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Once again India is out of the T20 World Cup, without qualifying for the semi-final stage. It has been very similar situation for India in the last two editions of the world cup. They entered the tournament in both the years after a very hectic IPL schedule. Last year India won both its matches in the group stage and then lost all its three matches in the super eight stage. Similarly India won both its matches in the group stage and lost all its three matches in the super eight stage in this edition. The only difference was that last year both the victories India got were against the minnows Bangladesh and Ireland. Well this year they did defeat South Africa, definitely a big team. They won the other match against minnows Afghanistan.

In both these years India has not been able to play its full strength side due to the injuries that have happened during the IPL. The players have had to undergo a lot of burnout in the 40 days before entering a major tournament like the World Cup. Even Indian captain blamed the IPL for its loss in the World Cup this time (something he had not done last year). Indian started off well defeating Afghanistan and South Africa, but then faltered against Australia, losing by a huge margin. After this they just could not recover at all. They lost to West Indies and in their final match against Sri Lanka, almost till the final ball of the match it looked that India could win, but they just gave up probably in the last over. They went into that match with a must win situation and on top of that win with a minimum of 20 runs. They started well scoring 90 runs in the first 10 overs but could not capitalize on the advantage and scored only 73 runs in the last 10 even though they had 9 wickets in hand half way through their innings. Then in the second innings while bowling they got off to a decent start picking a couple of wickets early, but again when it looked as if they would definitely win the match (not by the margin of 20 runs, but a win never the less), they lost the match. In the last four overs they had 51 runs to defend to win, and 31 runs to have a chance of qualifying for the semi-final spot. From that situation in the match having lost it would have been the most disappointing thing for the team.

If I come to take out some positives from the tournament, then definitely for one it would be the batting of Suresh Raina. He scored a hundred against South Africa, and also played well enough in the other matches. Rohit Sharma too played very well against Australia, but apart from these the batting performances have been disappointing. Especially the performance of Murali Vijay who was chosen in the team as a replacement for Virender Sehwag, just could not fire at all in the tournament. His only noticeable performance came against Afghanistan. Also Ravindra Jadeja was a big disappointment in the tournament. He did not bowl well, did not bat well (though he did not get many chances to bat), and the worst was dropped quite a few catches. His noticeable bowling performance also came against Afghanistan. The other positive in the bowling department can be the performance of R Vinay Kumar. He really played very well in his debut and the only match. He somewhat was the good only bowling performance in the match against Sri Lanka. Also the most disappointing thing was that once Sehwag was injured Murali Vijay was chosen and not Robin Uthappa. Personally I feel that the form in which Robin was in during the IPL, he would have been the best choice as a replacement for Sehwag.

Apart from this there was nothing to cheer about for the Indian fans. If I talk about the rest of the tournament, the best thing was that all the major teams advanced in the second stage of the tournament (something that had not happened in the earlier two editions). Also England and Australia have played some great cricket. Pakistan has been very lucky getting into the top four stage while the last team that is Sri Lanka also have played some very good cricket in the tournament. They have played very well and they only faltered once in the tournament against Australia. By reaching the semifinal spot one can say that Pakistan has been one of the most consistent sides in the T20 format. They were the runners-up in the first edition, champions in the second. And now they have a chance to defend their title once again. Sri Lanka too has made it to the semi-final stage for the second consecutive time. Australia had made it to the top four in the first edition, and now will be looking forward to win the tournament (this is the only major tournament they haven’t won as yet). Well this can be the first time when England can try and win the tournament (they haven’t ever won a major tournament).

Well I end this post wishing Indian team all the best in their future tournaments. Also they will have to be very careful as next year again there will be the cricket World Cup 2011 sometime very close to the IPL. Hopefully next year the team will come up with some better performances.


Chennai are the champions of IPL third edition. They defeated the favorites Mumbai Indians comprehensively in the finals.  As I had written in my previous post that I was supporting both teams (Mumbai Indians a little more), so this loss for Mumbai Indians has not hurt much. Though I would have loved to have seen a different result, but genuinely I am not very disappointed with this result either.

Mumbai Indians have played great cricket throughout the tournament. They had won 10 out of their 14 games in the league phase. Also they were playing the semi-finals and finals in Mumbai, so had a slight home advantage as well. But they were not very good on this day. They started off well, and till half way through the first innings, they were on the top. But after that the pressure of the final showed on them and they dropped two very easy catches of Suresh Raina, who went onto to lay a good foundation of the victory for Chennai. Also what was debatable was the fact that why was Kieron Pollard sent so late into bat. He was just given about 18 balls to play, had he come sometime when there were 5-6 overs left probably the result could have been something else.

Anyways now talking about Chennai Super Kings, it will not be correct to say that they deserved to win this year if one sees their performance in this edition. But if one looks at their performance in all the tree editions then I guess no one will have a doubt on whether they deserved or not. They have by far been the most consistent side. Having made it to the semi-final stage in all the three editions.  This year the managed to enter the semi-finals through a great innings from their captain MS Dhoni. Then after that as everyone says its history. They had been to the finals in 2008 but had lost then, so this was their chance to win it. 

I must say that one needs to spare a thought for Sachin Tendulkar. He had performed brilliantly in this tournament, he also had inspired the young team to perform well at this big stage, and in the finals he almost anchored the side to victory (despite having an injury in his right hand), and still the team lost. As everyone says, no one remembers how well you have played the tournament, if you lose the finals, also no one will remember that how bad were throughout the tournament if you win the finals. If anything is remembered it is the name of the eventual winner.

As MS Dhoni had correctly said after his knock n the last league game, that it is important to make it to the top four after that it is more of lottery cricket. Well his team has proved him correct, they somehow managed to qualify, but then just raised their level in the final two games and won the championship. They not only won, but won both the matches were convincingly.

Well this year the awards were much different from the others in for the Indians. I the first edition it was foriegners for won the awards, the second year it was a mixed bag for both Indian and foriegn players. But this year surprisingly every award has gone to an Indian player. Finally it has been an Indian Premier League. Now coming to the awards given at the end of the tournament:

2010 Champions: Chennai Super Kings
IPL Fair-play Award: Chennai Super Kings
Man of the Match in the Finals: Suresh Raina (Chennai Super Kings)
Player of the Tournament: Sachin Tendulkar (Mumbai Indians)
Orange Cap: Sachin Tendulkar (Mumbai Indians)
Purple Cap: Pragyan Ojha (Deccan Chargers)
Under-23 Success of the Tournament: Saurabh Tiwary (Mumbai Indians)
The only hatrick this year was taken by Praveen Kumar (Royal Challengers Bangalore).
The fastest hundred was by Yusuf Pathan (Rajasthan Royals)
And the highest Score was by Murali Vijay (Chennai Super Kings)

The final standings of the tournament were:
1. Chennai Super Kings
2. Mumbai Indians
3. Royal Challengers Bangalore
4. Deccan Chargers
5. Delhi Daredevils
6. Kolkata Knight Riders
7. Rajasthan Royals
8. Kings XI Punjab

The Batting charts was headed by Sachin Tendulkarand there were as many as 4 Indians in the top five in the charts. While the bowling department was a bit different with P Ojha heading the charts along with it was an all indian players show in the top five. And surprisingly the top four bowlers of the tournament were spinners. 

The top three teams that are Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Royal Challengers Bangalore have made it to the Champions League that will be held in South Africa in September this year.

One thing that has made me happy is that it is MS Dhoni’s team that has won. He has inspired his team to win this cup. Hopefully he can do the same thing when he leads the Indian team in the T20 World Cup staring at the end of this week in West Indies. With this I will end the post and also wish the Indian team all the best for the World Cup.

Well I recieved an e-mail on the day after Sachin Tendulkar scored the mamoth 200* against South Africa. It contained a few quotes said by a few great players and others for Sachin Tendulkar. They were really awesome to read so I thought of putting them down over here.

“Nothing bad can happen to us if we’re on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it.”
-Hashim Amla, the South African batsman, reassures himself as he boards a flight

“Sometimes you get so engrossed in watching batsmen like Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar that you lose focus on your job.”
-Yaseer Hameed

“To Sachin, the man we all want to be”
– What Andrew Symonds wrote on an aussie t-shirt he autographed specially for Sachin

“Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don’t know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their TV sets and switch off their lives”
-BBC on Sachin

But the finest compliment must be that bookmakers would not fix the odds – or a game – until Tendulkar was out.

“Tuzhe pata hai tune kiska catch chhoda hai?”
-Wasim Akram to Abdul Razzaq when the latter dropped Sachin’s catch during the India Pakistan match in the 2003 World Cup.

“Sachin is a genius. I’m a mere mortal.”
-Brian Charles Lara

“We did not lose to a team called India…we lost to a man called Sachin”
-Mark Taylor, during the test match in Chennai (1997)

“The more I see of him the more confused I’m getting to which is his best knock.”
-M. L. Jaisimha

“The joy he brings to the millions of his countrymen, the grace with which he handles all the adulation and the expectations and his innate humility -all make for a one-in-a-billion individual”
-Glenn McGrath

“I can be hundred per cent sure that Sachin will not play for a minute longer when he is not enjoying himself. He is still so eager to go out there and play. He will play as long as he feels he can play.”
-Anjali, Sachin’s Wife

-MATHEW HAYDEN – I feel this is one of the best SACHIN QUOTE

“Even my father’s name is Sachin Tendulkar.”
-Tendulkar’s daughter, Sara, tells her class her father’s name after the teacher informs them of a restaurant of the same name in Mumbai.

“I am fortunate that I’ve to bowl at him only in the nets!”

Question: Who do you think as most important celebrity ?
Shahrukh: There was a big party where stars from bollywood and cricket were invited. Suddenly, there was a big noise, all wanted to see approaching Amitabh Bachhan.  Then Sachin entered the hall and Amitabh was leading the queue to get a grab of the GENIUS!! 

-A quote of Shahrukh Khan from one of his interviews

“India me aap PrimeMinister ko ek Baar Katghare me khada kar sakte hain..Par Sachin Tendulkar par Ungli nahi utha Sakte..”
-Navjot Singh Sidhu

“He can play that leg glance with a walking stick also .”
-Waqar Younis

-Displayed on a banner at a cricket ground

“Sachin Tendulkar has often reminded me of a veteran army colonel who has many medals on his chest to show how he has conquered bowlers all over the world. “
– Allan Donald

“I was bowling to Sachin and he hit me for two fours in a row. One from point and the other in between point and gully. That was the last two balls of the over and the over after that we (SA) took a wicket and during the group meeting i told Jonty (Rhodes) to be alert and i know a way to pin Sachin. And i delivered the first ball of my next over and it was a fuller length delevery outside offstump. And i shouted catch. To my astonishment the ball was hit to the cover boundary. Such was the brilliance of Sachin. His reflex time is the best i have ever seen. Its like 1/20th of a sec. To get his wicket better not prepare. Atleast u wont regret if he hits you for boundaries.”
-From Allan Donald’s interview in Cricket Talk.

“On a train from Shimla to Delhi, there was a halt in one of the stations. The train stopped by for few minutes as usual. Sachin was nearing century, batting on 98. The passengers, railway officials, everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete the century. This Genius can stop time in India!!”
– Peter Rebouck – Aussie Journalist 

“Sachin cannot cheat. He is to cricket what (Mahatma) Gandhiji was to politics. It’s clear discrimination.”
-NKP Salve, former Union Minister. This was when he was accused of ball tempering.

“There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others.”
-Andy Flower

“I think he will fit in whatever category of cricket that has been played.. He can play in any era and at any level. I would say he is 99.5 % perfect.”
-Vivan Richards

“Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, they will go unnoticed, bcouz even Lord is busy watching him play”
-A banner in Sydney by the Australian fans

24 February 2010 will be remembered in history as the day when Sachin Tendulkar created history by becoming the first player ever to score a double hundred in a One Day International. He created this by scoring 200 not out against South Africa at Gwalior. This effort also helped India win the match and seal the series, and along with it the no.2 ICC rankings in the ODI matches. Earlier his efforts in the test matches helped India maintain the number 1 position in ICC rankings of Test Matches. This record helps him achieve almost all the major batting records in ODI’s. The past one year has been great for Sachin Tendulkar in both forms of the game, and this has lead to show in the performance of the Indian cricket team as well. But yesterday’s performance can be called as the icing on the cake.

Sachin Tendulkar scored 200 in 147 balls yesterday, eclipsing many records on the way. This was his 46th ODI hundred; also he crossed the highest individual score of 194 earlier jointly held by Saeed Anwar of Pakistan and Charlie Converty of Zimbabwe. He then went on to become the first player to score a double hundred. Also this is his 5th 150+ ODI score out which 3 of them have come in the last 12 months. His innings included 25 fours which also is a record in an innings.

Many greats have applauded his efforts. While he was playing yesterday, Shane Warne tweeted and asked him to get to the world record and also said that he felt very happy that he is not bowling to him. Sunil Gavaskar applauded his effort and said that now he should try and score a 450 in a test innings and 250 in a ODI innings. Laxman also added that this effort is big and now one of the records left for Sachin is that of Lara’s 400 in a test innings. Amir Sohail added that Sachin literally was capable of this record because of his great respect to the game. I still can remember the moment when Sachin reached the Landmark and Ravi Shastri, the commentator at that moment announced that Sachin has become the first player on the planet to score a double hundred in an ODI. Many many legends came out yesterday and spoke out that Sachin really deserved to achieve this record, many of which include the likes of Kapil Dev, Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, Kumar Sangakara.

If we just come down to the records now holds almost all the batting records. He now has 17594 ODI runs, Sanath Jayasurya stands next in line at 13377 about 4000 runs behind him. Sachin now has 46 ODI hundreds and next is Ricky Ponting who is at 29 hundreds 17 behind the master. Sachin has 93 fifties to his name and 139 50+ scores in ODI’s. Now Sachin also holds the highest individual ODI score of 200 and is also the only player to score an ODI double hundred. If we talk about test matches he has 13447 runs with next being Lara at 11953 more than 1500 runs behind. Sachin has 47 test hundreds and next is Ricky Ponting with 39 and is 8 hundreds behind the master. He has a 101+ 50 scores in test matches which also is a record. One thing that he probably misses is a triple hundred in test matches. If we just see his International stats he has more than 31000 runs and 93 hundreds to go with it. This record cannot be of anyone else except that of the champion’s.

To give him a testimony Vivan Richards said “I think he will fit in whatever category of cricket that has been played.. He can play in any era and at any level. I would say he is 99.5 % perfect.” A banner in Sydney by the Australian fans read “Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, they will go unnoticed, bcouz even Lord is busy watching him play”. I would agree with this as yesterday in India the railway budget, one of the most waited events in the country was announced, and by the end of the day not many news channels were interested in it. Everywhere there was just one news… “Sachin Tendulkar”. Even the newspapers today have this genius’s effort as their top news. I guess this really testifies the stature of this master player and also the achievement that he achieved yesterday.

In my earlier posts when I wrote about him scaling the 30000 international runs and the 13000 test run mark I did mention many records that I would love Sachin to achieve. I just forget to mention this double hundred in the list there. The others being a hundred international hundreds, well Sachin has reached 93 already and its just 7 more to go. Hopefully he may get there this year itself. Also I would love to see him win the world cup next year.
At the end I would wish him congratulations for this achievement and also wish him best of luck for his future. Hopefully he will give us many more such moments to be proud of.

The test series between India and South Africa will be similar to clash of the titans. It will be clash for No.1 spot. The winner of the test series will become the no.1 test team in the world.

With the No.1 title at stake and with so many injuries in the batting middle order, it will be up to the younger generation to grasp the opportunity and be counted. Similarly the experience players like Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, MS Dhoni, Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan will have to stand up and deliver. They will have to lead the way for the new players. The form that Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir and Zaheer Khan have displayed in the last series, will somewhat lift the spirits of the team and motivate them to give in their best shot.

Meanwhile South Africa is looking set for the clash with their full fledged team. They will definitely come very hard against India. Their bowlers are very much in form, as that is one of the most important factors as to win a match a team needs to pick up 20 wickets. With the series starting in 5 days time it looks to be a cracker of a series.

I wish the Indian team the best of luck for the series hoping that it will win the series and keep the no.1 title with them. The last time a similar series had happened against Australia (One-day), India had lost unfortunately not making it to top spot.

The Indian team for the series is MS Dhoni (capt/wk), Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, S Badrinath, Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Amit Mishra, Pragyan Ojha, Ishant Sharma, M Vijay, Sudeep Tyagi, Abhimanyu Mithun, Wriddhiman Saha.

Well the final scores do depict that India did Thrash Bangladesh, but to be honest it has not really been that easy as the final scores suggest. On the very first day of first test match, Bangladesh did put India in some sought of a humiliating position, by taking 8 wickets without much score on the board. If it had not been a hundred by Sachin Tendulkar, India could have found themselves in deep problems in the first match. Bangladesh came very hard at India, but just due their inexperience let the situation of the hands. And then as a big team should do India capitalized and won very comfortably.

In the second test also Bangladesh had come all guns blazing in their second innings, and made Indian team look an ordinary team, no way close to a no.1 team. They had India on the back foot. But again it was up to the experience that counted and Zaheer Khan came back to pick up two wickets of both the well settled batsman in the last few over’s of the day to put India back on top. In fact on the fourth morning it was Zaheer Khan again to get the downfall of the team by picking up 4 wickets in the space of 8 balls. And Bangladesh lost their last seven wickets for just 22 runs. India came to bat needing just 2 runs to win, and they won of the second ball of the match and that too without any of the batsman scoring the runs (a very rare occasion).

Zaheer Khan was given the man of the match award for his 10 wickets in the match and was also given the man of the series award for his 15 wickets in the series. Zaheer also became the fourth Indian fast bowler to pick up 10 wickets in an away match. Many other records were made during this series. India won their 4th consecutive match in a row, only their second time they have done it. Dhoni continued his unbeaten form in Test cricket as a captain. India registered its 5th consecutive series win. Gautam Gambhir scored his fifth century in consecutive matches. Sachin notched up his 44th and 45th hundred and in the meanwhile also passed the 13000 run mark in test matches. Dravid scored his 29th century and now is at par with Sir Donald Bradman with the total number of centuries. Harbhajan Singh picked up his 600th international wicket and now has become only the third Indian after Anil Kumble and Kapil Dev to do so. Also Sachin Tendulkar becme only the second Indian to score 22000 first-class runs.

Well these were definitely the high points of the series. But there were many low points in the firm of injuries as well. Sreesanth and Laxman got injuries in the first test match and Dravid and Yuvraj got injured during the second test. With four premier players missing, in fact we can say that complete middle order missing out it will be very tough for India in the coming series against South Africans. This will give opportunity to the young players but it will be up to them how they capitalize on this situation.

With the no.1 position in test matches up at stake in this series it will be a lot of pressure on Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir and Zaheer Khan to carry their form from this series into the next. And also guide the young players who will be trying to fill in the void created by the injuries to the senior players.

I end this here hoping that India continue its good form and defeat South Africa in the coming series and also hold on to their no.1 position.

Well I have just got a bit late to write this post but I was just waiting for the series to get over and then write about it. But I just could not wait anymore especially when he has scored his second hundred of the series.

Sachin on his way to his 45th Test Century

Sachin Tendulkar completed 13000 runs in Test cricket in the first test match against Bangladesh on his way towards his 44th test century. He became the first batsman in the history of cricket to do so. He was also the first player to reach the 12000 peak. In fact if you see his ODI record he was the first player to achieve the mark of 10000 runs, and also every subsequent 1000 runs. Now in the second test he has scored his 45th test century and now has a total 13234 Test runs. Well 13234 test runs to go with 17394 ODI runs is a spectacular record. He has now got 45 centuries in both forms of cricket. That makes his stats as 30628 international runs with 90 centuries. Well these are brilliant statistics if nothing else.

Sachin played a spectacular innings in the first match to save the team and help win the match. He stood tall when all the wickets kept falling. Finally India won and he was awarded the man of the match. He along with Dravid stitched a brilliant partnership in the second test and has put the team in a commanding position. Well I don’t think India should lose the match from here and a win looks a very much possibility.

He has shown great temperament in the past, in fact for the past 20 years. And that is why his statistics speak for him. Not many people can get very close to him. With the closest competitors being Ricky Ponting who is about 1300 runs and 6 centuries behind in test matches while Sanath Jayasurya is about 3900 runs and 17 centuries behind him in ODIs.

Now with the No.1 position at stake against the South Africans in the next series starting in about 10 day’s time, I guess Sachin will have to take it from the front. Well if he can continue his form against them, I guess the no.1 position will not go anywhere. With the No. 1 position at stake he will have to continue his good form or the team might just lose the spot. The team will be depending heavily on him to perform especially when they know they might have to miss the experience of Dravid and Laxman due to injuries. 

Well I can hope that he does continue playing this type of cricket in future as well and for many more years. And give us many such incidents to be proud of. Now I am eagerly waiting for his 50th century in either form of cricket and also his century of centuries in international cricket.

Sachin and Dravid

India have finally reached the place where they had reached probably only in the dreams before. Yes India is now No.1 in the ICC Test Rankings, a brilliant feat to have achieved. I would say it all started with Sourav Ganguly who made the team realize that it can win matches overseas as well with wins in West Indies and Pakistan. Later Dravid proved him correct with series victory in England and also registering its only test match victory on the South African soil. Later Kumble took the position and showed his character down under in Australia. Then stepped in Dhoni where he helped defeat Australia 2-0 at home, defeated England. Went to New Zealand to win its maiden test series victory and now after defeating Sri Lanka at home, he has lead the team to the No.1 spot in test matches.

Coach Gary Kirsten joined the team 18-20 months back, and since then has coached the team to the top. Well this series has been one of those were there have been a few outstanding performances, but overall in every match every player contributed towards a win. Every player stood up to be counted and that is one of the qualities of the champion team, and that is why it has reached the position as well. Dhoni too has been a remarkable captain. He has captained the side in 10 test matches and has won in 7 of them and lost none. Although people will still question his abilities as he has not proved in conditions of South Africa, Australia or England. But I feel when he does tour there he will prove his mettle there as well. The combination is great with likes of MS Dhoni coming in at no 7 to bat and yes finally it looks that India have got the combination to pick 20 wickets regularly. Even overseas the teams will think twice before preparing a green top in front of Zaheer, Ishant and Sreesanth and the calibre of Indian batsman. Yes the spin department is not as strong as it was when kumble and Harbhajan bowled in tandem but yes with the likes of Pragyan Ojha and Amit Mishra it does not look that weak as well.

India has had a shy to the No.1 spot in ODI’s having been there 3 times in the last three months but they haven’t managed to stay there any long. Hopefully this will not happen in the test matches and they will stay there for a long time. But with just 2 matches to play in the year it is more of unfortunate for them as Australia and South Africa (the other contenders for the No.1 spot) will be playing a lot more matches.

This series has been very good for India. Sachin crossed his 30000 international rum mark (although missed his 13000 test runs mark), Dravid reached 11000 test runs, Sreesanth and Zaheer made great comebacks to the team, Sehwag became the only Indian to score 6 double hundreds (although he missed to become the only player to score 3 triple hundreds just by 7 runs), Dhoni took his 100th catch to become only the third Indian keeper to do so and also scored 2 test centuries in the series to become the only wicketkeeper captain to do so, Gambhir became one of the few batsman to score four centuries in 4 consecutive matches. Apart from the individual feats India registered its 100th test victory in the series and yes to top it all it has become the world No.1 test side for the first time ever.

With all these records coming in the series, I can realize what a memorable series it has been for the country. Anyways in the end I would say that I am very happy for what the team has achieved and hope that it can maintain its position for a long time. And in the end I would like to congratulate the team for its great achievement and hope that they give us many more such moments to be proud of in future.

The ICC standings as of  6th Dec 2009

ICC Test Rankings

    Team            Points
1.  India                   124
2.  South Africa         122
3.  Australia             116
4.  Sri Lanka             115
5.  England               105
6.  Pakistan               84
7.  New Zealand        80
8.  West Indies           76
9.  Bangladesh           13

 ICC ODI Rankings

     Team            Points
1.  Australia              130
2.  India                    122
3.  South Africa          119
4.  New Zealand        112
5.  England               109
6.  Pakistan              108
7.  Sri Lanka             106
8.  West Indies            76
9.  Bangladesh           55
10.Zimbabwe            26
11. Ireland                25
12. Kenya                   2


Finally Australia slipped to number 4 in the ICC test ranking and for the first time we have a no1 test team other than Australia. Since the ranking started, Australia has dominated the ODI and Test rankings. Although South Africa has replaced the Australians a few times at the top in this period in the ODI’s and this time they have been at the top for quite some time. But in the test matches such an incidence had never happened. This is the first time Australians have lost their no1 spot and making it worse for them is that they have directly slipped from no1 to no4 position. Now Sri Lanka is no2 and India is no3 and Australia at no4.

Last month Australia slipped to no3 in the ODI rankings as well their lowest ever in this format since the rankings have started. A series loss against England has cost Australia a lot in the Test format now. Well they knew that only a series win could keep them at the top. Now with the Sri Lankans already having a very good series against the New Zealanders the gap between the no2 and no4 can increase. Reaching the no1 spot again looks a bit difficult at the moment but it is always possible for a team like Australia.

I guess the downfall started with the retirement of stalwarts Glen Mcgrath, Shane Warne, Justin Langer and Damien Martyn in the same series. Somehow they managed to keep their position for some time but with the Retirement of Adam Gilchrist and now Matthew Hayden this was sure in the coming. And now the Australian team does not at all look the invincible that it did earlier. India showed the way by defeating Aussies 2-0 at home and then the South Africans beat Australians in Australia, one of the biggest victories for South African cricket. I guess that it will take some time for them to come to the top again, but with a team like Australia nothing is impossible. I hope that India makes it to the top but the road to that spot is not going to be easy as the next series India plays is going to be against the Sri Lankans and then the South Africans, the present no2 and no1 teams. Well I end with wishes to the Indian team and I am also happy that finally we have seen a change at the top of the test rankings.

The current rankings are as follows:

ICC Test Championship
23 Aug 2009

    Team                     Rating

1. South Africa             122
2. Sri Lanka                 119
3. India                       119
4. Australia                 116
5. England                  105
6. Pakistan                  84
7. New Zealand           82
8. West Indies             76
9. Bangladesh             13

ICC ODI Championship
18 Aug 2009

    Team                     Rating

1. South Africa            127
2. India                      126
3. Australia                 119
4. England                  111
5. New Zealand           110
6. Pakistan                 109
7. Sri Lanka                104
8. West Indies              78
9. Bangladesh              55
10. Ireland                  27
11. Zimbabwe             26

The T20 World Cup came to end yesterday and i must say pakistan deserved to lift the trophy. They missed it the last time around just by one good hit but this time they knew they had to make up for that loss. Although one should spare a thought for Sri Lanka as they were undefeated in the tournament until the final. The feeling of the only defeat coming in the tournament was in the final must have been a heart breaking one for them. They played well but Pakistan were better.

It had been a sought of roller coaster start for Pakistan. They did not play well in the warm-up games and then lost to England by a big margin in their first match. They were looking at being eliminated from the tournament in the first round itself, when they just held their nerves to see themselves through to the super eight stage. And as eneryone says rest is history. They lost only to Sri Lanka in the super eight stage and entered the semifinals were they defeated South Africans to reach the stage were they have been earlier in 2007 but could not conquer it then.

They had a good team and it clicked together when they needed to do it the most. Afridi has been their star player in the Semi-finals and the finals. I must say it again that they really deserved to lift the trophy which eluded them two years back.

Talking about the other teams South Africa and India were known to be the favourites to play the match yesterday but neither of the two teams made it to the stage. South African lost to the eventual champions Pakistan and India were eliminated in the super eight stage itself. Australia gave a big surprise this time by getting eliminated in the first round itself. But i must say they had two semi-finalists(Sri Lanka, West Indies) in their league group. West Indies too had a good run until the semi-finals against the Sri Lankans.

India did disappoint in the tournament but honestly i knew somewhere at the back of the heart that they could not win this. But having seen Pakistan win this i feel India had a chance if they had played a little better as they lost all the super eight matches in very close finishes. I feel both Pakistan and India had very similar teams with similar talents so if Pakistan could do it India to had a chance.

India won only against Bangladesh and Ireland (although these are the two teams that showed the exit door to India and Paksitan during the 2007 “World Cup”). Also they defeated Pakistan in the warm-up game keeping their undefeated record against Pakistan in the Word Cups intact.

The Final standings of the tournament are:
1. Pakistan – champions
2. Sri Lanka – runners up
3. South Africa
4. West Indies
5. England
6. New Zealand
7. India
8. Ireland
9. Netherland
10. Australia
11. Bangladesh
12. Scotland

This standings would bring a lot of joy to Pakistani people back home. As they are going through a trauma, a tough situation. This will bring them some sought of joy atleast. I missed the the award ditribution,but I wanted to hear the winning speach of Younus Khan as last time Shoaib Mallik really disappointed me by thanking only the muslims all round the world. I did not feel happy about it as cricket is not a game between religions. I backed Pakistan to win the trophy this year specially after the semifinals so I was eager to see if Younus Khan does something stupid again, although i think nothing would have happened because Younus looks a very sensible person to me and that he has proved it in the tournament.

Coming towards the end I would like to congratualte the Pakistan team from my side for the great moment of glory. I hope the Indian team will rise to the occasion next time around. Although they might get a tough draw next time but i hope they will prove why they where the champions last time.

The IPL is over but still can’t really get out of its fever as yet. It has been 36 days of exicting cricket and finally it has come to an end. Although this tournament had to be shifted to South Africa at the last moment due to the General Elections happening in India still this edition has really been a major success. Almost everyone in India was disappointed in the decision of shifting the tournament out of India and started calling it as a NRIPL and other names but at the end of these 36 days i dont think many of them are still left disappointed.

This year Deccan Chargers the team from Hyderabad won the tournament. They become the second tea to have their names embrossed on the trophy after Rajasthan Royals had got it done last year. They have literally turned the table around. Last year they finished 8th and this year as champions, that is what is called a turn around. Also Royal Challengers Bangalore who finished 7th last year have finished runers-up(2nd) this time around. Another amazing fact can be said about is that so far the two teams which have won the tournament so far have been the ones that have had a Foreign captain and that to an Australian, first Shane Warne did it for Rajasthan Royals last year and Adam Gilchrist has delivered it this year. Another fact is that both these teams have had an Australian coach to guide them , Shane Warne for Rajasthan Royals and Darren Lehmann for Deccan Chargers. If this is going to be the way then i guess we might see all the Australian players leading there respective sides next year(just a joke). BUt this will atleast give hope to Mumbai Indians and Kolkata KnightRiders of playing the finals next year as they finished the bottom two teams this year(if it countinues the same way next year as it did this time). Only Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils have managed to finish in the top four of both the editions.

This edition has been much better for the Indian cricket players specially. Last year IPL was hosted in India but the Orange Cap (highest run scorer in the tournament) and the Purple Cap (highest wicket taker in the tournament) went to foreign players that is to Shaun Marsh(Australia) – Orange Cap and Sohail Tanvir(Pakistan) – Purple Cap and also the player of the tournament went to Shane Watson(Australia). The other facts were that there were 6 centuries in the last edition with all of them being scored by Foreign players and in the bowling department the only 5-wicket haul of that edition was taken by Sohail Tanvir another foreign player.

Well this edition has been a bit different with the Indian players also getting the piece of cake of success here in South Africa. Mathew Hayden(Australia) won the Orange Cap while RP Singh(India) won the Purple Cap this year. Two centuries were scored this year with Manish Pandey (U-19 player from India) becoming the first Indian to do so. While Anil Kumble bagged the only 5 wicket haul of the tournament finishing with the best figures in a match in the edition, also Manish Pandey scored the highest score of this edition. Adam Gilchrist was named the player of the tournament this year while Rohit Sharma bagged the U-23 sucess of the tournament award. Finally the Indian Players have also joined the party. The international players have done their job of guiding the youngsters and also play the way been doing for so many years now for their respective countries. But this edition has done the Indian cricket a lot more proud than it did the last year. The Australian players have once again proved why they are the champion players and also that it does not really matter if they have retired from the international cricket or not. Also the South African players enjoyed this edition playing back in their home and would hope to take this confidence and experience into next their future tournaments. 

The Final Standings of the tournament were as follows.
1. Deccan Chargers
2. Royal Challengers Bangalore
3. Delhi Daredevils
4. Chennai Super Kings
5. Kings XI Punjab
6. Rajasthan Royals
7. Mumbai Indians
8. Kolkata KnightRiders

Orange Cap – Mathew Hayden (Chennai Super Kings)
Purple Cap – RP Singh (Deccan Chargers)
Player of the Tournament – Adam Gilchrist (Deccan Chargers)
U-23 Success of the Tournament – Rohit Sharma (Deccan Chargers)

The Batting charts were headed by Mathew Hayden and Suresh Raina was the only Indian to make it to the top five in the charts. While the bowling department was a bit different with RP singh heading the charts along with three othe rindian players in the top five.

Finally the Indian mega event has come to an end and people around the country and i think even back in South Africa will be eagerly waiting for the next years edition.

Now both the semifals have finished and both the favourite teams have been defeated in the Semi-Finals. The top two teams at the end league phase the Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings have been shown the exit door by Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Well if you go to see one amazing fact is that in the last years edition the teams that were placed at the 7th and 8th spot will play the finals in this edition. I think this is what is called turning the tables over. Well these two teams have literally turned the tables upside down. Last year Chennai Super Kings finished runnersup last year this year they finish as the joint third (losing Semi-finalist), while for Delhi Daredevils this edition in a way can be said to be no different as they like last year also finish joint third(losing Semi-Finalist).

The Final will be played between the Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Final Sunday,24-May-09 Deccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm

Well the League phase of the tournament is over and it is come down to the last three matches of the tournament that are the semis and the finals.

The four Semi-finalist of this years version of the IPL are Delhi Daredevils , Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Deccan Chargers. I am a bit disappointed by the Mumbai Indians name missing from this list as I am a big supporter of the team. They had their chances in the tournament specially losing to Rajasthan Royals by three runs and to Kings XI Punjab by two runs, ironically both these teams also could not make it to the second stage of the tournament.

The Standings at the end of the 1st phase are

1. Delhi Daredevils
2. Chennai Super Kings
3. Royal Challengers Bangalore
4. Deccan Chargers
5. Kings XI Punjab
6. Rajasthan Royals
7. Mumbai Indians
8. Kolkata Knight Riders

The Semifinals encounters look like this :

Semi-Final 1 Friday,22-May-09 Delhi Daredevils vs Deccan Chargers Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
Semi-Final 2 Saturday,23-May-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm

Following are the list of Indian and International players in each side participating in the IPL-2

Captain : Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Coach : Stephan Fleming
Bowling Coach : Venkatesh Prasad
Trainer : Gregory King

1 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Matthew Hayden
2 Suresh Raina Michael Hussey
3 Anirudha Srikkanth George Bailey
4 Subramaniam Badrinath Jacob Oram
5 Arun Karthik Albie Morkel
6 Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan M. Muralitharan
7 Abhinav Mukund Makhaya Ntini
8 Murali Vijay Thilan Thushara
9 Parthiv Patel Stephen Fleming
10 S.B. Jakati Andrew Flintoff
11 Viraj Kadbe
12 Suresh Kumar
13 Napolean Einstein
14 Joginder Sharma
15 Ravichandran Aswhin
16 Laxmipathy Balaji
17 Palani Amarnath
18 Sudeep Tyagi
19 Manpreet Gony

Captain : Adam Gilchrist
Coach : Darren Lehman

1 VVS Laxman Adam Gilchrist
2 Rohit Sharma Andrew Symonds
3 R P Singh Chamara Silva
4 Pragyan Ojha Chaminda Vaas
5 P Vijaykumar Dwayne Smith
6 Venugopal Rao Fidel Edwards
7 Tirumalsetti Suman Herschelle Gibbs
8 Abhinav Kumar Nuwan Zoysa
9 Arjun Yadav Ryan Harris
10 Dwaraka Ravi Teja Scott Styris
11 D Kalyankrishna
12 Halhadar Das
13 JasKarandeep Singh
14 Manvinder Bisla
15 Sarvesh Kumar
16 Harmeet Singh

Captain : Virender Sehwag
Coach : Greg Shipperd

1 Virender Sehwag Glenn McGrath
2 Gautam Gambhir AB de Villiers
3 Aavishkar Salvi Andrew McDonald
4 Amit Mishra Daniel Vettori
5 Ashish Nehra David Warner
6 Dinesh Karthik Farveez Maharoof
7 Manoj Tiwary Dirk Nannes
8 Mithun Manhas Owais Shah
9 Pradeep Sangwan Paul Collingwood
10 Rajat Bhatia Tillakaratne Dilshan
11 Tejashwi Yadav
12 Yo Mahesh
13 Yogesh Nagar

Captain : Yuvraj Singh
Coach : Tom Moody

1 Yuvraj Singh Brett Lee
2 Irfan Pathan James Hopes
3 Piyush Chawla Jerome Taylor
4 Ramesh Powar Kumar Sangakkara
5 S. Sreesanth Mahela Jayawardene
6 Ajitesh Argal Luke Pomersbach
7 Karan Goel Ravi Bopara
8 Ranadeb Bose Shaun Marsh
9 Sunny Sohal Simon Katich
10 Tanmay Srivastava Burt Cockley
11 Taruwar Kohli
12 Uday Kaul
13 VRV Singh
14 Wilkin Mota
15 Yash Gandhi
16 Sahil Kukreja


Captain : Sourav Ganguly
Coach : John Buchanan

1 Sourav Ganguly Brendan McCullum
2 Ishant Sharma Ajantha Mendis
3 Ajit Agarkar Ricky Ponting
4 Murali Kartik Chris Gayle
5 Aakash Chopra David Hussey
6 Sanjay Bangar Brad Hodge
7 Ashoke Dinda Mashrafe Mortaza
8 Cheteshwar Pujara Moises Henriques
9 Wriddhiman Saha Angelo Mathews
10 Laxmi Ratan Shukla
11 Sourav Sarkar
12 Yashpal Singh
13 Sunny Singh


Captain : Sachin Tendulkar
Coach : Pravin Amre
Fielding Coach : Jhonty Rhodes
Mentor(Coach) :Shaun Pollock

1 Sachin Tendulkar Sanath Jayasuriya
2 Harbhajan Singh Dwayne Bravo
3 Zaheer Khan Jean-Paul Duminy
4 Shikhar Dhawan Lasith Malinga
5 Abhishek Nayar Dilhara Fernando
6 Dhawal Kulkarni Kyle Mills
7 Yogesh Takawale Mohammad Ashraful
8 Pinal Shah Luke Ronchi
9 Ajinkya Rahane Graham Napier
10 Chetnya Nanda Ryan McLaren
11 Jaydev Shah
12 Rohan Raje
13 Raheel Shaikh
14 Saurabh Tiwary


Captain : Shane Warne
Coach : Shane Warne

1 Mohammad Kaif Shane Warne
2 Yusuf Pathan Graeme Smith
3 Munaf Patel Morne Morkel
4 Swapnil Asnodkar Shane Watson
5 Siddharth Trivedi Shaun Tait
6 Ravindra Jadeja Tyron Henderson
7 Mahesh Rawat Dimitri Mascarenhas
8 Dinesh Salunke Lee Carseldine
9 Anup Revandkar Robert Quiney
10 Niraj Patel Shane Harwood
11 Naman Ojha
12 Siddharth Chitnis
13 Pratmesh Salunke


Captain : Kevin Pietersen
Coach : Ray Jennings

1 Rahul Dravid Kevin Pietersen
2 Anil Kumble Mark Boucher
3 Robin Uthappa Dale Steyn
4 Praveen Kumar Jacques Kallis
5 Virat Kohli Nathan Bracken
6 Sunil Joshi Ross Taylor
7 Wasim Jaffer Jesse Ryder
8 Srivastava Goswami Cameron White
9 Balachandra Akhil Roelof van der Merwe
10 Bhuvneshwar Kumar Dillon du Preez
11 J Arun Kumar
12 Gaurav Dhiman
13 Vinay Kumar
14 Pankaj Singh
15 Devraj Patil
16 Manish Pandey
17 Bharat Chipli
18 Sreesanth Aravind
19 Kedar Jadhav
20 K P Appanna

These are the lists of various indian players and international players present in each team. During the match in the playing eleven the each team must have a minimum of 7 indian players and can have a maximum of 4 interntional players
The IPL – 2 starts tommorow in South Africa so lets all get geared up for the IPL Fever.


Following is the Schedule of Indian Premier League-2. The time of the match might not be correct but I will update it accordingly, although the order and the dates of the matches is correct.


1 Saturday,18-Apr-09 Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings Cape Town 4pm to 7pm
2 Saturday,18-Apr-09 Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Cape Town 8pm to 11pm
3 Sunday,19-Apr-09 Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab Cape Town 4pm to 7pm
4 Sunday,19-Apr-09 Deccan Chargers vs Kolkata KnightRiders Cape Town 8pm to 11pm
5 Monday,20-Apr-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Port Elizabeth 8pm to 11pm
6 Tuesday,21-Apr-09 Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata KnightRiders Durban 4pm to 7pm
7 Tuesday,21-Apr-09 Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals Durban 8pm to 11pm
8 Wednesday,22-Apr-09 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Deccan Chargers Cape Town 8pm to 11pm
9 Thursday,23-Apr-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Daredevils Durban 8pm to 11pm
10 Thursday,23-Apr-09 Kolkata KnightRiders vs Rajasthan Royals Cape Town 8pm to 11pm
11 Friday,24-Apr-09 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab Durban 8pm to 11pm
12 Saturday,25-Apr-09 Mumbai Indians vs Deccan Chargers Durban 4pm to 7pm
13 Saturday,25-Apr-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata KnightRiders Cape Town 8pm to 11pm
14 Sunday,26-Apr-09 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Delhi Daredevils Port Elizabeth 4pm to 7pm
15 Sunday,26-Apr-09 Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals Cape Town 8pm to 11pm
16 Monday,27-Apr-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Deccan Chargers Durban 4pm to 7pm
17 Monday,27-Apr-09 Kolkata KnightRiders vs Mumbai Indians Port Elizabeth 8pm to 11pm
18 Tuesday,28-Apr-09 Delhi Daredevils vs Rajasthan Royals Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
19 Wednesday,29-Apr-09 Kolkata KnightRiders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Durban 4pm to 7pm
20 Wednesday,29-Apr-09 Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians Durban 8pm to 11pm
21 Thursday,30-Apr-09 Deccan Chargers vs Delhi Daredevils Pretoria 4pm to 7pm
22 Thursday,30-Apr-09 Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
23 Friday,1-May-09 Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata KnightRiders East London 4pm to 7pm
24 Friday,1-May-09 Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Durban 8pm to 11pm
25 Saturday,2-May-09 Deccan Chargers vs Rajasthan Royals Port Elizabeth 4pm to 7pm
26 Saturday,2-May-09 Delhi Daredevils vs Chennai Super Kings Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm
27 Sunday,3-May-09 Kolkata KnightRiders vs Kings XI Punjab Port Elizabeth 4pm to 7pm
28 Sunday,3-May-09 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm
29 Monday,4-May-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Deccan Chargers East London 8pm to 11pm
30 Tuesday,5-May-09 Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab Durban 4pm to 7pm
31 Tuesday,5-May-09 Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata KnightRiders Durban 8pm to 11pm
32 Wednesday,6-May-09 Deccan Chargers vs Mumbai Indians Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
33 Thursday,7-May-09 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals Pretoria 4pm to 7pm
34 Thursday,7-May-09 Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
35 Friday,8-May-09 Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians East London 8pm to 11pm
36 Saturday,9-May-09 Deccan Chargers vs Kings XI Punjab Kimberley 4pm to 7pm
37 Saturday,9-May-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals Kimberley 8pm to 11pm
38 Sunday,10-May-09 Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Port Elizabeth 4pm to 7pm
39 Sunday,10-May-09 Kolkata KnightRiders vs Delhi Daredevils Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm
40 Monday,11-May-09 Rajasthan Royals vs Deccan Chargers Kimberley 8pm to 11pm
41 Tuesday,12-May-09 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata KnightRiders Pretoria 4pm to 7pm
42 Tuesday,12-May-09 Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
43 Wednesday,13-May-09 Delhi Daredevils vs Deccan Chargers Durban 8pm to 11pm
44 Thursday,14-May-09 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings Durban 4pm to 7pm
45 Thursday,14-May-09 Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals Durban 8pm to 11pm
46 Friday,15-May-09 Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Daredevils Bloemfontein 8pm to 11pm
47 Saturday,16-May-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians Port Elizabeth 4pm to 7pm
48 Saturday,16-May-09 Kolkata KnightRiders vs Deccan Chargers Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm
49 Sunday,17-May-09 Kings XI Punjab vs Deccan Chargers Johannesburg 4pm to 7pm
50 Sunday,17-May-09 Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Daredevils Bloemfontein 8pm to 11pm
51 Monday,18-May-09 Kolkata KnightRiders vs Chennai Super Kings Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
52 Tuesday,19-May-09 Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm
53 Wednesday,20-May-09 Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata KnightRiders Durban 4pm to 7pm
54 Wednesday,20-May-09 Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab Durban 8pm to 11pm
55 Thursday,21-May-09 Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils Pretoria 4pm to 7pm
56 Thursday,21-May-09 Deccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
57 Friday,22-May-09 SEMI – FINAL 1 Pretoria 8pm to 11pm
58 Saturday,23-May-09 SEMI – FINAL 2 Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm
59 Saturday,23-May-09 FINAL Johannesburg 8pm to 11pm

This is the schedule of IPL-2 but i will keep on updating everyone with the leading run-scorers, leading wicket-takers and team leaderboard as the tournament progresses.
Well let us all enjoy the IPL fever.