karan Singh Grover and his personal life problems, which is also one of the causes why we are not seeing him in the show for quite some time now. The article is here:

” The news of Karan Singh Grover and Shraddha Nigam no longer being a couple, even before they celebrate their first wedding anniversary (December 2nd) has come as a shocker to the their fans..

However, Telly Buzz has dug in more information on what exactly went wrong in the married life of Karan and Shraddha.

It has been reported by all scribes that Karan’s closeness with Nicole was the reason for Shraddha calling off the marriage. However, there is more to it and here is what we found.

According to our source, “Shraddha has always been committed to the relationship, and has been very passionate when it came to supporting Karan in all ways possible. This was very much visible during the Jhalak days when Shraddha vociferously appealed for votes for her hubby in their official blog. However, this commitment was not there from Karan’s side, and he got too close to Nicole ever since his Jhalak days”.

However, the unknown factor about the whole drama is that it was not a triangle of sorts between Shraddha-Karan-Nicole, but there was one more girl involved. “In fact, Karan was going around with his close friend and co star of Dill Mill Gayye, Jennifer Winget too. Jennifer who was in love with Karan was made to believe that Karan would soon seek divorce from Shraddha and marry her. But Jennifer had no idea about the impending danger coming from Nicole too”.

Our source adds, “Karan on one hand was having gala time with Nicole outside, and pretended to be in love with Jennifer too at his work place. At home, there was Shraddha who doted on him a lot. However, things went berserk when Jennifer got to know about Nicole’s presence in Karan’s life, and that is when she confronted him on the sets of Dill Mill Gayye”.

Confirming this news, our source from the sets of Dill Mill Gayye on terms of anonymity told us, “When Jennifer got to know about Nicole, she slapped Karan hard on his cheeks and just fumed out of the sets. These incidents did not happen now, this was months back. And after this, Karan and Jennifer could not look into each others’ eye, and would come and shoot their scenes separately. But this could not go on for long, as the story had to focus on their love scenes too. This is the main reason why the new interns were roped in, as Jennifer down the line, found it very tough to even come to the sets”.

In the midst of all this, even Shraddha decided to part ways with Karan. “Karan and Shraddha filed for a divorce months back, and just last week, their divorce got granted. Shraddha even today continues to stay at Karan’s place, but she is really heartbroken. She has not yet come to terms with whatever has happened in her life in the past few months. Karan has now moved to Nicole’s place”, adds our source.

We tried our best to trace Karan’s new number, but could not get it. We got in touch with Karan’s manager, who stated that nothing was wrong in Karan and Shraddha’s life. But when we asked for Karan’s new number, she refused to give it.

However, we got to talk to Nicole, who had her answer ready even before we had finished our question. “I really do not know what is happening in the life of Karan and Shraddha”. When asked about her linkup with Karan, she just had this to say, “No comments”.

We also tried calling Shraddha, and even sent her text messages. Eventually, she sent us a reply in text which read, “I would like to maintain my silence on this”.

Our repeated attempts to get in touch with Jennifer were in vain. We later got to know that she is right now in Goa, and is trying her best to get over the trauma that she has recently faced.

Well, with the entire picture before us, we can only say that we pity all the three girls who fell for Karan’s charisma and trusted him blindly….

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh  “

The second article I believe is even worse as this is said to be from the head of the Cinevistas production. Well according to this we might now be able to see Armaan and Riddhima again for a long time, maybe never again as well. Here it is:

” Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima have not been seen in Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye. The news coming in indicates that they might not make it back to the show in the near future…

We all know that a gang of new interns have taken the place of the older ones in Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye, produced by Cinevistas. While we see the likes of Pankit Thakkar, Sonia Singh still in the show, the protagonists Karan Singh Grover aka Dr. Armaan and Jennifer Winget aka Riddhima are found missing even now!!

Earlier, a source from the production house had told us that Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima will be making their comeback to the show some 5-10 episodes after the new interns enter. But now, things have taken a new turn, and it looks as though there is every possibility that Karan and Jennifer might not make it to the show again..

According to our source, “Karan is now busy with the COLORS show as well as his film. So it is very unlikely that he will be back. Further, the new track with the new interns in the first case had to be introduced mainly because the production house and channel were relying too much on Karan to give them dates. With Karan’s personal life too going for a toss, the actor has now changed his number and is not at all accessible”.

A source from the sets of DMG on terms of anonymity says, “I don’t think the channel EPs or even the production house have the new number of Karan. Also, they don’t see the need of getting him back to DMG now, because they have enough to play with, what with the new interns coming into the show. Above all, the show has always been focusing on the interns, and they would like to keep it that way”.

Though there is a buzz that Karan and Jennifer might start shooting very soon, Amitabh Raina, Creative Head of the show tells us, “As of now, we are focusing only on the new interns. We have not yet decided on the return of Karan and Jennifer. If the story track demands, we might get them back later”.

Yet another source informs us, “Karan has always been a pain when it came to giving the channel and production house the dates required. Whenever he did not turn up for shoots, they had to alter the scripts then and there, and insert a flashback sequence or a body double just to show his presence. The entry of the new interns was done keeping in mind the fact that Karan would now be even busier with his film shoot”.

Our source adds on, “There would be a meaning if we get both Karan and Jennifer back. If Karan does not get back and we get only Riddhima back into the show, then again the whole essence of the love story is lost. So there is lots to contemplate, and the coming weeks and months will give us a clearer picture of what is going to happen”.

While we could not trace the new number of Karan Singh Grover, we tried calling Jennifer Winget, but she too was unavailable. We did not even get a reply to our text messages.  “

Well both of the articles are shocking ones especially for the DMG lovers. One says that they will return after a long time while the one from the production house says that it will take a long time for them to return and their return will only depend on the circumstances that may arise in the coming months. So in short they may not return again and even if they do they will not in the coming months. This has left me a lot disappointed. I feel like giving up the idea of watching the show anymore. Maybe this can be a publicity stunt as well. But I have received this information from a source that at least I believe to be very much reliable. It has not been wrong many times. So this in fact has broken my heart even more.

I think this news will make the show lose a lot of fans. I think that is why all the news of Karan Sigh Grover and his divorce has suddenly surfaced. This may create a lot of fans to go against Karan and maybe they will expect his return to the show, at least this is what even I feel (Also mentioned in the second article). Another bad news is that from 19th October a new show Jaane Pehchaane se Yeh Ajnabbi is coming on air at 8:30 p.m. So that means it replaces Dill Mill Gayye. What exactly is going to happen of DMG from 19th is it going off air or is its time slot going to change. Well I believe after all this news mentioned earlier quite a lot of people will not be worried of this change as they might end up leaving watching the show. But maybe I would want to continue and that is why I am confused of what is going to happen to the show. With the new interns it does not look like as if the show will go off air. I have started to like the new interns somewhat especially Yuvraj. Jitu looked impressive in the start but now only looks repetitive. Naina has not been very impressive so far but I guess she might just pick up in near future. Tamanna has been disappointing as I guess the creative’s are trying to create her character like the one Shilpa Anand displayed as Riddhima. Karan Wahi has not been that good as Sid but I know his capabilities and I think he will definitely get to his own in some time. So in a way I would want to continue with the show but yes definitely the show has lost a lot of its magic in the recent time, and hopefully I will be able to regenerate it again. I am also hoping that Armaan and Riddhima come back to the show again, just being a bit optimistic even after pasting the two articles here. As they really were the life of the show and without them it is more of a dead show now. And maybe this is a cause for the drop in the show’s TRP and that is why they are replacing this show with a new one. Anyways all of this is very disappointing and I hope that we all will be able to hear a lot more good news in the coming times.