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Star One is closing its operations today, 16-Dec-2011. The channel will get replaced by a new channel “Life OK” which will be launched by Star Network. The new channel will be launched sans any “Star” connection (read logo) and with a complete set of new shows on 18-Dec-2011.

As all say “All good things need to come to an end”, so has the end of Star One arrived too. This channel was initially targeted to the youth as it broadcasted many youth based shows which became a cult amongst the youth and made the channel instant hit. The channel when launched 7 years ago improvised and introduced shows that were targeted to the youth, and with that the channel broke that times current trend of shows that were only targeting the women folk, especially the housewives, generally centering around issues relating Saas-Bahu, husband-wife, and in general family based issues.

This channel came in as a reverence for the youth when it introduced shows like Remix, which became an instant hit amongst the college and high school going youth. Honestly, this was one the shows that got me hooked to the channel. Apart from Remix, the channel also got in a concept of introducing a weekly show during the weekdays, by introducing Special Squad, Siddhant, Hotel Kingston, and Instant Khichadi, all one hour shows that were shown on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday respectively at probably what was the prime time. All these shows gained popularity as there were all based on completely different concepts and were also far away from the normal trend, and brought in a new freshness on television. Later such became the popularity of the shows that even their reruns later were highly viewed (something I don’t think any of the other current channels have been able to do).

Another innovation that worked highly for them was that the channel broadcasted all the repeats of the shows on weekends for those who missed out on them during the weekdays due to the shows on other channels. This concept actually created a huge viewership for the channel and its shows.

And then Star One introduced probably their most successful series, “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”, a show that got all the people, diversified in all age groups, hooked to the channel. There was a phase when Friday nights were only meant to be for Star One, and more so for the Laughter Challenge. And probably in no time Star One reached to be one of the top channels, even rivaling against Star Plus which has shows like “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and other similar shows which were running successfully for years, and had created a huge following base.

After this show Star One seeing the popularity the channel was gaining, the channel introduced many family shows, which were not the typical kind of family shows, and they too turned up being very successful. One of them being Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, a show that had humor as well as touched to the family issues like Saas-Bahu fights and stuff but in a very much hilarious way. 

Then the channel introduced very popular celebrity dance shows like the Nach Baliye series and then later the Zara Nack ke Dikha series. And after running successfully for about two-three years, when it started losing some of its popularity came in shows like Dill Mill Gayye, Miley Jab Hum Tum, and the Koffee with Karan series. Dill Mill Gayye probably went on to become probably their most popular show, as it connected directly to the youth, and by now when the internet media was at its boom, and with youth being the major part of the viewership and the media, these shows excelled everywhere especially Dill Mill Gayye. On the blogs and other forums one could easily notice the craze of this show, and this probably became the silver lining for the show. Such was the impression of this show on mind of the youth that no other show could actually replace it, and probably that has what has happened. It has been more than a year DMG was closed, and since then the channel also started losing its popularity and to such an extent that the channel had to go for a revamp.

Another new concept that worked for Star One was that they did not hang onto a show for too long. The shows ran on for about a year or two only whether they were successful or not. Probably this was the USP of Star One and with this they managed to create a huge fan base and then by ending the shows and introducing new ones they tried to bring freshness after regular intervals. This also meant that the reruns of the show were also highly viewed because of the craze they had created and nostalgia of course.

This worked great for Star One for almost 7 years, but after closing Dill Mill Gayye things really did not go too well. In fact last month or so I saw DMG being rerun on the channel all over again, and I thought that Star One has come back to get its prime viewership (the youth) back to the channel, but the sudden news of the channel shutting down has left me in a disarray. With the closure of the channel also means that the possibility of getting to see the shows like Special Squad, Siddhant, Dill Mill Gayye, and Remix has also vanished. There is probably no chance left to see these shows again.

Probably as a youth, I could relate to Star One a lot, and I guess everyone who loved watching television could. I don’t know what the new channel Life OK is aiming at, but yes with the promotional videos, it hardly looks that it has anything for youth in it. And now in despair I can only say that let’s hope that the channel comes back after some break, or they introduce the old shows back on the channel.


Now Miley Jab Hum Tum is about to end on 19th November. Star One is now looking on a complete makeover, and is ending its old shows and bringing in a new flavour. But will this really work with the audience that is left to be seen. For the moment the news is that another popular show Miley Jab Hum Tum is going to end in a couple of week’s time. This show started 2 years back and gained really good popularity as it was about the college youth, and so attracted a lot of youngsters. But now the sources say that it is coming to an end.

Earlier just about a week back, Star One ended its one of the most popular show ever Dill Mill Gayye. It has left many fans disappointed. Now with MJHT also coming to an end, it might be sad news, especially for people like who generally watched only these two shows. I guess the creatives of the show had the closure in my mind for some time now, and that is why did were trying to get everything well and on track as the initial story line suggested.

In the DMG’s case as well, the show suddenly ended but I am happy that it had a happy ending to it. Hopefully MJHT will also have a similar happy ending. I won’t say that I am happy with the changes happening, but if they have to happen why not happen with a good end to it. The news is that all is going to be well before the end.

A new show titled Dhoondh Legi Manzil Hamein is to replace Miley Jab Hum Tum from 22nd Nov. There are already speculations of the next season of the show to start. In fact for DMG people are already talking about the next season starting in January. Though all this looks very difficult since almost all the shows at the moment are relatively new and the channel would not want to end them abruptly.

Anyways I am hoping to see these shows again, in a new season. If not the show at least the actors again maybe in some other show. Well in the end I just hope the show ends in a grand style.

I have not been watching the show for a long time now, in fact even before the leap. Though I was keeping myself updated about the show, I left that as well once the leap took place. After a long time I happened to watch the episode, and I was happy to see the changes.

It looks like that the main characters Gunjan and Samrat are back together, Diya is also back on the show, and yes the show might bring Nupur back (very Ekta Kapoor like story). But is this does happen I might not complain as I am happy that they are not spoiling the true love stories, something what the creatives of DMG have done. I do like love stories a lot, and to no surprises I like happy endings. So though getting back a character from the death sounds ridiculous I am still happy as it might mark a happy ending.

Although I am not sure if all this is going to happen, but it is just my understanding and interpretation of the three episodes I did watch, and my experiences that I have had for so many years watching various Ekta Kapoor shows. But I hope that my interpretation is correct. Also if that is true I am not sure why did the leap take place, what I mean is why were the new characters introduced in the first place, what has been their role so far in the show. Maybe I have not been watching the show that is why I am not aware of it.

Also if all this is true there is a possibility that MJHT might end or I can say wind up very soon, I mean after all the happy ending. Though again with all these extra new characters the creatives might bring in a lot many twists further, maybe extending the run of the show for a little longer.

I have just seen about three episodes so far, I have been happy to see Diya back, but also have missed Uday and Benji a lot. I feel they were equally important as the four leads, since their comic timing was something that never made one get bored after seeing all the old romantic scenes.

Again I hope that all this is true, and yes I also hope that Uday and benji also come back on the show to add that extra spice. And yes I hope that the DMF creatives are watching it and learn a lot more about love stories from here.

I had written in my last post about MJHT going to take a leap of 3 years. I had the news that Uday and Benji will not be part of the show. But now it has been confirmed that even Diya will not be a part of the show. Also shocking is that one of the four main characters will be shown dead. So in a way they have removed more than half of their lead cast. They are also planning to get in new faces into the show, I guess to bring freshness to the show. Hopefully these steps do not backfire as they did in the case of Dill Mill Gayye. There also similar steps were taken between season 1 and 2. And it badly backfired, and so they had to bring their two leads back into the show. Here is the complete article.

Star One’s Miley Jab Hum Tum will go in for a major revamp, with the introduction of few new characters…

Star One’s Miley Jab Hum Tum, produced by Sunshine Productions and Endemol will be going in for a major revamp with some fresh new characters entering the show. The show will have a new set of students, and along with it the old popular faces will be seen in a new avatar.

The show will also complete a milestone of 400 episodes on May 26th, and the big makeover has been planned to kick start around this time!!

According to our source, “Rapid changes in story line will be aired from May 24th to May 31st, and in the first week of June, a leap will be shown with which the story line will go ahead in time, by three years. This will be called the Season 2 of Miley Jab Hum Tum”.

However, very popular characters of Season One, Uday, Benji and Dia played by Jas Karan Singh, Abhishek Sharma
As per our source, “The trio have been informed that they will no longer be part of the show. They will be shooting for the show for another one week or so”.

Jas Karan Singh confirmed the news and said, “Yes, Uday will not be seen in Season 2”.

Naveena Bole too confirmed that she will not be part of the show. Abhishek Sharma was unavailable for comments.

A little birdie from the sets tells us, “The makeover will also be in terms of the sets. A new set is being erected for the Season 2. The old actors will be seen in new avatars, and their costume would also see a sea-change”.
When contacted, Producer Sudhir Sharma confirmed the revamp and said, “Yes, Miley Jab Hum Tum is going for a major revamp. Few new characters will be introduced. We will see fresh and exciting story lines, and the viewers will surely not be disappointed”.

As per our source, “None of the new characters have been finalized, and auditions for the same are going on. But the biggest shocker for the audience will be that, one amongst the four principal characters, Mayank (Arjun Bijlani), Nupur (Rati Pandey), Samrat (Mohit Sehgal) and Gunjan (Sanaya Irani) will be shown as dead at the end of Season One. And this will change the lives of the other three forever. However, the character who will be killed has not been decided yet”.”

Well I have anyways stopped watching both the shows, but I try to keep myself updated by reading on what is happening around. I just hope that the season 2 works well; maybe I will give it a try to the show once again when the season 2 starts.

Now it is heard that Miley Jab Hum Tum will go the Dill Mill Gayye way, and take a three year leap. Another thing that MJHT follows is that it too removes it’s characters from the first season. Jas Karan (Uday) and Abhishek (Benji) have to bear the brunt of having been dropped from the show. Here is the main article.

“Miley Jab Hum Tum one of the most popular serials on air currently is in for a change. The makers have decided to go in for a season 2 for this youth show. In view of this change, two of the most popular actors Jas Karan (Uday) and Abhishek (Benji) have been dropped from the second season.

Sources have informed TellyChakkar that there will be a major twist in the story line. One of the popular characters amongst the four (Mayank, Nupur, Gunjan & Samrat) will die in an accident followed by a three-year leap in the serial. If sources are to be trusted, this leap is going to happen in the next couple of weeks.

If this was shocking enough, think of how to react to a Miley Jab Hum Tum sans Jas Karan and Abhishek Sharma. Their characters Uday and Benji are no longer there in the storyline for the second season.

Sources inform us that both the actors were told of the development and the fact that this was a creative team’s decision yesterday.

Adds a hurt Jas Karan, “This is a very unfortunate development. We had been hearing about a leap in the show and thought that there would be newer characters along with us. I never really thought of being axed in season 2.” The popular actor still cannot believe what happened and says, “They tried the same in Dill Mill Gaye but had to bring back Karan Singh Grover on popular demand. I hope the creative team here has a plan B in case the new season 2 plan does not work. Whatever it is, I wish the team all the very best.”

While Abhishek confirmed the news that he will not be there in the second season of Miley Jab Hum Tum, he refused to comment any further.

However, the mystery of who is going to die in season 2 still continues!

The current track focuses on Mayank and Nupur’s misunderstandings, while Samrat and Gunjan have kissed and made up!”

Well I can only say is that hopefully Miley Jab Hum Tum does not fall apart as Dill Mill Gayye did. After all this has happened, one can only say that probably instead of going to the next season, they should shut down their shows and allow new ones to enter. With the season 2 no one is bringing anything new in fact they are losing almost everything.


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The coolest kids in Mumbai are all jet set to heat up this winter with zest, energy and oodles of fun… while the horizon is set ablaze for them with hopes and aspirations, circumstances seem to eclipse them when Diya (the college diva) finds out that she needs to host two cousins… cousins as in “small towners”… and that is so NOT HAPPENING!

Mumbai has been their Utopia and their march towards it has just begun. The glass domes and glass bubbles they envisioned are about to become real. Gunjan and Nupur are about to float on to the blissfully everlasting wondrous mists that engulf city of dreams for million Indians and while Gunjan wants to cautiously wet her feet into the water before plunging in. Nupur cant wait to dive in to this sea of opportunities.

Where the sisters are awaiting the challenge of the big city, we see Diya along with her brother Uday gearing up to ensure that this dive is one the sisters will never forget and may be even live to regret. And a gang of youngsters are seen planning a welcome for these unassuming sisters.

The mild and reclusive Gunjan will venture out to find a special place for herself in a congested world and find herself increasingly attracted towards the one guy she fears… the one guy the entire college loves… the one guy who becomes the bone of contention between her cousin Diya and her… the one guy for every girl and woman: Samrat!

For Nupur it is a journey that imposes a reality check on the way she views life. A shattering of the bubbly and vivacious façade that aims to keep every one happy… for Nupur it is meeting Mayank, which truly is the fusion of fire and ice… of the need for balance in one’s life. For nupur it is about learning to love the man she abhors.

Format :        Television daily soap,College Drama,Romance

Created by:   Star One

Star Cast:      As follows

  • Mayank Sharma –   Arjun Bijlani
  • Nupur Bhushan –   Rati Pandey 
  • Samarat –  Mohit Sehgal
  •  Gunjan Bhushan –  Sanaya Irani 
  •  Diya Bhushan –  Navina Bole
  •  Uday Bhushan –  Jaskaran singh
  •  Benji –  Abhishek
  •  Annie –  Hazel


If her elder sister Nupur is like an energetic river, the younger Gunjan is like a still lake. She has a calming effect because of her contemplative nature. Even though the elder Nupur thinks that bachchi, as she calls her fondly, thinks too much. Even if she has to decide which way to take for her new college, she would go through all the pros and cons much to the irritation of the elder one.
She has her own sweet charm. She is shy and reclusive. A studious girl who always came home from school and did her homework before she ate her food. Likes to live a simple non-complicated life. Gunjan was very close to her mother. She oftens misses her and talks to her picture. She doesn’t share her feelings about mother with her father or elder sister. Though being a simple and calm character she ends up being with the hottest boy in the college – Samrat.

In small town (Morena), Nupur was like a spark of electricity for the lazy town. Outspoken and extroverted Nupur has the uncanny ability to chat and yap with anyone and any language. According to small town standards atleast, Nupur is a style icon of sorts. She always manages to conjure up ways of standing out of the crowd. she wears little ghungroos on her footwear, carefully matches hairband with an interesting salwar suit. Whatever you may say this girl is a Diva in Morena or atleast she believes that she is!
She has all types of friends from school to college to canteen and net friends. Motto in life: Chin up! In the City, she faces just the opposite of what she experienced in Morena. She finds it really hard to make even acquaintances forget making friends. Her find for a smart, handsome, popular dream man ends on Mayank who is a simple and somber personality.

Mayank is a straight and focused academic. He is witty, well read, smart and intelligent and understands that hard work is what is going to help achieve goals for him. He will finally get along with Nupur, a girl completely opposite his character.

Our hero of the college. Cool Dude… Fun loving. He is famous because he is good looking as well as he is the top sportsman in the college. He likes to play pranks but he doesn’t mean to hurt anybody. Little overconfident Basket ball star who has won many trophies for his college. Girls drool over him.
Samrat’s character is one of “MASTI” and not of a “kameena”. So very clearly he prides everything he does. he jokes and takes light hearted pot shots but can never be projected as mean. Though he hangs out with Diya but his relationship with Diya isn’t a committed one. He likes hanging around with Diya, as she is gorgeous but it is from Diya’s perspective a relationship that is meant to happen.

She is the Diva in her college. She is the most hot and happening girl in college. Most of the girls are jealous of her and those who are not, they are in her gang. All the boys in the college are just too fascinated by her. She is a trendsetter in looks and carries her clothes with great confidence.
Everyone likes Diya, but she likes Samrat. She hangs around with him most of the time giving others an impression that Samrat is her boy friend but samrat doesn’t think like that. This equaton takes a sharp turn when Samrat falls for Gunjan. Diya uses even Uday to get her things done. She has a gang of three chamchas – A,B and C who follow her in every aspect.

Uday is a slow-dumb witted comic relief for the show. He tries to put up this brave exterior, but somewhere inside he is a scary poo. He is actually scared of many things – his sister, cockroaches, Samrat (but doesn’t show it), the dark etc. He has all kinds of paraphernalia for exercise. MORE BRAUN – LESS BRAIN.
Diya hates his sweat! His towels! She can be a super bitch even to him. When she gets hollered by the Dad…Uday will be thrilled to bits…maybe roll in laughter on the bed without any sound! Her problem is that at home he is the only soldier she has in this war against Nupur & Gunjan, so she must bear him.
Diya is elder to Uday by a minute and she has always been bullying him. So the first chance he gets to bully someone… he grabs it! That’s where Nupur and Gunjan come into the picture. He can put up a front of being a bully but this can at a later stage be shattered bit by bit by the two girls. Diya calls him DODO.