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Rafael Nadal wins the french open. He defeated Robin Soderling in straight sets 6-4, 6-2, 6-4. Finally Nadal is back, he gets a grand slam. It has been more than year that he last time won. In fact it has been the injuries that have been the cause and not the form.

He won his 7th grand slam title and his 5th French Open title. Again what was amazing in the tournament was that he did not lose a set. Something special in the final was that Nadal held his every serve, something that is not his strenght, and when that happens no one needs to guess what will be the outcome of the match. This victory broke many records and myths. First of all, I must say that Soderling played very well in the tournament till the final match, until he had to face the king of clay, Rafael Nadal. Well to his credit one can say that Soderling is the only man on planet to have ever defeated Nadal in French Open.

With this victory Nadal has improved his record to 38-1 victories in French Open (the only loss was to Soderling last year). And with five French titles he is only behind Bjorn Borg who has six. Well Soderling can remember this tournament as he could finally defeat Federer, who for the first time in six years could not make it to the semi-final stage of a grand slam. Also if I remember in the last five six years (as he has always made it to the semi-finals) either Federer has won the title or the person who has defeated him has won, Well this is the first time that Soderling who defeated Federer could not win the tilte. Now Soderling has become the runner up in two consecutive years.

Now coming to the most importatnt fact, Nadal with his victory here will become the world No.1 player when the rankings get updated in a few hours from now. It took him less than a year to get back his no.1 spot. And to add to that since he had missed the Wimbledon last year, the result in Wimbledon this time will not affect his position at all. Also if it does it will only help in increasing the gap between no.1 and no.2 position. As last year although being the defending champion he did not participate because of an injusry, so now if he does play he will only strengthen his position.

To be honest I was just hoping for this result, but I would have been happier if he would have defeated Federer in the finals. But if that would have happened he could not have taken the No.1 position in the rankings, so I am not complaining at all as this has just become a bonus gift for every Nadal fan.

Well this victory has been special because for the first time I think, Nadal was not being considered the all right favourite to win the title. Seeing his form till now got many doubts in everyones mind (in the last year he had even slipped to no.4). But his recent back to back wins on clay court last month did bring in some hope. Well this year no one was being called as the favourite since almost everyones form was questionable. So I guess when it comes to clay it has got to Rafael Nadal (well he only loses once in six years).

In the end I would again like to congratulate Nadal for his victory and also for getting the world no.1 spot again. And I wish him all the best for Wimbledon which starts in the end of the month.

Well after the dream start the Indian team had in this tournament by winning the first game very comprehensively, India were defeated by Australia in their very next game with a 5-2 scoreline. The game started with great attacking tactics from the Australian side. They looked as if they were out on a mission here.

The Indian team started on a sad note with the forward Shivendra who had opened the account for the team in the last game getting banned for 3 matches on the charges of physical assault. For India Vikram Pillay scored the goal just before the end of the first half, but it was a bit too late as the Australians already had scored three goals by then. In fact within the fisrt seven minutes of the game the Austarlian team had struck twice. The first half ended at the score of 3-1 in the favour of the Australian team.

In the second half the Indian team tried to counter attack, but ended up giving away two more goals within the first 9 minutes of the second half as well. At the 43rd minute in the match the score read 5-1 in the favour of Australia. By then almost everyone had started to realize who the eventual winner is going to be in the match. The Indian captain scored the second goal for the team to somewhat reduce the goal difference but could not save the match and the match ended at the score of 5-2. This loss also means that now India slip down to the fourth place in the table, and with only top two teams to qualify for the next round it looks a very tough road ahead for the team now.

Few disappointments in the game were that India just gave away their only television referral in the 7th minute of the match. Also Sandeep Singh got 2 chances to score in a penalty corner but could not score in either of them. Well all this happens in the game, I and hope that the Indian team will a learn a lot from this match and come out much better prepared for the next encounter when they face Spain on 4th of March, two days from now.

In the end I hope that India will give their best performance in the upcoming matches and make the country proud. I end with wishing them all the luck for the coming matches in the tournament.


Team              Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
 England              6      2   1  0 0   9    6     3
 Australia             3      2   1  0 1   7    5     2
 Spain                  3      2   1  0 1   5    4     1
 India                   3      2   1  0 1   6    6    0
 Pakistan              3      2   1  0 1   3    5   -1
 South Africa         0      2   0  0 2   6   10  -2